Short Faux Locs


Short Faux Locs Styles

Faux locs have quickly become one of the trendiest protective hairstyles, offering up a fun alternative to classic box braids and twists. If you’re looking for a new way to wear faux locs that are easy to manage and lightweight, short faux locs are where it’s at. From sleek faux locs bobs to bohemian goddess locs, there’s a way to make short faux locs work for every personality and sense of style. To help you choose your next protective style, check out our favorite short faux locs looks.

1Side Parted Faux Locs Bob

The deep side part in these short faux locs creates a chic shape that will work in both your professional and personal life. If you’ve got an oblong shaped face and feel like longer faux locs and box braids tend to accentuate it, a side parted style like this can make your face appear wider.

2Wavy Faux Locs Bob

Putting a wavy texture in your short faux locs can help add more volume to the style or punch things up a week after installation. To get the look, braid faux locs together into three-strand braids, then dip in hot water. Leave braids together until hair dries (overnight is best), then unravel braids to reveal your wavy faux locs.

3Half Up Short Faux Locs

A half up hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to wear short faux locs on busy days when you still want to look chic. And if you find that longer styles are too heavy in updos, you won’t mind piling shorter locs in a bun on top of your head.

4Goddess Locs Lob

Get curly ended goddess locs by using textured hair to create braids or twists for the base of your faux locs, then wrap them with Marley or straight Kanekalon hair.

5Sleek Faux Locs Lob

The sleek and silky texture of these lob length faux locs is perfect for anyone who likes their protective hairstyles to look neat and put together. A deep side part creates some dimension and drama, but you could also wear this style parted down the middle.

6Short Grey Yarn Locs

If you’re looking for a specific color or you want to try faux locs at a lower cost, acrylic yarn can be used instead of synthetic braiding hair. There are some downsides to this technique: yarn locs take a long time to dry after washing, and they tend to look less natural, especially when first installed.

7Short Boho Faux Locs

Use Marley hair to create these ultra realistic looking short faux locs. The soft texture and bohemian vibe make this a perfect hairstyle for summer festivals and concerts.

8Short Layered Faux Locs

Wear your short faux locs in layered lengths and you can create lots of volume around the top of your head. This style works especially well for balancing out longer faces, but will be more difficult to wear in updos.

9Mid Length Faux Locs

One of the longer styles on our list, these mid length locs are still short enough to be manageable and won’t weigh as heavily on your neck or fragile edges.

10Twisty Texture Faux Locs

Twisty texture helps to make these short faux locs look laid back and natural.

11Mid Length Faux Locs

This faux locs style is especially dense, meaning it might be too heavy if worn super long.

12Short Goddess Locs with Blonde Accents

The curly texture at the ends of these short goddess locs creates a soft, carefree look that’s perfect for summer. Blonde accent locs add some interesting pops of color and are an easy way to use up leftover hair in a different shade.

13Mid Length Micro Locs

These ultra skinny micro locs allow you lots of options when it comes to styling your short faux locs. And although their fine texture looks time consuming to install, you can use pre-made crochet locs to get the look in less time.

14Short Faux Locs with Side Shave

If you want a short faux locs style that doesn’t look too serious or simple, try wearing your locs with a bold and edgy side shave.

15Short Purple Faux Locs

This deep purple shade is great if you want to upgrade your faux locs from basic black but you’re not looking for something light like platinum blonde. Purple locs look great on a variety of skin tones, but we especially like how they complement golden complexions.

16Short Faux Locs A-Line Bob

An A-line shape gives these short faux locs a bob silhouette that looks stylish and feels light on your head. The easiest way to get a bob shape with faux locs is to install crochet faux locs then cut them into your desired shape.

17Voluminous Faux Locs Bob

We recommend using synthetic crochet locs to get a voluminous faux locs bob that won’t feel too heavy. The big, bold shape of this style can make your face look wider, and looks best on women with oblong or oval shaped faces.

18Bohemian Short Faux Locs

Accessorized with yarn wrap and loc jewels, these short faux locs are full of fun, bohemian flare. We love this look for the summer season or a getaway to a tropical destination where you want your protective style to be on point.

19Faux Locs Blunt Lob

This sleek faux locs lob is chic and simple, and a great choice for slimming round faces.


20Blue Yarn Locs Bob

This short faux locs style is a perfect example of the versatility that comes with using yarn to wrap your locs. Whether you’re going for a tricolor style like this bright blue bob or you want to create a faux locs rainbow, acrylic yarn makes it cheap and easy to customize your protective style.

21Soft Texture Short Faux Locs

Leaving some strands of hair loose among your faux locs creates a gorgeous look that’s soft and touchable. Because natural hair can cling to synthetic locs, you might prefer trying this look with human hair faux locs.

22Blonde Jumbo Goddess Locs

Between the warm shade of honey blonde and the thick, jumbo texture, these are the short faux locs you need if you’re looking for a trendsetting protective style. This shade looks great on women with warm undertones, while cooler skin looks great with an ashy or platinum blonde.

23Goddess Locs Bob

This short goddess locs bob looks super soft and touchable, and makes for a truly easy protective style that will feel like it’s your natural hair.

24Short Red Faux Locs

If you’re bored of black but not feeling blonde, this deep vibrant red is the perfect shade for your next set of faux locs.

25Short Faux Locs Undercut

An undercut is the perfect way to take your short faux locs to the next level. Wear them flipped over to one side or parted down the middle in a sleek bob style.

26Short Messy Faux Locs

Another short faux locs style with some pieces of hair left loose, this look serves up just the right mixture of messy texture and bohemian vibes.

27Short Jumbo Yarn Locs

We see lots of jumbo faux locs using kinky textured human hair or Marley extensions, but it’s also possible to achieve the look using synthetic yarn. We love how this neutral beige tone pops against natural black roots while still looking soft against the face.

28Short Marley Locs

For short faux locs that really pack a punch, go for these jumbo locs using Marley hair. The finished product gives you kinky texture that looks natural but feels lightweight and won’t break the bank.

29Short Rainbow Faux Locs

Blonde synthetic hair can be dyed using acrylic paint and alcohol, allowing you to wear short faux locs in a customized rainbow style.

30Thick Shoulder Length Goddess Locs

With kinky texture and curly open ends, these short faux locs look natural and fun. The goddess loc technique adds some softness to the style, making it a favorite among free spirits with casual style.

31Dimensional Blonde Short Faux Locs

Using a few different shades of blonde gives this short faux locs style a soft and natural feel, and helps to ensure it blends with a variety of different skin tones.

32Short Maroon Faux Locs

This deep shade of maroon is dark and edgy enough for fall and winter, but still looks vibrant and fresh if you’re used to wearing all black protective styles.

33Thick Natural Short Faux Locs

With thicker texture that looks soft and natural, these faux locs could easily be confused with the real thing. Try this medium shade of brown if you’re after a natural look that will brighten up your face.

34Short Faux Locs Double Buns

Wearing short faux locs around collarbone length gives you plenty of options when it comes to styling in updos. We love these trendy double buns for something fun that only takes a few minutes to pull off.

35Black and Red Faux Locs Bob

These thick locs look laid back and natural, while their black and red color combination serves up just the right amount of edge.



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