Headband Hairstyles

Cute Hairstyles with Headbands

If you don’t have at least half a dozen headbands, you need to get to your nearest accessory store right away, especially with summer pretty much here. Headbands don’t just look great, they are perfect for those bad hair days. If your hair is fly-away or flat – tie it up into a messy bun and add a headscarf or headband to keep those loose hairs in place or disguise flat roots. If your hair could do with freshening up but you don’t have the time, spritz with some dry shampoo and use a headband to cover greasy roots. Then again, headbands are just as good for those great hair days too. Not convinced? Just take a look at these cute hairstyles with headbands.

1Messy Bun with Headscarf

A pretty headscarf can be worn in so many ways. This messy bun with loose tendrils is a perfect example of how to rock your headscarf in summer. The deep emerald shade of the scarf is a great complement to the rich chocolate brown hair, don’t you think?

2High Ponytail with Sporty Jersey Headband

A sporty jersey headband looks great with a relaxed high ponytail and is a great hairstyle for getting an extra day out of your hair before you need to wash it. The wide headband with disguise greasy roots as well as looking cool and fresh. Just as good for the gym as for the beach.

3Simple Gold Headband and Half Up Hairstyle

This gold headband is as simple as it is chic, with the metallic band really standing out against the dark chocolate hair. It definitely accentuates the stylish half up hairstyle with the gorgeous loose curls. Stunning!

4Blunt Bob with Knotted Leopard Headscarf

The knotted headscarf is a big hair trend for 2019 and this leopard print one is so gorgeous. By pulling the hair behind the ears the awesome blunt edges of this short bob really stand out, accentuating the model’s amazing cheekbones.

5Festival Floral Headband and Soft Waves

Festival season is here and with it comes many a gorgeous floral headband. There is a real touch of the romantic to this headband hairstyle, with the large pink flowers and the lovely soft waves. Gorgeous!

6Low Bun with Woven in Headscarf

If you are looking for a unique way to wear your favorite headscarf, how about weaving it into a low bun. It adds a touch of color as well as helping to define the stunning braided bun. A great hairstyle for a summer wedding.

7Modern Turban Hairstyle

How great is the vintage vibe of this modern turban hairstyle? The cute polka dot headscarf covers most of the hair apart from a few loose tendrils and a faux short fringe, reminiscent of the factory girls of the 1940s. Love it!

8Lob with Sweet Floral Headband

The gorgeous lighter tones of this tortoiseshell lob have been complemented with this metallic headband with sweet floral details. The soft waves are lovely and the face has been framed by placing the headband behind the hairline.

9Streetwear Style Bandanna

For a more chilled and easy headband hairstyle that is perfect for everyday wear, tie a streetwear style bandanna around your style. This half-up hairstyle with beachy waves looks so cool with a green bandanna – super fresh and youthful.

10Relaxed Ballet Bun with Headscarf

The ballet bun is a slightly more sophisticated hairstyle than the messy bun, but this one still manages to look so effortless and carefree thanks to the loose styling and the feminine headscarf tied around it. So pretty!

11Interesting Gold Leaf Headband

Bangs look so good with headbands and you can really stand out from the crowd with an interesting style. This gold leaf headband is so unusual, having a Roman laurel feel, but updated. The gold shade looks wonderful against the models rich auburn hair – just a great headband look.

12Messy Short Up-Do With Chunky Headband

If you have short hair it can be difficult to keep you up-do in place all day without it falling out all over the place. A chunky headband or headscarf can help hold you up-do in place as well as looking super chic and stylish. If you have short hair, secure your headband in place with a few hair grips.

13Braids Ponytail and Headscarf

Here is another lovely way to wear your headscarf. It can be used to secure or to wrap around your ponytail or braids (or both) for a hairstyle that is ideal for summer, wouldn’t you agree?

14Pixie Haircut with Bow Headband

Even the shortest of hair looks super cute with a headband. This icy blonde pixie is to die for and it just looks extra adorable with an on-trend monochrome headband with an oversized bow. Loving the vintage nautical vibes, aren’t you?

15Up-do with Floral Crown

A simple hairstyle can be taken to the next level with a gorgeous floral crown. If you’re heading to a festival this summer, pack a couple of floral crowns and you will always be Instagram ready.

16Bridal Headband Hairstyle

There is a headband for any occasion even a wedding. These double jeweled headbands with the messy waves are the perfect mix of polished and relaxed. Whether bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest, this headband hairstyle will be perfect.

17Delicate Chain Headband with Waves


18Eighties-inspired Velvet and Pearl Headband


19Half-Up Style with Headscarf


2060s-Inspired Polka Dot Headband


21Sleek Up-Do with Satin Headband


22Relaxed Up-Do with Headscarf


23Top Knot with Bandanna Headscarf


24Floral Headband with Mini Braid


25Vintage Up-Do with Contemporary Headscarf


26Sleek High Ponytail with Bandanna


27Pin-Up Girl Inspired Headband Hairstyle


28Mini Turban Style Headband


29Flapper Girl-Inspired Look


30Tousled Texture and Cute Headscarf


31Edgy Up-do With Headscarf


32Beachy and Messy Top Knot

33Retro Headband Hairstyle

34Braided Headband

35Messy Updo with Headscarf

36Chunky Braid with Headband

37Bob Haircut with Headband

38Cute Summer Headband Updo

39Boho Style Headband

40Knotted Headscarf

41Boho Wide Headband Updo

42Turban Headscarf Hairstyle

43Simple Scarf Ponytail

44Simple High Bun Wrap

45Low Ponytail and Headscarf


46Bow scarf ponytail


47Half up with a colorful headscarf


48Topknot with Bandana


49Thin hair ribbon


50Low messy bun with scarf


51Loose Hair and Hair Wrap



There really is a headband hairstyle for any occasion from the most casual to the most formal. Jeweled headbands are great for the likes prom, a wedding, or a formal occasion. Jersey headbands are great for the gym and for running errands, keeping hair out of your face. Floral headbands have that great festival and fairytale vibe, perfect for summer holidays and the beach. Bandannas are perfect for adding some cool edge to your outfit, plus they are so on-trend right now. So, I think you get the point, you can wear a headband for almost anything and anywhere.

Headbands also work with all lengths and textures of hair. Invest in a few different types of headband and experiment with hairstyles work best for you. For example. Those with round faces, shouldn’t sweep all their hair away from their face with a headband and it will make the face look even rounder than it is. Instead, leave some tendrils to frame the face or chose a wider headband and wear it a little over the forehead, which will prevent the face from looking so round.

With summer here, it is the perfect time to start playing with some headband hairstyles. If you have one of your own that you would like to share with us, leave a picture in the comments.


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