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Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

Ahhh braids, are they ever NOT a fun way to style hair? We sure don’t think so. Braided hairstyles have long been one of our absolute favorites – and with good reason! We know that our ladies with short hair sometimes feel limited when it comes to hairstyling which is why we wanted to dedicate an entire post to sharing braided hairstyles for short hair. If you have short hair this is all for you and we think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how many options there are. Start scrolling and let us know which one you will be trying first.

1Golden Goddess Braids

Talk about major glamour! We’re absolutely head over heels for this braided hairstyle. Braiding the hair all over in sections is such a stylish way to rock short hair. Adding these gold embellishments give the look that extra glam twist.

2Waterfall Braiding

This style of braid is often referred to as a waterfall braid because of the technique used to create it, notice how the hair falls down under the braid. It’s a really fun way to braid short hair because length doesn’t really matter.

3Braided Bangs Short Hair

If you have short hair and have bangs you want to get out of the way from time to time, this is a great way to style your hair. Pulling the bangs back into a braid like this keeps them out of your face in one of the most stylish ways.

4Different Sizes Braids for Short Hair

Another take on the waterfall braiding technique, this one is a bit amplified though. If you look closely you’ll see that a smaller braid is intertwined with the larger braid. This was done by braiding the smaller braid first and using that hair as you pull the hair into the larger.

5Two Braided Pony

We know when you have short hair there are times you want to feel like your hair is just out of the way. This is the perfect look to lean on for those days! Styling the top section of the hair into two French braids and tying them into a half up ponytail is cute, stylish and functional.

6Oversized Side Braids

We’re suckers for side braids, admittedly. There’s just something about them that we can’t get enough of – no matter the length of your hair. This look is unique in that there are TWO side braids that are styled in this oversized manner. So fun!

7Crochet Style Braid

How’s this for an edgy hairstyle? We’re in awe of this look – for all the right reasons. It’s edgy, unique and just plain fun. This is a unique take on the braiding look with the crochet-like technique used to create the side braid.

8Angled Side Braids

Side braids are back! Expect to see quite a few variations on this list. This one is unique in that they styled the side braids in this upward placement creating this diagonal line on the side of the hair.

9Twisted Fishtail Braid

Another thing you’re going to see quite a bit on this list is different ways to pull a portion of the hair back with a braid – kind of like an upgraded half up hairstyle. This is one prime example of that and we have to say – it’s pretty incredible.

10Classic French Braiding

So you have short hair…luckily that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the classic braided hairstyles! This is the classic French braid and you may be surprised to find out even with short hair you can rock this look.

11Half Classic Braid

If your hair isn’t quite long enough for a full French braided look like the previous picture, this may be a better option for you. Stopping half way still gives the classic look, but in a modern way that accommodates short hair.

12Volume + Braid

How is this for a stylish take on the half up hairstyle? We love it! Styling a braid starting at the top of the head and wrapping back creates this crown-like look that also holds the hair back. Add texturizing product to the hair to get this great beachy aesthetic into the hair.

13Double Dutch Braids for Short Hair

We couldn’t resist sharing another classic braided hairstyle. We’ve all seen, and probably worn, the double French braid look at least once in our lives – whether when you were young or an adult. Regardless, it’s a style you can utilize even with short hair – win!

14Voluminous Ponytail Braid

Who loves a perky ponytail!? Who doesn’t is the real question, right? Amp up your ponytail with a loosely styled braid on top. The way to achieve this is by adding some volumizing product to the hair, teasing a bit and then styling the braid FIRST. Once you’ve done that, pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail.

15Messy Chic Braid

There’s something about a ‘messy’ hairstyle that’s so chic, don’t you agree? It has that effortless flair that doesn’t seem to ever be out of style. If you’re a fan of that look, this is a really fun way to style a braid for short hair.

16Mixing Braids

We have to say this may be one of the most creative braided hairstyles we’ve seen in quite some time. It’s incredible! Styling hair using two different style and size braids like this is such a cool way to add dimension and style to hair.

17Glam Side Braid

Here’s a more glamorous braided hairstyle for short hair. If you have a special occasion coming up, try styling your hair in this way. The oversized look of the braid gives a little added drama to the overall hairstyle that makes it a great choice for a formal (or casual) event.

18Pearlized Braid

Even adding small, loosely styled braids into a simple hairstyle is a way to transform the entire look. As you can see in this picture, the hairstyle is cute as is but the little braids on the side give a little something extra – don’t you think?

19Braided Top Cornrows

We know we have some readers who aren’t afraid to stand out with their hairstyle. Sound like you? You’re probably already ahead of us and have fallen in love with this row of braids styled into hair. It’s so fun!

20Braid Meets Bun

Didn’t we tell you half up inspired looks were going to be a bit of a theme on this list? Here’s another look and we have to say it’s just as unique and stylish as some of the others we found. This is fun if you want a little extra drama, with three braids styled into a messy bun.

21Accessorizing Braids for Short Hair

Don’t be afraid to add little accessories to braids! These little metal rings completely elevate the look of these classic French braids. Not only does it change the look of braids, it gives you more versatility with short hair.

22Space Bun Braids

Space buns aren’t just for the long hair ladies! If your hair is just long enough to twist up into a bun (even if its small) you can try this hairstyle on for size. Styling braids into buns helps make shorter hair work with this style by holding shorter layers in place.

23Half Up Double Braids

The half up hair inspo continues to make waves on this list. This is such a fun option we just had to show you. Placement of braids, and mixing that up, is another way to make your braided hairstyles look different everytime you style them.

24Multi Braiding Hair

Can we take a moment to appreciate this hairstyle? Because WOW! This is edgy, dramatic and trendy all wrapped up into one hairstyle. Wear it for a night out or a special event to make waves with your short hair.

25Classic Twisted Braids for Short Hair

Keep it simple and stylish with a look inspired by Sienna Miller. She’s a style icon for a reason – she has an eye for trends and beauty. This is proof of that.

26Center Dutch Style

27Mini Braid Bun

28Twist + Mini Braids

29Chic Side Braid

30Front Hair Braided



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