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Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have short hair you may have the impression that braided hairstyles are out of reach. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are so many wonderful ways to braid short hair, with almost no style of braid off limits. From the classic Dutch and French braid to the more adventurous fishtail and basket-weave braid, there is sure to be a braided hairstyle that will suit your short hair.

So, get all the style inspiration you need and check out our favourite braided hairstyles for short hair.

1Pixie Cut with Loose French Braid

Even the shortest of hairstyles can incorporate braids in one way or another. The lengths of this pixie crop have been plaited into a chunky French Braid and pinned into place. The weaving of the stunning holographic-effect hair is slightly off centre, giving the style a great asymmetry

2Pink Chunky Dutch Braids with Pigtails

A Dutch braid is the reverse of the classic French braid. It has the same technique except for the stands of hair are woven under the centre strand, which makes the braid sit on top of the head. These double dutch braids are stunning and really highlight the different tones of pink in the hair, from the rich magenta at the roots to the lighter pastel shade on the lengths. The pigtails securing the braids is a cute, yet edgy touch.

3Braided Headband in Wavy Lob

Don’t have a headband? No problem, create one using your own hair by Dutch braiding two sections of hair either side of the hairline and secure to the scalp. Cover the ends of the braids with some loose tendrils and your braided look is complete. This is a style that will work on the shortest of hair as the braids are kept close to the head.

4Icy Grey Pixie Cut with Multiple Braids

Why not combine a few different types of braids into the same hairstyle like this beautiful pixie crop. The icy grey tone has been wonderfully braided into Dutch and twisted rope braids, leaving the hair from the crown to the ape of the neck loose and textured. A really interesting style.

5Half Dutch Braid and Bun

A braid in short hair can really make a beautiful dye job to shine. The contrast in this caramel to bright blonde ombre is so vibrant in this lob thanks to a chunky Dutch braid which is secured in a neat bun. Very cool.

6Multiple Boxer Braids for Short Hair

How cool are these multiple boxer braids? They start right at the hairline and hug the head all the way around with the free ends braided as close to the tips of the hair as possible. Boxer braids have been trending on the likes of Instagram for the past year, and it is not hard to see why. They are fresh and youthful, and have a great urban vibe.

7Messy Double Dutch Braids

Slightly undone Dutch braids in short hair have an effortless chicness to them. So if a few strands of your short hair come loose, don’t worry about it. Leave a few loose strands around the hairline to complete your messy double Dutch braids.

8Half-Crown French Braid with Waves

If you have grown out bangs that are at an awkward length a great way to style them is in a half-crown French Braid. It will keep them out of your face as look so effortlessly chic. Adding a subtle wave through this shoulder-length bob adds to the relaxed feel and gives emphasis to the multiple tones of ash blonde.

9Asymmetric Bob with Side Braids

This asymmetry of this bob has been accentuated by the attention of some cornrow-style braids on the shorter side. A great braided style for thick hair for taking some of the weight out and creating a little bit of extra visual interest.

10Mini Dutch Braids with Top Knot

This grown out pixie cut looks so cool and contemporary with some mini Dutch braids that feen into a top knot. The style has some edge with black roots and a platinum and honey blonde highlights. The lighter strands of hair really emphasise the stunning shape of the plaits, making them stand out against the dark roots.

11Pixie Cut with Braided Bangs

This super cute and sleek pixie cut has been given some extra sharpness by braiding the ends of the bangs. It creates such an interesting effect and can be created on side-swept bangs in hair of any length.

12Platinum Bob with Waterfall Braid and Waves

A waterfall braid always looks ethereal, particularly so in this multi-tonal platinum bob with feminine curls. The way this waterfall braid has been plaited around the head almost creates a halo effect, making it the perfect braided hairstyle for prom, weddings, or other special occasions.

13Edgy Bob Cut with French Braid

This undercut bob has been given some asymmetry with a French braid that starts at the temple and weaves right around the head. The lighter ends of the ash blonde hair give the plait extra definition, really helping it to stand out.

