Braids For Kids


Braids For Girls

Parents are often stuck between wanting their kids to look cute and presentable but being too short on time to make it a reality. Braids for kids offer up a perfect solution. Many braided styles are easy enough for everyday wear, and they keep hair in place much longer than other hairstyles. For special occasions, little girl braids are an obvious favorite, and they’ll have your kids turning heads at weddings or christmas parties. If you’ve been looking for new and fun braids to try out on your kids, we’ve got 40 of the cutest, on-trend little girl braids.

1Upside Down French Braid Bun

Perfect for a wedding or other fancy occasion, this upside down french braid will make your little girl’s bun hairstyle feel special without requiring too much extra work.

2Half Braided Style

This half braided style is perfect for very little girls who won’t sit still long enough to have their entire head braided.

3Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids are a hot hairstyle among bohemian brides, and this cute summery style is easy enough to give to any little girl with long hair. Separate hair into pigtails, then create a simple three-strand braid behind each ear and secure with elastics. Wrap each braid up and around the head, pin behind the opposite ear, and your milkmaid braids are complete!

4Skinny Side Braids

These skinny side braids offer up a great solution for keeping long hair out of your little girl’s face. Use a product that provides some grip and you might be able to get multiple days wear out of these cute miniature braids.

5Puff With Upside Down Braids

If your little girl is feeling bored with her puff hairstyle, try pumping it up with a set of upside down braids.

6Simple Pigtail Braids

Sweet and simple, this pigtail braided style works for school, sports, or special events. If your girl is extra active, these pigtail braids will be easy for you to re-style partway through the day if needed.

7Christmas Tree Pull Through Braid

This pull-through braid provides the perfect canvas for turning your hair into a festive masterpiece.

8Double Buns With Framing Braids

These asymmetrical double buns put a new spin on the popular style, while framing braids help to control hair around the edges.

9Woven Braids

This woven braided style might look complicated, but once you’ve got your six simple braids secured with elastics you can pay around with the weaving pattern until you get it just right. A second set of hands helps, but won’t be needed after a little practice.

10Waterfall Braid Headband

Join two waterfall braids together at the back of the head to keep your little girl’s long curls out of her face.

11Twisted Knots With Braided Bangs

Upgrade your little girl’s twisted style with a simple braided bang detail.

12Half Up Dutch Braids

A simple dutch braided style looks more stylish and trendy after braids have been gently pulled apart to create volume. Because kids’ hair is often fine and slippery, be sure to use a product that provides grip, and pull braids gently to avoid unravelling them completely.

13Criss Cross French Braids

Criss crossed french braids offer a new twist on this classic hairstyle.

14Long Box Braids

Box braids can take several hours to install, but they’re a great option for older kids who are developing their own personal style.

15Dutch Braided Double Buns

The double bun hairstyle is trendy with adults, but looks just as cute when worn by little girls. Take it to the next level by adding a pair of dutch braids to the back of the head.

16Puzzle Piece Braids

Once you divide hair using a series of straight parts, these adorable puzzle piece braids are easy to pull together.

17Braids And Twists

For little girls with a naturally kinky texture to their hair, combining braids with twists is a great protective style that still offers plenty of bounce and movement.

18French Braid Spiral Bun

For kids who are old enough to sit still for more than ten minutes, this french braid spiral bun is a pretty and intricate option for special occasions or even an average day at school.

19Rope Braid Headband

Pick up pieces of hair as you create this rope braid, and you’ll have a cute and unique headband style for your little girl to wear any day.

20Pull Through Crown Braid

Having trouble getting a crown braid to stay in place with your little girl’s fine hair? This pull through version is created with a series of ponytails pulled through one another, making it a more secure style that takes less time to execute.

21French Braid Pigtails

A classic example of braids for kids, these french braided pigtails are also hugely trendy among adult women right now. If your little girls have been asking to wear more grown-up hairstyles, this is definitely a look worth trying out.

22Sideways French Braids

Put a spin on the classic french braided style by having braids run from side to side instead of front to back.

23Loose French Braided Bangs

These loosely french braided bangs are a great way to make your girl’s long hair look fancy without spending hours trying to secure it in a complicated updo.

24Rope Braids With Twist

Three simple rope braids come together into a twist, creating this unusual style that looks complicated and lasts all day.

25Fancy Pull Through Braid

Take you little girl’s pull-through braid to the next level by incorporating smaller braids into the look.

26Braids & Jewels

You can use hair jewels to enhance almost any braided hairstyle, making your little girl feel like her braids are fit for a queen.

27Twisted Rope Side Braid

This twisted rope hairstyle is the perfect little girl braid. The key to creating a rope braid that will keep its shape is to twist each section of hair before you twist them together. Using product and working with damp hair definitely helps, and after a bit of practice you’ll be a pro.

28Woven Back Braided Bun

If you learned how to basket weave when you were a kid, get ready to put those skills to work on your little girl’s braids. Use this technique to frame a bun or ponytail for a recital or other performance.

29Braided Updo

When it comes to flower girl hairstyles, most brides and moms are looking for something pretty but simple. Not only does this low braided updo stay in place all day, but it provides the perfect place to pin a flower accessory.

30Braid Wrapped Double Buns

Get these braid wrapped double buns by securing hair in two high pigtails, then braiding hair down to the ends in a three-strand braid. Wrap each braid around itself to create a bun, and secure in place with elastics or pins.

31Skinny French Braid Bangs

Get your little girl used to having her hair braided by starting out with these skinny french braids that will keep the bangs out of her face.

32Crossed Dutch Braids

Looking straight out of a fantasy story, these crossed dutch braids have been perfectly pulled apart to create an adorable and intricate braided style that your little girl will love to wear on Halloween or when she’s playing dress up.

33Pull Through Mohawk Braid

Created by joining together a series of ponytails, this is a super trendy style that doesn’t feel too grown-up to recreate on your little girl’s hair.

34Double Braided Double Buns

For older girls who are willing to sit still for a maximum-impact braided style, this double bun hairstyle features dutch braids both in front of and behind each bun.

35Side Braid Ponytail

Punch up any ponytail with the quick addition of a side braid.

36Dutch Braid Pigtails

A classic way to wear little girl braids, these dutch braided pigtails help control frizz and fly-aways better than a set of plain pigtails, making them perfect for days spent playing sports.

37Skinny Braids Updo

These sweet skinny braids are a great way to keep hair lying flat around the face, while allowing you to style hair in twists or loose curls at the back.

38Bubble Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids can be time consuming, but this bubble technique won’t end up adding much extra styling time. Simply use a thin elastic to secure the fishtail wherever you want a new bubble to begin! If your little girl has very long hair, take a cue from this style and leave the lower half of her hair in a loosely curled ponytail.

39Mohawk Style With Side Braids

This fun and funky mohawk hairstyle is perfect if you’re looking for little girl braids with a bit of rocker edge. If you don’t want to tease your girl’s hair to recreate this messy, puffed up look, you can use a crimping iron to get a similar texture without the tangles.

40Dutch Lace Headband

Don’t be intimidated by this braided hairstyle! Braid using a dutch technique, but only add hair from the hairline side of the braid, and you’ll have created this cool headband style in no time flat.



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