30 Braided Mohawk Styles

Mohawk hairstyles used to consist of shaved sides and long hair on top (often spiked sharply into place), but today we see so many variations of the style. Braided mohawks have become the go-to for women who are a fan of the crested silhouette, because they add feminine detail and a practical way to keep hair in place. From romantic wedding styles to edgy undercuts, take a look at our favorite braided mohawk styles.

1Braided Mohawk Ponytail

One of the easiest styles on our list, this thick dutch braid down the centre of the head creates a mohawk silhouette that’s fit for everyday wear.

2Box Braids Mohawk

Complete with a shaved side for enhanced contrast, this style proves that box braids have tons of updo potential.

3High Glamour Mohawk Braid

This luxurious, intricate mohawk is made up of multiple different braid styles, and is perfect for a glamorous bride. The french braid on top uses tons of volume to create a high crest, while smaller braids at the sides are kept tight to the scalp, and long hair is finished over one shoulder in a fishtail braid.

4Pink Mohawk Updo

A braided mohawk that’s surprisingly soft and romantic, this is a perfect updo style for a bride or bridesmaid. Best executed with medium length hair, the french braid running down the centre of the head should get a generous amount of texturizing spray to keep it from falling flat against the head. Once this french braid is complete, braid the hair down to the ends and tuck under, then use two three-strand braids from either side of the head to wrap around and hold the back in place.

5Box Braid Mohawk With Embellishment

The perfect mixture of edge and glam, this style frames the undercut style with pearls and gold. If you don’t feel like going out to buy hair jewellery, this look is actually best achieved using regular necklaces. Layer up as many as you’d like!

6Fishtail Mohawk

With a big puff up front that leads into a long and messy fishtail braid, this look blends carefree boho details with special occasion flair.

7Janelle Monae Style

The signature hair silhouette of Janelle Monae, this particular mohawk features tiny braids at the sides, and a jumbo fishtail over one shoulder. While the singer is known for doing her own hair, it’s OK if you need the help of a friend to get yours looking this good!

8Multi Braids For Long Hair

If you’re not sure how to get your very long hair into a braided mohawk style, try this look that features braids pinned towards the back of the head rather than directly on top. Simple dutch braids at the sides add a young, hip edge to this partial updo.

9Mohawk Twists

Songstress Jill Scott’s mohawk twist style here shows off her bold undercut in the most glamorous way.

10Subtle French Braid Mohawk

This slightly puffed up french braid is a sweet and subtle way to add some mohawk flair to your hairstyle, and goes with anything from a wedding updo to a casual ponytail.

11High Fashion Mohawk

This runway-born style features a thick french braid down the centre of the head and little dutch braids on the sides that are twirled and pinned at the back.

12Half Braided Mohawk

If you’re torn between your love of the mohawk look and showing off your long hair, try this trendy style that’s the best of both worlds.

13Mohawk Braided Updo

This fully braided updo puts a surprisingly romantic spin on a classic mohawk silhouette.

14Pull Through Braid

Created from a series of ponytails pulled through one another, this fancy mohawk is the perfect choice for a prom or wedding hairstyle.

15Mohawk For Short Hair

If your pixie cut has about five or more inches in length on top, you can make this french braided style work. Use a tacky product to keep sides slicked down and the ends of shorter hairs from popping out of the braid.

16Mohawk With Ring Embellishment

With super teased hair on top and braided sides that resemble pierced ears, this edgy look is full of punky flair.

17Red Carpet Flair

Not a traditional mohawk or a classic red carpet updo, Nichol Richie’s lilac hair is pulled back into a loose french braid that’s both glamorous and ultra modern.

18Curved Side Braids

This style makes natural curls the star of the show, while cornrows in a curved pattern add more interest than if hair was simply slicked back.

19Undercut Mohawk

If you’re running out of ways to dress up your edgy undercut, try slicking back your longer hair and framing with a french braid on each side.

20Hair Metal Mohawk

With super teased hair up top and little braids on the sides, this ’80s inspired mohawk is a little bit out-there, and a lot of fun.

21Braided Mohawk Bun

Unlike the other box braided styles on our list, this look gathers braids into an artistic bun that sits right above the forehead.

22Messy Braided Updo

This braided version of a french twist style updo somehow manages to look messy and chic all at once.

23Crested Mohawk Braid

Looking like it was inspired by something in the animal kingdom, this wild style will make your hair a stand-out at any event.

24Two Tone Mohawk

The honey blonde tone in front takes this mohawk style from average to amazing.

25Punky French Braid

This classic mohawk cut looks surprisingly pretty in a simple french braid.

26Pompadour Style Mohawk

This masculine-inspired hairstyle blends pompadour and mohawk shapes with the added feminine detail of little framing braids.

27Teased Mohawk With Undercut

Another amazing way to show off your undercut, this skinny braid creates the perfect border between super short sides and the amazingly teased height at the top of this look.

28Faux Mullet Mohawk

Want the undercut shape without actually shaving any hair? This style pulls hair back to the nape of the neck and secures it tightly, allowing ends to fall loose and add to the tail of this faux-mullet style.

29Romantic Mohawk

This romantic spin on the mohawk shape will have you set for any special occasion.

30Natural Curls Mohawk

These short, natural curls are framed by lots of skinny cornrows for a perfect summer look and semi-protective style.



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