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Short Shag Haircuts 2021

One of THE hottest haircuts this year was the shag cut. It’s a haircut trend that’s proving to have some staying power because it’s still trending! If you’re new to the shag cut, or not, it may be the haircut you try out to give your hair a little modern upgrade. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research and found some of the most iconic short shag haircuts to share with you for inspiration.

1Balayage Short Shag Cut

We’re obsessed with this short shag haircut, we had to start the list off with it! The choppy layers really help to accentuate the balayage highlighting throughout the hair. If you want, or have, balayage this is a great example as to how the cut will look with it.

2Beachy Shag Waves

The great thing about shag haircuts is how easy it is to achieve effortless, beachy waves in the hair. All you need is a thin straightener or curling iron to quickly run through the hair to get waves like this – as long as you have a great cut!

3Whispy Bangs and a Shag Cut

Add more face framing structure to a short shag haircut with bangs. The bangs here are thin and whispy, continuing the beachy vibe that’s so commonly achieved with a shag haircut. Isn’t this cute?!

4Thick Bangs + Shag Cut

If you want bangs in combination with a short shag cut, but want bangs that are more distinct than the previous image this may be more your speed. The bangs here are a bit thicker, but because of the way, they were cut they really work well with the shaggy layers.

5Choppy Piece Shag Hair

For the ladies who want a shag cut that emphasizes the choppy aesthetic, this is an incredible cut! The length is quite short and has some edge to it with the asymmetric shape, shorter in the back and longer in the front.

6Colorful Shag Cut

Obviously, the bold color of the hair here is a statement and looks great with the short shaggy cut. But even if you’re not into the color, the short shag cut and bangs may be what you’ve been looking for inspiration.

7Lob Length Shag

While shag haircuts are notoriously known for their effortless vibe, but because of the way shag cuts are achieved by a hairstylist they’re quite versatile. This is such a great example of how an effortless shag cut looks great with some pumped-up volume for a little extra drama.

8Softly Layered Shag

We don’t know about you but we adore a soft, pretty haircut. While drama and volume is great, sometimes you just want a haircut that’s softer in its feel. Sound like you? This is the perfect shag cut for you then.

9Jane Fonda Inspired

We couldn’t give you a list of short shag haircuts without including the shag cut queen: Jane Fonda! She’s maintained one of the most famous shag haircuts of all time. There’s no denying she knows how to wear a shag cut.

10Shag Cut with Bangs

Hello shag hair inspo! This one is for the books, if you ask us. Between the bangs, the flipped out layers around the face, and the gorgeous shag technique to achieve layers it’s a win all around in our eyes.

11Choppy Bangs and Choppy Layers

If you haven’t already noticed, one of the easiest ways to transition a short shag cut and make it your own is by changing up the way bangs are cut. When you want a little bang twist, but not a full bang, these choppy-styled bangs are a great in-between.

12Middle Part Styled

Whether your hair is straight naturally or not, this is such a great example as to how a short shag haircut looks with straight hair. We wanted to show you this because so often shag hair is seen styled wavy and curled.

13Silver Short Shag

Another bold color statement that looks great on short shag hair, but in all honesty, we also just loved this cut. The shag hair is cut in these choppy layers with pieces cut quite short around the top of the hair for added dimension.

14Extra Short Shag Cut

Want a cut that’s pretty short? Here you go! This shag cut is DEFINITELY short, but the way the layers were cut into the hair is what gives this shag aesthetic. We like that there’s a layer left fairly long right around the nape of the neck.

15Short Lob Shag

This is the epitome of a shag haircut, in our humble opinion. It has choppy layers, just above the shoulder length, and piece bangs – all combined for this incredible look that’s a major style win.

16Longer Length Lob Shag

The thing we love about the shag haircut is its one that can really transform to flatter and work with just about any hair length of your preference. While many of these are on the shorter side, here’s a medium-length option for when you want a little more length.

17Messy Bob Shag

Of course, we had to give you a handful of truly short shag haircuts – that’s the list after all! How gorgeous is this short shag cut, though? The bangs and super short layers throughout really give this some extra drama.

18Model Inspired Shag

We know we’ve shown you quite a few different short shag haircuts with bangs, but we wanted to make sure we’re giving you all the inspiration possible. These bangs are a little more defined than some of the others we’ve shown you so far.

19Pieced Bang Shag Cut

While shag hairstyles are often styled with that beachy, effortless aesthetic that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with a more classic twist. Here the shag layers were styled smooth and simplistically.

20Red Hot Shag Cut

How’s this for red hot hair?! Aside from the literal red hair color, the cut is epic too. The bangs are a little more dramatic with the choppy, extra short length. We’re in love!

21Shortened Bangs and Shag

Once again, bangs strike again with shag hair. We thought this was a unique bang cut with them being cut shorter in the middle of the bangs.

22Effortless Shag Hair

Here’s a gorgeous short shag haircut if you’re looking for something with that lob (long bob) length. It’s a great middle-ground length that allows you to have the ability to still pull your hair back into a ponytail.

23Wavy Shag Hair

The bang options just keep coming, we hope you’re still enjoying them as much as we are. These bangs are different in that they have this gorgeous side swoop look to them that gives this soft, pretty feel. Great addition to short shag hair.

24Edgy Shag Hair

Give your short shag hair some edge with this haircut. What really gives this edge is how the haircut was styled to be extra short.

25Subtle Waves

If subtle, easy waves is your go-to look you’re going to love the short shag hairstyle. It’s one of the best haircuts to incorporate into your hair when you like easy hairstyling.

26Shag Shortened

27Side Bang Shag

28T-Swift Shag

29Voluminous Shag Hair

30Reddish Shag



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