Extra large triangle box braids

Triangle Box Braids Styles

Triangle box braids became an instant and trendy protective hairstyle. Well made box braids provide durability, definition and a full range of length (Although let’s face it, the longer the better).
Box braids require a top-notch braider, a minimal set of tools and your loving care and maintenance for gorgeous long lasting results.

A nice way spice up your box braid set is to play with the way your parts are created to incorporate patterns and an extra layer of kick to your hairstyle. So if you’re looking to to create triangle box braids on your hair, or by using extensions, take a look at these gorgeous triangle box braid hairstyles.

1Medium Length Triangle Box Braid

Easy, breezy, convenient. This triangle box braid style will require a minimum amount of hair extensions and will provide lightweight and still sexy hair. Great for casual looks.

2Honey Jumbo Triangle Box Braid

Bring the summer into your hair with honey colored hair extensions. Jumbo parts and jumbo braids will make your style noticeable from any angle.

3Jumbo Threaded Triangle Box Braids

Notice how the three triangles in the front add a beautiful accent to the head? Yes, we love it to! Add a great finishing touch with subtle baby hairs and a golden thread.

4Jumbo Checkered Box Braids

Hip and lovely. Triangle box braids with a few white or platinum braids for accent are a great urban detail for this type of style. Contrast wins!

5Jumbo Dark And Medium Braids

Alternating two tone in the same color can create depth and volume even in a structured looks like this. We love the top bun gathering of the braids for business or date night outings!

6Rainbow Triangle Box Braids

Summer festival is jumping out of this styles, am I right? Next time you’re planning to box braid, keep an aye out for these bright color highlighted extensions.

7Jumbo Triangle Box Braids With Baby Hair

Notice how perfectly these triangle parts are created! Jumbo box braids also allow you more room to take care of your parts and keep them laid just as you would with your baby hairs.

8White Highlights Half Up

A half up bun can lower the volume of your box braids and create a great framing for your face. Silver or white highlights are great for variety and movement, an accessory in and of their own.

9Golden Highlights Box Braids

Auburn and gold highlights look gorgeous! Mix and match up to three extension colors. A base, a medium and a highlight tone to create this wonderful look.

10Green Lantern Braids

Take your radioactive treats out! This hairstyle is full of personality and joy. Bright colors can never be too much if you’re feeling yourself.

11Triangle Box Braid In A Top Bun

This is majestic styling for a box braid set. Top buns are supremely elegant and the triangle parts just add more angles to be admired from. A great way to wrap them in the warmer days as well.

12Blue Orchid Triangle Ombre

Now, you must have noticed just how much we LOVE wild colors in braids (and all hairstyles, tbh) but this is just next level. This triangle box braid extensions are mesmerizing and radical.

13Purple Ombre Box Braids

A subtle yet amazing use of a non-traditional hair color. Purple ombre has a special place in our hearts and we want you to give it a go. Would you let us know when you do?

14Lavender Chinky Triangle Box Braids

Now this is just a hint, a reflection, a touch of lavender in a dark hair color. We love it! Also varying volume from jumbo to thin is a great twist to this style.

15Dark Chocolate Braids

Triangle parts can be created to allow for side parts as well. These parts are also more subtle and thin, so the intention is out there but not the center of attention. Great choice.

16Lemonade Shade Braided Hair

You know we’ll think about Beyonce every time we see this look put together, right? A Lemonade tribute on a darker note that’s sexy and romantic. 10/10.

17Blonde Long Box Braids

Ooohhhh we love the center piece the triangle parts create in this one. Brilliant execution for maximum impact. Keep those parts in top shape by sleeping with a wig cap or a durag.

18Turquoise Box Braids

Fresh and playful. A muted tone of turquoise is giving us life! Thicker braids allow for bright colors to stand out more fully against darker hair tones.

19Triangle Box Braids Bob

Yes! Triangle box braids combined with a short and sleek bob look. This is definitely a winner you guys. Extra movement, lightness and sexiness. What else could you ask for?

20Embroidered Style

Notice how each triangle is pointing at opposite sides. It’s not a zig zag but it gives us that illusion. We just gotta love it. Hair cuffs are never a miss.

21Threaded Side Swept

22Red Triangle Braids

23Extra Large Style

24Silver Triangle Box Braids

25Curl Ends Braids

26Braided Part Braids

27Bright Red Dark Base

28Light Brown Highlights Triangle Box Braids

29Navy To Baby Blue Box Braids

30Waist Length Braided Style

31Copper Triangle Box Braids

32Burgundy Box Braids

33Large Side Swept Triangle Style

34Extra Large Box Braids

35Triangle and axis box braid


So, what do you need to achieve this wonderful box braids look? First of all, a vision. As you can see not all triangle parts are created equal. There’s even triangles, flat triangles, concentric and eccentric patterns to use in your crown or nape.

You will have to decide on the type of part you want to create, the thickness of your braids and their length prior to your day at the hairstylist. Try to always get one or two extra packs of hair as a precaution. Tangles and miscalculations can happen and it’s best to be ready for anything.

Triangle box braids parts are created just as regular parts, using a fine tooth comb and just a little extra bit of your twisting creme to preserve them.

Just as you would with any other protective style: rinse your extensions the day before your appointment, deep condition your hair and detangle thoroughly.


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