Cool Hairstyles for Long Hair

40 Best Long Hairstyles

Looking to freshen up your long hair? It is always fun to have long hair because the possibilities of what you can do with it are endless. You have both length and possible volume to do whatever you want. Get inspired with this list 40 cool hairstyles for long hair that you might just love to do on your own. Take a look!

1Pastel Hair Braids

This is a very interesting mix of purple and pink hair colors. This style is achieved by color melt technique that’s best left to the trained professionals.

2Curly Neat Half-Pigtails

Here we have two reverse French braids, and instead of braiding until the end, they stopped at the nape of her neck. The elastics are then well hidden by a strip of hair tied around it. Loving the fact that she is showing off her curls!

3Braided Fishnet

When making a braided fishnet, you have the option of making as many thin braids as you want. For this version, she used 10. You then connect them with the use of thin elastics that match the color of your hair. You can up the ante by adding flowers, hair rings, or other accessories you can think of.

4Braided Side Mowhawk

This is probably the epitome of cool hair. Everything about it just screams “cool girl.” This hairstyle can work with straight hair as well, but we are loving the curly hair version as it has more texture to it.

5Long Natural Hair

We are so used to seeing ethnic hair tied down in wonderful braids, that when somebody decides to just let it loose, it is just MAJESTIC. Super loving this long, loose ethnic hair!

6Thin Box Braids

And here we are! Speaking of braided hair! But isn’t this lovely? These thin box braids give the impression of having natural hair, but they actually aren’t. They are very beautiful and can be styled in many different ways, but is already very nice on its own.

7Sideways Braid with a High Ponytail

Here is a nice punky look for women with long hair. The sideways braids make for an interesting change to how the usual braids look like. Teasing the ponytail and a slight spritz with hairspray will go a long way in adding volume.

8Double French Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are very interesting, much more so when they are done in the French style. It offers a different look than just the regular braids or the regular ponytail.

9Colorful Dreadlocks

There is a love-hate relationship with dreadlocks. Some people find them cool, others, not so. For those who like them, here is a really nice option – colorful dreads. The colors on this one are really nice.

10Messy Bun with Hair Bow

There is alittle cheat to this style, because the bun is not exactly a bun, but more like a loop made to look like a bun. The “tail” end of that loop is then made into another loop, and that’s what you make your hair bow from. Instructions for the hair bow can be found at the bottom of the article.

11Strawberry Blonde Side Shave

Hello, gorgeous! This strawberry blonde color is extremely beautiful, and added to that, the side shave – this makes for a really cool hairstyle. The contrast of the daintyness of the pink hair in comparison to the toughness of the side shave is quite appealing.

12Squad Goals

Here is something fun you can do with your squad when you get together – trying on different hair color! It doesn’t have to be permanent either because there are hundreds of temporary hair dye out in the market right now. Ready for your next sleepover?

13Triple French Braid Crown

This is a fantatstic look that is easily achievable. It consists of 6 thin French braids, 3 on each side. Start with a French braid from your midpart, or can be from a side-part, until about the top of your ear, and continue with a regular braid after that. Do this to all 6, and combine all the braids in a ponytail at the back.

14Giant Sock Bun with Bandana

This is a great look for when you want to have a lazy-girl day, but still want to look fab. It is basically effortless and gives you a laid back look. The bandana is a sweet touch too.

15Fulani Braids

This hairstyle is borrowed from the Fulani tribe of West Africa. It is characterized by a cornrow in the middle part, and the rest of the cornrows to the sides. The braids are then accessorized by beads, shells, and ribbons. Beautiful!

16Bubble Braid

In this version of the bubble braid, it consists of 2 thick strands wrapped around each other. To get the bubble effect, it just a matter of loosening the strands.

17Upsidedown Braid with Hair Bow

A very beautiful hairstyle, sweet and dainty too! It’s just an upsidedown reverse French braid that is done halfway to the top. Instructions for the hair bow are at the bottom of the page.

18High Ponytail with Thin Dutch Braids

This hairstyle is hot and reminiscent of the good old ’90s. It is a simple combination of 3 thin Dutch French braids gather together into a high and messy ponytail. 90’s kids, rejoice!

19Messy Rope Braid Faux Hawk

We are seeing an increasing popularity with rope braids recently, and this rope braid faux hawk is a cool variation to your regular braids. Her hair color is amazing as well. 10!

20Goddess Braids

Goddess braids differ from your usual cornrows by its intricate design and maze-like formation. It is considered a protective hairstyle and is fantastic style to promote hair growth.

21Autumn-inspired Hair


22Beautiful Hair Vine


23Crimped and Braided Lavender Hair


24Messy Curly Double Braids


25Easy Rope Twist Bun with Braid


26Quadruple French Rope Twist


27Blonde Oil Slick Hair with Thin Dutch Braids


28Huge Grey Messy Bun


29Long Beautiful Dreadlocks


30Rope Twist with Pearl Tipped Pins


31Lavender Pink Pastel


32Side Braid with Hair Rings


33Slanting Loose Dutch Braid


34Star-studded Braids


35Thin Midpart Braid with Hair Rings


36Top Know with Triple Upside Down Braids


37Faux Hawk Braids


384-Strand Waterfall Braids


39Waterfall French Braid


40Long Ponytail French Braids



The first picture features hair painting technique which cannot be done by just about anyone. The colorist must be trained, or in the least, have a good eye for blending colors and such. If you take your chances with just about anyone, you might regret the result and end up using way more money to fix it, as compared to if you just went to a professional in the first place.

So, how to make a hair bow? First make a loop with your hair, remembering to leave enough “tail.” Then, you separate the loop into two, making the bow part. Lastly, take the tail and place it neatly at the center of the bow, securing it with pins. A light spritz of hairspray in the end, and you have your hair bow!

We hope you liked our little compilation! Let us know in the comments section about what you think!


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