Marley Twist Hairstyles

Marley Twist Hair Styles

Yes, it’s 2019 and Rihanna has us raving again for Marley twists (Have you seen Guava Island?) and why wouldn’t she? Marley twists sit right there in the protective styling hall of fame, next to other great choices you can find in our protective styling tag.

Not a summer exclusive by any term, Marley twists work pretty much the same way box braids do. You can style them from thin and tiny to extra large and thick with wonderful results all across the board.

An often overlooked detail about Marley twists and their chunky but stylish final result is that a specific type of hair is used for twisting. Find out more about it after taking notes and choosing your best Marley twists styles in our gallery.

1Blonde Marley Twists

Using mixed or f color extensions of the blonde variety will give you this superb look. The smaller the hair parts the thinner the twists and – let’s admit- the larger the weight, so plan accordingly!

2Braided Bun Marley Twists

This style is so well-behaved and romantic! A half ponytail with a twist-made braid *insert in-love emoji*. This style will require extensions in the 24 inch range to be this cute.

3Cascade Marley Twists

What a simple scrunchy can do! After your twists are set and ready to go, you can keep your hair out of your face but still wear your length out with this styling tip.

4Long Marley Twist Crochet Hair

Chunky and bedazzled is a combination we didn’t know we needed but here we are. We’re getting Pirates of the Caribbean vibes from this look and we love it.

5Cuffed Marley Twists

A minimal and simple detail to add to your twists is hair cuffs. Honorable mention to flowy and perfect baby hair management in this style.

6Curled Up Ends Marley Twists

Don’t they look wonderful? Curled ends are a great finishing style for Marley twists. They are achieved by wrapping each twists in flexi rod or similar type rod before sealing with hot water and allowing them to set.

7Deep Burgundy Marley Twists

So yes, we said red, but isn’t burgundy like a really cool cousin? We couldn’t overlook the zest of this hair tone used in regular sized twists.

8Embroidered Ends Marley Twists

Cuffs at the end are a nice surprise, aren’t they? We also love how these Marley twists are just GLOWING. Keep them clean and oiled up at all times!

9Empress Bun Marley Twists

This style is taking buns to a royalty stance. You can achieve it by leaving a full quarter of your twists out from the primary bun and use that left over hair to wrap around it and cover any trace of scrunchies and bands.

10Extra Large Marley Twist Crochet Hair

Comfort and sensuality. That’s an unbeatable combo. Long and extra-large twists are often called jumbo twists.

11Half Bun Marley Twist Crochet Hair

C U T E! Trick your everyday hair part with a side bun. Make sure to lay away any frizzies by using a heavy oil or a butter to twist the twists onto themselves to create this look.

12Hearty Detail Marley Twists

This is a nice touch we hadn’t seen thus far. Using malleable golden metal to create larger and shaped cuff for your twists sure is a great idea!

13High Bun With Curled Bangs Marley Twists

Some will say 90’s vibe is back in full mode (well, not some but we do). We’re saving the deep Janet Jackson energy this look gives deep within our hearts.

14Highlighted Marley Twist

A skill hair dresser can give you this look by mixing two or three shades of hair extensions or you can trick it with crochet styling. Beautiful both ways!

15Honey Havana Mambo Twists

This style uses ombre hair extensions starting from medium brown. A chunky and more muted hair finish gives it a laid back outcome. Perfect for everyday wear.

16Jumbo Marley Twists

These are jumbo in many ways. Extra long hair extension packages, large twists and parts. We love how the volume seems minimal to balance out the length.

17Short Jumbo Marley Twists

Now, this is just wonderful! An elegant and convenient take on Marley twists using 12 to 14 inch hair and curled up ends to minimize unraveling.

18Lavender Marley Twist Style

*GUSHING* These lavender Marley twists are a full color statement while still looking natural and relaxed.

19Havana Mambo Twist Crochet Hair

Chunky and shiny. Here’s our perfect combo for this look. The perfect amount of volume, a sensible amount of twists and wonderful style!

20Marley Twist Pigtails

21Marley Twists Half Up Do

22Marley Twists High Ponytail

23Marley Twists Maxi Low Bun

24Marley Twist Crochet Hair Bun

25Jumbo Twists With Headband

26Maxi Marley Twists Half Up

27Micro Marley Twists Ombre

28Micro Marley Twists

29Mohawk Marley Twists

30Red Tips Marley Twists

31Red Jumbo Twists

32Short Bob Marley Twists

33Short Red Bob Marley Twists

34Side Part And Bangs Marley Twists

35Side Part Marley Twists

36Silver Lining Marley Twists

37Single Threaded Marley Twists

38Triangle Part Havana Twists

39Ultra High Ponytail Marley Twists

40Khaleesi Marley Twists

41Crochet Marley Twists Bob


Marley twists are also known as Havana or Jumbo twists. This difference is mainly due to the brand of hair used and the thickness of the braid. Style is inherited from the Senegalese twisting method which twists each hair section into itself and then with the other.

Senegalese twists are closer to a micro braiding result, while Marley twists are closer to box braids (We’re hinting at a protective styling family tree here, would you like that?). When shopping for twisting hair keep in mind that the bulkier the package the chunkier the braid, as it will be difficult to section the hair into thinner parts without messing with its volume.

Marley twists are sealed and maintained quite similar to a box braid set:

1. Keep your scalp and parts by oiling and gently massaging them every 3 to four days
2. oil or butter your ends as needed
3. Retwist and seal with hot water where you feel its due.
4. Sleep in an extra large satin bonnet to keep them in top shape.

We hope this list of gorgeous Marley twists styles helped you find your next twist hairstyle!


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