Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

28 Cute Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

The braid is a classic hair look that seems to be updated for every style era. Braids work with almost any length of hair, but the more hair you’ve got, the more creative you can get with these styles. If you’ve been contemplating chopping your long locks, these 28 cute easy hairstyles and braid styles looks will make you reconsider.

1Five Strand Braided Bun

This demure updo features next level braiding technique perfect for a fancy outing. The longer your hair is, the more impressive this braided bun will look wrapped around itself. Go long or go home.

2Loose Side Braid With Gold Embellishment

Channel Blake Lively’s romantic style with messy braids pinned to the side with an antique hair pin. Raid your grandma’s jewelry collection or your local thrift store for a brooch that can sub in for the hair pin. The main feature of this style is it’s whimsical imperfection, making it easy to pull off even if your braid skills are lacking.

3Twin Boxer Braids Styles

This braided style will take you from your 6 AM cardio to a night drinking champagne with your girls. This one is a little harder to do on your own, but professional braids will last a surprisingly long time, especially if you’re careful with how you sleep on them.

4Chunky Crown Braid styles

Want to look like the queen that you are without investing in an actual crown? This look works best on those of you blessed with ultra thick hair, otherwise it’s going to require a fair amount of teasing and spraying. The chunky crown braid is a perfect look for special occasions, and pairs well with luxe boho looks.

5Braided Bang Pony

If you had a few too many tequilas last night, but still want to look chic, this is a guaranteed winner. Unwashed, night before hair will help the braid stay in place, and throwing the rest of your hair in a ponytail means minimal work when all you really feel like doing is crawling back into bed.

6Loose French Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Although the final product looks messy and effortless, this mermaid style takes some braiding chops to pull off. You’ll want your fishtail to run from roots to ends, and only then can you pull the strands apart to achieve the loose look. If you’ve got a lot of layers in your hair, expect to do more pinning.

7Waterfall Braiding Styles

This half-up look is perfect for showcasing your new balayage or (if you’re lucky) naturally multidimensional hair color. Keep this style somewhere between tight and messy to achieve optimal chill braid status.

8Loose Halo Braid With Flowers

For a special occasion when you want to feel like a fairy princess, flowers provide an ethereal addition to an already romantic hairstyle. This is a popular favourite among summer brides who rock flowy, bell-sleeved gowns and bare feet at their wedding ceremonies in the forest.

9Braided Flower Bun

If you’re looking for something really unique, this thick, braided flower bun is guaranteed to turn heads. A per young bridesmaids or girls headed to prom, pinning it down with a jewel-topped pin is the best way to complete this flower power look.

10Braid Wrapped Bun

This is a slight twist on the classic ballerina bun, and is best achieved by using a hair doughnut to give your bun shape. Once you’ve got that structure in place, wrap your braided hair around the bun for a simple yet elegant look.

11Unpinned Braided Bangs

Braided bangs look good with almost any length of hair, but longer locks help give this style an extra fluid look. It’s more often seen with the braided bang pinned to the side, and while this loose version might be harder to maintain, it earns major style points for an unusual look that no one else will be sporting.

12Cool Braids: Peekaboo Braids Hairstyles

If you’re looking for easy hairstyles for long hair and you can’t be bothered to commit your whole head to a braided style, the peekaboo braid is a perfect compromise. Style your beautiful, flowing tresses as usual, and add a mini fishtail (or two, or three) underneath to be the subtle note that ties your look together.

13Loosely Braided Chignon

This sophisticated updo is a perennial favorite amongst brides. Two loose braids in the back can be wrapped with side french braids to complete a braided version of this chic look.

14Fishtail High Braided Ponytail

This look combines the casual ease of a high pony with the added interest of a trendy fishtail braid. Unless you’re a pro at braiding your own hair behind your head, you’ll probably need a friend to help you pull off this look.

15Side Cornrows Braids for Long Hair

While you might think of cornrows as an allover style, adding a few to one side of your head is an interesting way to punch up your traditional long locks. If you have these braids set by a pro they’ll last at least a few weeks, and can transition from sneakers and hoodies to dresses and heels.

16Coiffed Side Braid

Selena Gomez has become known for her love of the side braid, but this warrior princess look is one of her best. You’ll have to get serious about teasing your tresses if you want to copy this style. Work on backcombing and pinning the front, while pulling the rest into a sleek-sided, chunky braid.

17Sophisticated Braided Chignon

This style is all old Hollywood elegance in the front, and modern, young starlet in the back. The braids in this pulled back style don’t start until midway down, giving the forward illusion of a classic 1950s updo. This mix of sophistication and romance is perfect for an English garden themed outdoor wedding.

18Khaleesi Long Braids

Here’s a braided style to satisfy all you Game of Thrones nerds. Even if you aren’t into the HBO sensation, you can probably appreciate these braids and their place in the fantasy lexicon. A bad ass dragon queen like Khaleesi could only have the most impeccable of hairstyles.

19Long Braided Hairdos for Long Hair

If you’re looking to go a little more under the radar with your Game of Thrones inspired look, try copying Lena Headey’s pinned back braids over waist-length cascading waves. These quick and easy braids are super simple way to add some Renaissance flair to your day.

20Five Strand Dutch Braid

If you’ve got long, ultra thick hair, this is the braid for you. If you want to add some instant length, this five stranded braid is thick enough to hide clip in extensions, or weave lace or fabric through for an extra girly touch.

21Quadruple Boxer Braids

If you’re feeling a little more edgy than the double boxer braid, their quadruple cousin may be the right choice for you. Sportier than your traditional braid, this style is becoming as acceptable at the office as it is at the club.

22Side Twist Chunky Braid

One of the messier versions of a long braid, this style is practical for girls with bangs that aren’t behaving themselves, or anyone in an in between phase of growing their hair out.

23Zipper Cute Braid Styles

If you’re into expert level braiding, give this high tech style a shot. For the best chances of achieving this braid, check out a YouTube tutorial, or have a hair savvy friend use you as their model.

24Cornrow French Braids

One of the more technical braids on the list, this is a full on braided style that sees cornrows pulled into double french braids. If you’re looking for a day to day braided look executed by a professional, this is your jam.

25Double French Half Updo

This is the perfect hybrid style for long haired girls who want the whimsy of a braid and the freedom of loose, flowing ends. This also works well as a next day hairstyle if you’ve curled your locks the night before.

26Mohawk Pull Through Braid

This twist on a classic braided look involves creating a row of small ponytails that are pulled through one another to create a long braid running from crown to ends. Once everything is secure, you can pull the sections apart for a look with more volume. Necessary equipment for this style includes lots of clear elastics and your favorite texturizing spray.

27Braided Headband

If you’re only looking for a little braid in your life, this braided headband adds a sweet twist to long, soft waves. If you don’t have bangs, a braided headband looks just as pretty with centre parted hair pulled to each side or left loose to frame your face.

28Loose Double French Braids

This is a grown up twist on the french braid pigtails your mom used to put you in before you were old enough to make your own hair choices. These two, loose braids that come together at the back of the head work well on a typical day or as an easy way to dress up your tresses for a wedding or garden party.



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