Best Hairstyles with Glasses and Bangs


Hairstyles with Glasses and Bangs

It’s time to ditch the contact lenses and head to the hairdressers, as we have found some seriously stylish hairstyles with glasses and bangs. Whether you prefer short bangs or like your bangs to skin your eyelashes, or whether you like a natural-looking style or prefer bangs so sharp they could cut the air, there is sure to be a great style that works with your glasses.

Glasses and bangs are so in right now, so why not kill two trends with one stone and embrace both. Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favourite hairstyles with glasses and bangs.

1Short Bangs and Beachy Waves

There is such an effortless vibe to this glasses and bangs hairstyle. The beachy waves throughout the lengths are the perfect complement to the short, naturally styled bangs. The oversized and rounded glasses work so well with the cropped bangs, don’t you think?

2Wavy Bob and Full Bangs

This is the perfect youthful hairstyle that will look great with your glasses. The classic lob looks great styled into relaxed waves, giving a real laidback vibe. The full bangs are great for taking some of the weight out of thick hair and look amazing with the fine frames of the retro glasses.

3Piecey Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

Piecey bangs are set to be really popular in 2019 and we love how these ones just skim the top of the model’s glasses. The glasses and bangs frame her eyes, and the layers around the face draw attention to the model’s great bone structure.

4Long Bangs with Side Braid

Dark-framed glasses contrast beautifully with bright blonde locks as this lovely hairstyle shows. The long side-swept bangs look great with the side pull-through braid. Such a simple style, but so effective.

5Super Edgy Bangs and Sleek Bob

The blunt edge of the sharp, short bangs are so cool and edgy and are perfectly juxtaposed with the round edges of the frames of the glasses and the curled under tips of the sleek bob. Such a unique look that shows off both a great hairstyle and a great pair of glasses.

6Pixie Cut with Curled Side-Swept Bangs

There is so much to love about this pixie cut. The gorgeous platinum shade that has the most delicate touch of lavender is to die for, and the long side-swept bangs with bouncy curls are just stunning.

7Cute Braided Up-Do with Parted Bangs

Those with rounder faces really suit longer bangs, which help to elongate the face to balance it out. The centre of the bangs, mirror the long tendrils of the up-do, which are longer than the jawline, which also helps a rounder face. A great hairstyle that looks wonderful with glasses.

8Vintage-Inspired Side-Swept Bangs

Vintage-inspired hair and beauty are everywhere in the moment and it isn’t hard to see why. It is full of glamour and so polished, just like these side-swept bangs. Use a wide barrelled brush to give some volume at the roots and that lovely rounded shape to the bangs.

9Cropped Bangs and Platinum Blonde Bob

The beautiful porcelain skin of the model looks so luminous thanks to her silvery bob and matching glasses. If you have elvish features like this beautiful lady, short bangs will really work well for you, as will large round frames.

10Long Straight Locks and Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs always look great with glasses and we love how these bangs are complemented by the chunky black frames. Style your choppy bangs to their best, by rough drying and applying just a little texturising spray.

11Bob with Top Knot and Full Bangs

Full bangs look great with glasses, just be sure to keep just a small gap between the end of your bangs and the top of the frame of your glasses, so one doesn’t overpower the other. This bob with a top knot is super contemporary and has a great student vibe.

12Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs and Youthful Lob

There is some lovely softness in these eyebrow-skimming bangs and youthful lob. They haven’t been over-styled, which gives the style movement and a sense of playfulness. Lovely!

13Grown-Out Side-Swept Bangs

How cute do these side-swept bangs look resting on the top of the frames of these statement glasses? Use a wide barrelled brush to flick out your grown-out bangs and sweep them to the side. Fix in place with a spritz of light hairspray.

14Super Short Crop and Bangs

If you are brave enough to go super short, why not try out a severe crop with barely-there bangs. Not the best choice if you have a round or long face, but if you have an oval face, this style will look so striking and eye-catching, especially when paired with statement glasses.

15Wavy Bob with Parted Bangs

Don’t be afraid to embrace and enhance the natural texture of your hair for a natural look that is completely effortless. For bangs that are getting a little long, blowdry them with a flat wide brush towards the back of your head and let them fall into their natural part. Use a little wax to tease out the end and to highlight your hair’s texture.


16Retro Up-Do with Full Rounded Bangs


17Beachy Waves and Short Piecey Bangs


18Short Bob with Messy Bangs


19Silvery Blue Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs


20Full Bangs and Fun Up-Do


21Spiky Side-Swept Bangs


22Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs


23Undercut Style with Sharp Short Bangs


24Soft Side Sept Bangs and Bouncy Waves


25Tousled Bangs and Waves


26Asymmetric Pixie with Curled Side Swept Bangs


27Straight Lob with Full Bangs


28Eye-Skimming Bangs and Messy Bun


29Grown-Out Pixie with Long Side Swept Bangs


30Long Ponytail with Heavy Bangs


31Long Locks and Choppy Side Swept Bangs


32Poker Straight, Eyelash-Skimming Bangs


33Wispy Grown Out Bangs and Minimal Glasses


34Chunky Bangs and Blunt Wavy Bob


35Vintage Bangs and Victory Rolls



If all of these great styles and strong glasses game, have inspired you to take a trip to the salon, we have a few tips for you before having the chop. Take note of the best styles of bangs for your face shape.

  • Heart-Shaped Face – Wispy Bangs are great for heart-shaped faces as they elongate from the forehead and accentuate the beautiful, soft curvature of the jawline and chin.
  • Long Face – Blunt, Heavy Bangs that fall just above the brows work best with a long face as they will balance out a narrower face, while drawing attention to the eyes, taking focus away from the chin.
  • Round Face – Full, side-swept bangs that extend past the cheekbones are great for round faces as they add an angular length to your face, helping to elongate the jawline and definition to bone structure.
  • Oval Face – Any bangs will suit an oval face, so feel free to experiment with different styles. Super short bangs are on-trend right now, so they could be a good option.
  • Square-shaped face – Long bangs that graze the eyebrows or the top of your glasses are perfect for square faces. They will soften a strong jawline, while highlighting great cheekbones.

So, will you be taking the plunge and getting some bangs cut in to accentuate your statement frames? Let us know in the comments.


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