Brown Balayage Hair color ideas


Brown Balayage Ideas

If you don’t already know, balayage is a highlighting technique in which the dye is painted on by hand to create a natural, graduated effect that is usually lighter towards the tips. It differs from ombre in that it is not a solid color, more slices of color over a base color. Brown hair offers a great base for a balayage as it complements so many other colors, from the subtle to the bold. If you are thinking of updating, take a peek at some of our favorite balayage brown hair looks.

1Sun-kissed Balayage Brown Hair

This brown hair balayage is so perfect for summer as it has a great sun-kissed. The big slices of golden blonde have a natural sun-bleached effect that is so beautiful and beachy. Gorgeous!

2Silver and Ash Brown Balayage

Silver and ash brown hues have been blended together through the lengths of this dark chocolate hair to create a stunning multi-toned balayage that is so gorgeous and will work with most skin tones.

3Balayage Light Brown Hair

If you have really dark brown hair and just want to give it a little life, go for a balayage in a lighter shade of your natural colour. The effect is incredibly soft and natural.

4Ash Blond Balayage in Long Hair

An ash blonde balayage will look so good on hair that is a cool shade of brown. The tones compliment each other, which makes for a more natural effect than if a brighter tone of blonde was used.

5Chocolate Cake Balayage

Chocolate cake hair is a new color trend for 2019 and it is simply delicious. Gorgeous chocolaty tones are mixed together to create a rich and gorgeous hair color that looks good enough to eat.

6Mushroom Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Mushroom is a big hair color trend for 2019 and the greyish shade of brown looks beautiful as a balayage in this dark chocolate hair. The fine slices of color highlight the messy waves and give this hair such great texture.

7Copper and Mahogany Balayage

Warm-up dark brown hair for summer with a balayage in a rich and vibrant shade. This copper and mahogany balayage has really warmed up these dark chocolate locks and looks so multi-faceted when styled into waves.

8Super Natural Brunette Balayage

If you want the most delicate of touches, go for a natural balayage with just a few slices of hand-painted hair in a few shades lighter than your base color. It will add some extra depth to a dark hair color that can sometimes look a little flat.

9Emerald Green Balayage Brown Hair

Don’t feel you have to restrict yourself to a balayage in a natural color. Just take a look at this gorgeous brunette bob that has a peek-a-boo emerald balayage. Such a unique take on the balayage trend.

10On Trend Tortoiseshell Balayage

The blunt cut of this bob is absolutely gorgeous and those choppy edges are accentuated by an on-trend tortoiseshell balayage. The tortoiseshell hair color trend involves blending caramel, honey, chestnut, and platinum highlights together to create a tortoiseshell effect.

11Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

Rose gold tones are still going to be popular throughout 2019 and this balayage in rich chocolate hair is such a beautiful and subtle take on the trend. The rosy hues will really shine under natural sunlight, whilst looking a little more muted in artificial light. Gorgeous!

12Smokey Honey Blonde Balayage

The smokey honey shade of highlights in this balayage is amazing. It complements the model’s skin tone to perfection and really stands out against the deep brown shade of her lob.

13Lavender and Caramel Balayage

For a more youthful and contemporary brown hair balayage, experiment with color. Lavender has been blended perfectly through the tips of this chocolate hair thanks o some caramel highlights. So fresh!

14Golden Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage

There is such a laidback and beachy vibe to this golden brown hair with caramel balayage. The natural highlights really give the hair extra depth and help to define the big, bold waves.

15Short Hair with Toffee Ombre

Balayage brown hair can look really effective on short and straight hair, just look at this lovely toffee ombre on dark brown hair. It has added definition to the blunt edges, which also creates depth and the illusion of extra volume.

16Chunky Mahogany Balayage

This luxurious and rich shade of mahogany looks so stunning against an almost black shade of brown. It has helped to pick out the subtle tones of the base color as well as defining gorgeous curls. Love it!

17Icy Blonde Balayage

Chunky slices of icy blonde have really lifted this dark ash brown and created such a strong contrast that is so striking. Looks amazing styled into loose curls, but will also look lovely when poker straight.

18Stunning Ash Brown Balayage


19Chocolate Hair with Golden Brown Ombre


20Beautiful Navy Balayage


21Soft Tortoiseshell Brown Balayage


22Caramel and Toffee Balayage


23Ash Brown Hair with Platinum Balayage


24Bronze Brown Hair Balayage


25Dark Chocolate with Chestnut Balayage


26Silvery Grey Balayage


27Dusky Pink Balayage


28Rich and Warm Auburn Balayage


29Deep Purple Balayage Dark Brown Hair

30Gorgeous Ashy Balayage


31Magenta Dark Brown Balayage


32Toasted Coconut Balayage


33Toasted Cinnamon Balayage


34Bright and Sunny Balayage

35Blue Lilach Brown Balayage

36Natural Light Brown Balayage

37Mushroom Brown Balayage


38Subtle Balayage on Dark Brown

39Mousy Brown Balayage Hair

40Warm Brown Balayage


41Brown On Brown

42Subtle Brunette Balayage


43Warm and light brown ombre balayage


44Caramel balayage on dark brown base



There are so many great brown hair balayage looks to try out, how will you choose? If you want something more natural, choose a balayage color that is just a few shades lighter than your base color. Or choose a lighter blonde shade and fine highlights for that beautiful sun-kissed effect.

If you are looking for a bolder balayage, go for a color that contrasts against your shade of brown so it really stands out, such as caramel or auburn, etc. If you want something more original, go for non-natural colors, like greens, blues, purples, and pinks for a really striking effect.

If you are on a tight budget, there are some really good at-home balayage kits. They come with an applicator brush, which helps to create that naturally highlighted effect. Just be sure that you always do a patch test, as you should do with any at-home hair color.

The plus side of going to a salon for your balayage brown hair is that your stylist will be able to go through your options with you and even create a bespoke color, just for you. Professional stylists will be super skilled at applying hair color free-hand, so the blend between your base/natural color and balayage shades will be so smooth.

Don’t forget to invest in a good color care regime to keep your brunette balayage looking its best for as long as possible.


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