best hair color for green eyes and different skin tones


Best Hair Colors For Green Eyes and Hazel Eyes

Blue eyes get lots of attention, but green eyes are actually a more rare occurrence! Whether you’ve got pure emerald peepers or brilliant hazel eyes that sparkle brown and green, you’re probably used to getting compliments on them. If you’re looking to put even more emphasis on your eyes, hair color can make a huge difference. Since nature matches green and hazel eyes with a wide variety of skin tones, we’ve put together a guide to help you pick a hair color that works with your green eyes and your complexion. So whether your skin is fair or dark, warm or cool, you’re about to find the perfect shade to make your green eyes pop.

1Best Hair Color For Green Eyes and Fair or Pale Skin

Fair or pale skin looks great with the lightest hair colors, and you can wear shades like platinum and pale strawberry blonde that women with medium or dark complexions may have trouble pulling off. Neutral light blondes and pale shades of red are especially flattering for showing off your green eyes. For example, rose gold and ash-blonde are also good hair colors for pale skin.

Colors to Avoid: Very dark shades can make your fair skin look ghostly white. Avoid black, dark brown, and intense jewel tones.

2Green Eyes and Fair Skin: Light Neutral Blonde

Looking gorgeous and natural, this blonde hair is the perfect neutral shade to compliment your fair skin and make your green eyes stand out.

3Green Eyes and Fair Skin: Pale Auburn Hair

Red hair and green eyes is a dynamite combination, but you might find that deeper reds make your fair skin look ghostly white, especially if you’re not a natural redhead. This auburn look is light enough to bring some depth to your complexion but red enough to put your green or hazel eyes on display.

4Green Eyes and Fair Skin: Pastel Pink Shades

Ultra fair skin is the perfect canvas for the pastel hair trend, as even the most muted shades can add depth and dimension to your complexion. A pastel shade like pink or purple will do an especially good job of bringing out your green eyes.

5Soft Face Framing Highlights

For natural-looking hair color, soft face-framing highlights on brown hair is the way to go! The highlights frame the face and really bring out her hazel color eyes.

6Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin tones and green eyes might have you thinking of classic redheads with golden freckles. But green eyes and warm skin suit a variety of shades. As a general rule, warm skin tones tend to look best with warm hair colors, but this gives you tons of room to play with everything from blonde to black looks.

Colors to Avoid: The green tones in ash brown hair can make warm skin tones look yellowy and ill. You’ll also want to stay away from cool reds or anything with a violet undertone.

7Green Eyes and Warm Skin: Golden Blonde

Go for golden blonde if your warm skin is somewhere in the light to medium spectrum. This is a perfect color for summer, and puts your eyes on display in a subtle way.

8Green Eyes and Warm Skin: Copper Ombre

Women with warm skin and green eyes can take their pick of vibrant red hair colors. If you can’t decide on a single tone, opt for something bold and multidimensional like these dark red roots and bright copper ombre.

9Green Eyes and Warm Skin: Medium Brown with Caramel

A medium shade of warm brown is a classic choice for women with warm skin tones, while a few notes of caramel highlights help to brighten up the style. To make your brown hair green eyes combination even more striking, try eyeshadows in rich neutrals like taupe and umber.

10Green Eyes and Warm Skin Tone: Pure Jet Black

Black hair looks great on darker skin tones, but can wash out lighter ones if you’re not careful. Women with warm skin tones should opt for a pure black instead of one with blue tones, as this more natural color can actually help play up the warmth in the skin. To get the maximum effect of black hair against green eyes, try a hairstyle with bangs like this lash-grazing fringe.

11Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Cool Skin Tones

If you’ve got green eyes and a cool complexion, the most striking hair colors will be equally cool shades with enough depth to help your green eyes sparkle. Lucky for you, trendy ash brown shades will look incredible with your skin and eyes, as will cool reds like mahogany and maroon. Another example, Mushroom brown or burgundy are also good hair colors for pale skin and green eyes.

Colors to Avoid: Hair colors with orange or golden tones (like honey blonde or copper) will make your cool skin look washed out and ashy.

12Brown Hair Green Eyes and Cool Skin: Dark Ash Brown Hair

This dark ash brown hair has green undertones that will help bring out your eyes, and goes especially well with fair to medium cool skin that’s got lots of pink in it. Try this moody color if you’re looking for something edgy but sophisticated for winter.

