Best Braided Hairstyles for Little Girls


Braided Hairstyles for Little Girls

My mum had a pretty hard time with me as a little girl. I was affectionately nicknamed ‘Scruff’ because no matter how lovely, neat and tidy, I would be when she left me at the school gates, she would always return to pick up what resembled a dishevelled street urchin. My hair was so unruly and just had this ability to look a complete mess within minutes of being styled. I think if my mum had learned some cute braided hairstyles (and invested in industrial strength hair ties) she could be confident that on picture day I would look just as adorable as I was. If you are looking for some inspiration for some durable and pretty hairstyles for your little one, take a look at some of these gorgeous braided hairstyles for little girls.

1Long Fishtail Braid

How gorgeous is this little girl’s hair. This and healthy, it has been styled into a lovely fishtail braid that is not so tight that it will irritate a delicate scalp, but secure enough to stay in place through many an adventure.

2Cute Braided Headband

If the little girl in your life has shorter hair, a sweet braided headband is a great way to keep hair out of their face. Plus it looks so adorable to, especially with that precious little flower.

3Asymmetric Braid and Bun

This quirky twist on the classic high bun is just beautiful. The asymmetric bun with an upside down French braid is so sweet and will be a lovely braided style for a special occasion.

4Mini Boxer Braids

If your little one can sit still for long enough, these mini boxer braids will look so cute. It will take quite a lot of practice to get your boxer braids so precise, but they are a braided style that lasts so well.

5Lovely Waterfall Braid in Long Hair

If you are looking for a simple but pretty party hairstyle for a little girl, then this waterfall braid is perfect. It looks so gorgeous in these stunning long locks, don’t you think?

6Double Rope Braid

These double rope braids are gorgeous, looking beautiful in long and glossy hair. The key to a good rope braid is friction – twist the strands of hair in one direction and wrap the strands around each other in the opposite direction. The created friction will help hold the braid firmly in place.

7Cute Mini Pull Through Braid

This little girl has some seriously enviable long locks, which have been allowed to shine with the addition of a mini pull through braid. Nimble fingers and plenty of tiny hair ties are needed for this one.

8Mini Dutch Braid and Ponytail

Simple styles – like this mini Dutch braid and ponytail – are perfect for nursery or school. They take just a few minutes and will keep hair out of the face for a long day of exploration and curiosity. Wrapping a section of hair around the ponytail gives such a nice finish.

9Simple Rope Braid and Pigtails

Pigtails are probably one of the most adorable hairstyles there is for little girls, being so playful and youthful. Longer bangs have been secured away from the face in a simple rope braid.

10The Bubble Braid

If you are not a master braided just yet, why not start out with the bubble braid. It simply involves a ponytail and a series of hair ties down the lengths to create the bubble shape.

11Cross Over Braids and Pigtails

Sometimes a simple style can look so much more complicated than it is. For this style, the top section of the hair has been styled into two braids, crossed over at the back of the head and secured into pigtails. Simple!

12Reverse Dutch Braids and Space Buns

This little girl has better messy buns than most of us have ever managed to achieve, and they are all the more impressive thanks to some reverse Dutch braids.

13Waterfall Braid and Waves

A waterfall braid and bouncy waves – is there a more perfect way to make your little princess feel pretty and elegant?

14French Braids, Buns and Bows

There is so much to love about this super cute braided girl’s hairstyle. The super neat French braids, the bouncy buns, and those big and bold bows. Lovely!

15Mini Braids in Short Hair

A few mini braids in this little girl’s hair has emphasised the gorgeous shape of her bob haircut, don’t you think?

16Rope Braided Headband

A braided headband – like this rope braid one – is a lovely way to style overgrown bangs that can be bothersome to little ones.

17Pull Through Braid Crown

If your little one is going to be a bridesmaid or flower girl, this braided crown is a great styles. The pull through braid is easy to master and is great for thick hair. The ladies breath flowers are a great finishing touch. So sweet.

18Half-Up Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch braids always look good and this half up-do style is so lovely as it shows off some lovely wavy locks, accentuated by a bright orange bow. Beautiful!

19Adorable Heart Braid

How utterly adorable is this cute little double stand heart braid? So sweet and age appropriate, it is a lovely style that is sure to make your little girl smile from ear to ear. Let her pick her favourite bow to finish off her style.

20Relaxed Side Braid and Ponytail

Make the standard ponytail a little more interesting with the addition of a side braid. This style is relaxed and fun, and will keep all that lovely hair in place through a full day of play.

21Multiple Mini Braids

22Dutch Braids and Braided Bun

23Pull Through Braids and Ponytail

24Dutch Braids and Side Ponytail

25Milk Maid Braid

26Double Fishtail Braids

27Pull Through Braid and Bun

28Rope Braid and Braided Chignon

29Braided Space Buns

30The Ballet Bun


As you can see, there are so many different braided hairstyles for little girls to try out. From the simple mini braid to the imaginative multiple braids, there is a braid for any occasion whether it just be a school day, a day of play, or even a special event.

You may be worried that some of the beautiful braided hairstyles are way more complicated than anything you could do at home. Fear not, there are loads of step-by-step guides on YouTube for any braided style you can think of and of course, practice makes perfect!

I absolutely can’t wait to try out some of these cute braided styles on my 4-year-old niece. She tends to have unruly hair and I think a braided headband will be perfect for her, keeping her bangs out of her face and in place through all her crazy antics. Which braids are you looking forward to trying out on the little angel in your life?


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