Best Blonde Balayage for Short Hair


Blonde Balayage Short Hair

Are you looking to brighten up your hair for the colder months or just to change up your look, and have a shorter hairstyle? A blonde balayage could be just what you are looking for. There are so many different tones of blonde, that you can cool down the colour of your hair or warm it up. Platinum blonde, white blonde, and ash blonde balayages will have a cool tone, and golden blonde, honey blonde, and caramel blonde will warm up the tone of your hair. If you are looking for some inspiration, take a look at some of the best blonde balayage looks for short hair.

1Ash Base With Icy Blonde Tips

There is such a great contrast between the ash brown and icy blonde tips. The tousled texture gives the hair some extra depth and the face-framing highlights are such a nice touch. Bold and beautiful.

2Sleek Lob with Sunny Blonde Balayage

How sleek and glossy is this lovely lob? The sunny blonde balayage with streaks of platinum and honey blonde through the lengths. The dark brown roots really allow the multiple tones of blonde to stand out, don’t you think?

3Asymmetric Pixie Cut with Caramel Blonde Balayage

Even super-short hairstyles can look great with a blonde balayage. The super dark brown base of the cut provides such a great contrast for the gorgeous caramel balayage. A few slices of light blonde, give some extra depth to the hair/

4Ash Blonde Base with White Blonde Balayage

This wavy lob is so stunning and has been taken to the next level with a gorgeous ash blonde to white blonde balayage. Whilst the colours look stunning styled into waves, they will stand out just as much as when poker straight, or styled into an up-do.

5Ashy Grey Base with Icy Blonde Balayage

Although balayage is a more natural way of blending colours than the ombre. However, there is no rule to say that the whole style has to look natural. The grey-toned base of this hair is gorgeous and clashes perfectly with the icy blonde balayage. Gorgeous, don’t you think?

6Blunt Bob with Caramel and Platinum Balayage

Create a great multi-tonal look with a balayage in multiple tones of blonde. This blunt bob looks absolutely incredible with the thick slices of platinum and caramel throughout the lengths. They are the perfect way to warm up the dark chocolate base.

7Ash Brown Hair with Delicate Blonde Balayage

A subtle blonde balayage can really lift ash brown hair, warming up the colour, as well as helping to define beautiful waves or create the illusion of volume in finer hair. Simple yet effective.

8White Blonde Balayage with Caramel Roots

There is an almost fairytale vibe to this lovely wavy lob. The white-blonde lengths are almost silver in colour, and we just love the caramel roots. The colourway looks amazing with the model’s peachy skin tone.

9Dark Chocolate Hair with Honey Balayage

This combination of dark chocolate and honey shades is so sweet and delicious, don’t you think? The colours are rich and complementary and will really help to warm up cooler skin tones. Also, a few highlights to frame the face will really make your eyes pop, no matter what colour they are.

10Golden Blonde and Icy Balayage

This wavy bob is so bright and bold. A golden blonde base has been given a great icy blonde balayage, giving the perfect mix of cool and warm tones. Just gorgeous!

11Sleek Bob with Golden Balayage

There is so much to love about this gorgeous bob. The cut is incredibly sleek, with the blunt edges giving a real sharpness to the style. Then there is the colour – that amazing milk chocolate shade, with golden balayage. Amazing!

12Wavy Lob with Face-Framing Highlights

The smooth graduation from dark chocolate at the roots, through to chestnut, and to caramel and honey blonde at the tips is stunning. The extra honey highlights that frame the face are so soft and beautiful. A great balayage for short hair, don’t you think?

13Super Short Pixie Crop

The shadow roots of this super short pixie crop, have been really effective in bringing out the bright tone of the platinum blonde tips. It may not be your traditional balayage, but it definitely will look so gorgeous on really short hairstyles.

14Dark Base and Dirty Blonde Balayage

The dark base gives a slight gothic vibe, which has been added too with chunky slices of dirty blonde. Loving how it has been shaped into the nape of the neck, with some longer layers over the top.

15Glossy Graduated Lob with Multiple Blonde Tones

Blending multiple tones of blonde together in a balayage creates a natural sunkissed effect, that will make it appear that you have just returned from a beach holiday all year round. Team with a tan or some bronzer for that effortless sunny look, no matter the season.

16Milk Chocolate Hair with Soft Blonde Balayage


17Warm Blonde Balayage


18Layered Textured Bob with Beachy Balayage


19Ash Blonde Balayage and Dark Roots


20Dark Chocolate Hair with Gold Balayage


21Toasted Coconut Balayage


22White Blonde Balayage with Caramel Highlights


23Toffee Bob with Golden Blonde Highlights


24Choppy Pixie Cut with Ash Blonde Balayage


25Wavy Lob with Cool-Toned Balayage


26Beachy Blonde Balayage


27Undercut Pixie Cut with Blonde Balayage


28Wavy Bob with Golden Caramel Balayage


29Wavy Chocolate Lob with Bright Blonde Balayage


30Sunny Blonde Balayage and Messy Waves


31Inverted Bob with Subtle Blonde Balayage


32Tousled Waves with Sunkissed Balayage


33Sleek Lob with Sunny Blonde Balayage


34Ash Blonde Hair with Honey and Platinum Blonde Balayage


35Gorgeous Brown and Golden Blonde Bob


If you have decided to change up your hairstyle with a blonde balayage, make sure it stays looking its best for longer with a good colour-care regime.

  • Invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner that is designed for colour-treated hair.
  • Use a purple-toned shampoo once a week to avoid any brassy tones.
  • Try not to wash your hair every day, to prevent colour fading.
  • Use a heat protection spray whenever your styling your hair to prevent any additional damage to your hair that can make it look dry.



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