13Green Eyes and Cool Skin: Cool Mahogany

Unlike warm reds that have orange and golden tones, this mahogany is full of violet shades. Not only will that violet help compliment your green eyes, but it’ll play up cool pinks in your cheeks and lips.

14Green Eyes and Cool Skin: White Blonde

If you’ve got skin that’s cool and light, choosing a white blonde hair color can help bring color to your face and make your eyes stand out like crazy.

15Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Dark Skin Tones

The combination of green eyes and darker skin tones is always striking. If you’ve got golden dark skin, black or very dark brown hair helps to frame your eyes brilliantly. Women with cool dark skin tones will find that deep shades of blue red are perfect for making their eyes pop, while warm dark skin tones look best with notes of golden caramel in their hair.

Colors to Avoid: Women with warm, dark complexions should avoid platinum blonde, while dark skin with green undertones generally doesn’t suit warmer shades of blonde or caramel.

16Black Hair Green Eyes and Dark Skin: Natural Black Hair

If your skin falls within the dark tan spectrum, natural black or very dark brown hair provides the perfect striking contrast to green eyes. For natural hair that’s shorter, extensions used in box braid or twisted styles can help give you a face-framing mane that looks great against your skin and eyes.

17Red Hair Green Eyes and Dark Skin: Vibrant Blue Red

Rihanna looks incredible in red hair that’s got blue or violet undertones, which actually help to make her skin look warmer. Of course, dark red is the ultimate compliment for green flecks in eyes, and this is the perfect shade for making greens jump out from your hazel eyes.

18Green Eyes and Dark Skin: Medium Chestnut Brown

For cool tan skin with green undertones, this medium chestnut brown helps to brighten your complexion and compliments your eyes.

19Jewel Tone Purple

For medium brown skin with golden undertones, a rich jewel tone purple is one of the best unnatural shades you can wear and creates a brilliant contrast against green eyes.

20Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Olive Skin Tones

Most women with olive skin tend to gravitate towards brown hair, and shades like dark mocha or lighter caramel are both great choices. But if you’re looking to try something new and risky that will really make your green eyes pop, platinum blonde and rich auburn or mahogany are also excellent choices for women with olive undertones.

Colors to Avoid: Cooler olive complexions with green undertones should avoid warm blondes and shades like copper and peach. If you’re a warm olive with yellowy undertones, steer clear of ashy blondes and browns.

21Green Eyes and Olive Skin: Mocha and Caramel

Olive skin isn’t always warm. But if your olive complexion is full of yellow undertones, feel free to play them up with a warm mocha brown base color and tons of caramel highlights. This color style is especially flattering for women with hazel eyes because gold tones in the caramel will pick up similar specs in your eyes.

22Blonde Hair Green Eyes and Olive Skin: Platinum Blonde

Olive skin and blonde hair can be a tough combination, but it tends to work if you go ultra blonde in a platinum shade that’s verging on white. Blondes that are darker or warmer tend to match your skin too closely, while ashy blonde can make olive complexions look grey.

23Green Eyes and Olive Skin: Dark Auburn

Like blonde, red is a shade that many olive-skinned women shy away from. The key is to not choose a hair color that’s close to true red, but something more toned down like cool mahogany or this deep shade of auburn. A hint of red here helps to enhance green eyes but doesn’t clash against the green and yellow undertones in most olive complexions.



  1. well, I personally think dark hair color for fair people looks good. it brings eye color out more than a light colored hair does.

    • It is not about people having fair skin its about the undertones in it. People with neutral to warm undertones and fair skin look amazing with Dark hair. Dark hair on people that are fair with cool undertones are often washed out by the darker colors. I am one of those people and I have had black and dark brown, but even though I am more neutral with a slight cool undertone I had to use very specific makeup to keep it from washing out my features (anyone can adapt to wear any color really, but it just takes more effort). Light copper-medium copper makes them pop, but for someone with less of a neutral undertone and more cool undertones it does wash them out quite a bit.

  2. Hi, I have fair, pinkish, cool skin.
    I have always been told if you are cool go ashy. According to this article tho, I should wear light golden blonde? Confused!
    Thank you!


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