14Braided Faux Hawk with Ponytail

To create this faux hawk style braid, the key is to build up some texture in the roots before plaiting to give some volume. Backcomb the section of hair you intend to braid and then loosely French plait so it stands up off the head nicely. Add a fine mist of firm hold hairspray and secure in a ponytail at the crown of the head.

15Fishtail Braid Crown on Short Hair

This lilac and silver hair has been given an extra touch of magic with a fishtail braid crown. Two front sections of hair have been braided in the fishtail style and then secured together at the back of the head, with a few bunches of baby’s breath flowers woven in. This would really make a wonderful festival look.

16Messy Lob with Dutch Braid

Get an extra day’s wear out of hair before washing by braiding the front section. Add some texture to the hair with a salt-water spray and pin the braid back for a look that is fresh and youthful.

17Side-Parted Pink Bob with Dutch Braid

This blunt bob has been given some softness with a Dutch braid that has been braided behind the ear from the hairline and secured with an invisible hair tie. The braid stands out from the hair thanks to some dark roots, which help give some definition. The blorange base colour is so on trend this season too, which makes this braided style super contemporary.

18Inverted Bob with Twisted Rope Braid

If you find plaiting difficult, a rope braid is probably the easiest to do, but still looks awesome. Twist two sections of hair in opposite directions and then wind them around one another and pin into place. By twisting the hair in opposite directions creates frictions which prevent it from unwinding. So clever.

19Double Fishtail Braids with Buns

Balayage, ombre, and highlighted styles look great in any kind of braid as the plait itself contrasts beautifully against the darker roots. The honey blonde shade of these fishtail braids and buns is stunning, and you have to agree this style is perfect for taking from day to night.

20Dutch Braided Parting

Tired of the same old centre parting of your A-line bob? Then make things a little more interesting with a Dutch braid right down the centre part. Pretty unique?

21Teal Dutch Braids with Space Buns and Glitter Parting

With the festive season upon us, you might be interested in trying out a braided hairstyle that is a little more seasonal. This teal hair colour has a real winter feel to it and the Dutch braids into the messy space buns is a fun style perfect for party season. An extra touch of sparkle has been given to the style with some silver glitter along the parting. Can you imagine how wonderful that will look under some disco lights?

22Relaxed Double Dutch Braids for Short Hair

There is something sporty and relaxed about these double Dutch braids in gorgeous ash blonde hair. The little pigtails securing the braids at the nape of the neck are super cute, yet also have a chicness about them. Loose hairs coming free from the braids just adds to the ‘undone’ appeal of the style.

23Long Pixie Cut with Half-head Dutch Braid

For a party look that is quick but impactful this season, braid half of your hair tight to the head and really play with the texture and movement of the loose hair. Stunning don’t you think?

24Pull-Through Braid Faux Hawk

Even the pull-through braid can be done on short hair – it may look a little loose and messy, but it creates such cool almost faux hawk effect. There are a number of great tutorials on YouTube on how to create great pull-through braided styles on short hair.

25Four-Strand Braids and Space Buns

This stunning hair is almost like a beautiful galaxy scene. The multi-tones of midnight blue, teal, purple, and silver have been plaited into a four-strand braid, secured into space buns, and finished with a hint of metallic silver hair paint along the parting.

26Braided Halo Headband

A halo braid will make any short hair look simply angelic. With your chosen braid, plait around the hairline, leaving a few loose tendrils in front of the ears for extra softness. This is a braided hairstyle that will work on pixie cuts, right through to the lob.

27Reverse French Braid and Messy Bun

To give your up-do a little more interest, reverse your French braid from the nape of the neck upwards and secure in a messy bun. It takes the classic messy top knot to a whole new level, particularly with this stunning dusky pink hair shade.

28Basket Weave Braid for Short Hair

The basket-weave braid gets its name for obvious reasons. It is a difficult one to master and often requires a pair of extra hands, but the result is worth it. It looks so edgy on this platinum bob, don’t you think?



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