Quick Weave Hairstyles for black women

Quick Weave Hairstyles For Black Women

There are so many different weave styles that have emerged over the last couple of years. Many of which were brought into the spotlight by your favorite celebrities. There are braids, curly quick weave hairstyles, super short weave styles, sew-ins, lace fronts, full wigs, and many more. Many deem weave as a bad thing, but it is a great way to switch up your style without causing damage to your hair if you can properly take care of it. There are so many chic and cute hairstyles with weave and we love that women and men have a way to express themselves not only personally but creatively. There are many tutorials on Youtube that can show you how to do many of these styles yourself. So it is not only cost-effective but also a great learning experience. We have compiled a list of the top 25+ quick weave hairstyles for black women. We hope you give them a shot and even inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

1Blonde curls weave hairstyle

For anyone looking for shiny and curly weave hairstyles, Here we have a beautiful blonde highlights long curly look. We love how this looks in the natural light it brings out the golden tones in her skin. This hair also consists of a sandy-ash and a deeper brown undertone.

2Waveless quick weave bob

Here we have Ms Washington rocking a fierce effortless quick weave bob with a sleek bang. This bob consists of natural brown highlights that give the look a bit of a pop but still keeps it subtle. She paired this with a bold red lip that did not overpower the look.

3Feathered bang short quick weave bob

Here we have Keri Hilson rocking her infamous blonde and a super cute quick weave bob. This bob is cut slightly below her ear on one side and longer and A lined on the other. The bang is lightly feathered and the look is completed with a brown undercut ombre.

4The RiRi beach waves weave hairstyle

Rihanna is definitely serving face with her natural makeup and soft beach curls. She is sporting a shoulder-length bowl cut that has beautiful fluffy curls to give it body. Use soft rollers to create this effortless look and even try it in different colors.

5Short quick weave styles- The Pixie

We know many women wouldn’t dare to cut their hair this short so another alternative is a wig. If you’re looking for short quick weave styles, this style is super convenient and you can experiment with different lengths before you take the big step. The sides of this cut are tapered and spiked towards the middle.

6Weave Box Braids

Looking for protective cute hairstyles with weave? A current trend is the infamous box braids. Seriously everyone is wearing these. Not only are they cute and a time saver but they are also an awesome protective style.

7Low ponytail weave hairstyle

All of the craze has been over this simple and stylish pony that Zendaya has been rocking lately. We give this style and A+. Seriously it is so simple to do and you can dress it up or down if you please. Want to make it high fashion? Then move it higher to create a runway look.

8Braided low ponytail weave hairstyle

Continuing on with the ponytail we have this super long braided pony wrapped with white twine. This is super cute if you have a super funky style. This definitely gives off old-school vibes. Bring out your chic side with an elegant suit like Janelle Monáe.

9Faux Locs weave hairstyle

Another style that has made a huge craze is the faux locs. Have you ever wanted to dry dread locs but did not want the permanent results? Then give this faux locs weave hairstyle a try.

10Havana twist weave hairstyle

Are you looking for chunky boho weave hairstyles ? Havana twists are a quick and stylish way to protect your hair. Because they are chunky they take no time to install or remove, which is perfect for the woman on the go. We love seeing this look on women who have a more boho and carefree vibe.

11Fringe cut quick weave hair

From clothes to hair, fringe is in. This style is suited more for women with heart-shaped faces. It will bring out your prominent cheekbones and jawlines. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit different and chic, then try this sleek jet black tone.

12Curly and Short Quick Weave Style

Here we have a short loose curled bob.  A soft and glamorous look! If you like natural looking weave hairstyles, this is definitely a must try!

13Basic cornrows weave hairstyle

These cornrows scream high fashion! Pair these with a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Stunning!

14Twist updo weave hairstyles

Okay so many of us dream of having that super gorgeous bun. Sometimes we have to make a way and fake it until it’s there. This faux bun is simple all you need to add is Marley hair.

15Simple curls long weave

How gorgeous does she look? She is wearing timeless long flipped hair. This should be a go-to style because it looks great on all face shapes.

16Wand curls weave

We adore wand curls weave hairstyles! Some of the most beautiful curls are created with wand curls. They instantly remind us of mermaid hair. They are so put together yet effortless. Not to mention anyone can wear them.

17The big bang quick weave

Rihanna in her younger days. We love the brown bang look she was sporting. It was so classic and added a softness to her image. If you’re going to do this look definitely keep your makeup soft.

18Senegalese twist weave

Next up we have Senegalese twist which are smaller and usually longer than your Havana twist. Try your luck with different colors such as ombre and even hair jewels.

19Yarn Twist/Braids weave hairstyle

The next time you take a trip to your craft store make sure to stop by the yarn section and pick some up. Yes, people have been using yarn to twist and braid their hair. Think of the endless amount color combinations you will be able to achieve with this style. We think that this style worth a shot look at the finished product.

20Cheetah faux hawk weave

We have never seen such a unique undercut. This fearless beauty went super bold and added a cheetah print to her undercut. She styled her undercut with a chic curly faux hawk. If you’re brave enough let us see what crazy patterns you come up with.

21The B Bob quick weave hairstyle

We are loving this short weave hairstyle! What would Beyonce do? Beyonce had the world going crazy when she rocked this platinum blonde quick weave bob. So many women of different skin tones rock this color and cut so it is safe to say that it is a universal look. If you have a darker skin tone then simply add a deeper root to balance out the blonde.

22Grey locks weave style

Grey has been the biggest trend of 2015. Toya wright is sporting long loose curls. The root of these are black and ombre into a fine silver. The trick is to have black or brown roots to play up the silver. You can even find people add pops of color to the end. This is a style that anyone can rock and everyone must try.

23Simple Straight Weave Hairstyle

Maybe it’s okay to be basic. Take a look at the model rocking simple long black tresses. Most of it is her real hair with a few added extensions. If you’re the girl who prefers a more natural look give this a shot. she looks stunning here.

24Fishtail french braid with an undercut

Here we have a fishtail braid that falls into a sleek ponytail. What makes this style unique is the undercut. We love how this is slightly sleek with a little bit of edge. Switch it up with a low ponytail or even a bun.

25Ombre hair weave Hairstyle

Ombre hair has been seen everywhere on runways, magazines, and of course, the internet. Ombre gives you the chance to play around and experiment with different colors, that you normally wouldn’t have. The dark root tones down the color not in a way so that it doesn’t pop, but it helps any color blend with your skin tone. So go ahead a try that pink or green hair that you’ve always wanted to try.

26Bright red curly high bun

Go bold with a stunning bright hair color like this fire red! This super chic high curly top knot looks stunning with the bab hair and statement gold earrings.

So which one of these quick weave hairstyles is your next go to style? Tell us below.



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