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30 Sultry Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

If your ultimate red-haired fantasy is to look sultry, glamorous, and little bit mysterious, it’s time to let a dark red hair color make your dreams come true. While there are tons of gorgeous reds in lighter hues like gingers and strawberry blondes, a deeper red is the perfect way to simultaneously add maturity and edge to your look, and also an excellent way to make sure your hair goes with the rich, luxurious fabrics of fall and winter fashion. While reds are often grouped together in one shade, a whole host of dark reds in warm and cool tones can be selected to match anyone’s complexion or eye color. Ladies who are hesitant about taking the bold step of being an all-over redhead can delight in dark red highlights, but we have a feeling that you’ll soon be headed back to the salon to get more burgundy, auburn, or cherry red in your hair!

1Cherry Cola Balayage

For some women with naturally dark hair, blonde highlights might feel too bold, while lighter shades of brunette don’t stand out enough. Striking a perfect balance, these dark red balayage highlights are painted on natural black hair to create a sultry style that provides interest without an overwhelming contrast.

2Bold Red With Copper Ombre

This bold red color is a comic book fan’s dream come true, in a shade that looks like it jumped off the pages of your favorite hero’s latest adventure. This dark orangey red shade goes well with both warm and cool complexions and gets an added dose of interest from a warm copper ombre at the ends.

3Burgundy Balayage Bob

Add a dose of color to your modern, textured bob with this rich burgundy shade applied using the balayage technique. Highlights are concentrated towards the front of the face, meaning you’ll want to be sure to choose a shade that compliments your complexion. Dark reds with purple undertones like this tend to flatter darker, cool skin, while fairer skinned ladies might choose an auburn shade instead.

4Dark Chocolate Auburn

This chocolate brown style features subtle red undertones that make it one of the least obvious ways to wear your hair dark red. If you’ve got intense green eyes like Emma Stone, a deep shade like this will make them stand out like crazy, especially against fair skin.

5Burgundy Box Braids

How gorgeous are these burgundy box braids?? While red hair color is known for its unfortunate tendency to quickly fade, installing synthetic hair in a dark red shade means this burgundy color will stick around for as long as your hairstyle does.

6Deep Fuchsia

This rich, multidimensional fuchsia hair consists of deep reds and purples that come together to create one amazing hair color.

7Intense Cherry Curls

Rihanna has worn her hair in a few different dark red styles, each of them generating huge buzz and launching a thousand trips to the salon. These intense cherry curls are no exception and prove how perfectly a dark red hair color compliments the warmth in both her skin and eyes.

8Dark Rose Bob

With pinkish undertones, this bob is colored in a darker shade of the trendy rose gold color we’ve been seeing everywhere for the last few years. A muted tone like this is an excellent option for women with very fair skin who are interested in going dark red, but worry a deeper, more intense shade like burgundy or ruby will wash them out.

9Dark Cherry

This intense shade of dark cherry red is especially dramatic when applied in an all-over color style.

10Medium Dark Auburn

This vibrant shade of medium to dark auburn is actually one that some people are lucky enough to be born with. It’s quite a versatile color compared to other dark reds and can be easily worn by most women with warm or neutral skin tones.

11Dark Brunette With Cherry Ombre

Give the ends of your dark brunette hair a tasty update with this cherry-colored ombre. Because the two shades aren’t wildly different, you can be quite bold with the placement of your ombre rather than going for a more natural style.

12Intense Dark Copper

Notes of intense blue red and warmer orange hues blend together in this dark copper hairstyle that looks like it leaped from pages of a fantasy novel.

13Cool Dark Red

If warm shades of red hair are too bright and sunny for you, try this cooler dark red style that’s vibrant and intense, but not so dark that it will wash out anyone with fair skin.

14Black Cherry Ombre

Colored using the less frequently seen reverse ombre style (where a darker rather than lighter color is applied at the ends), black cherry provides an ultra bold contrast against golden blonde hair. This technique is a good option for anyone looking to color their dry or previously lightened ends without causing further damage.

15Dark Coppery Red

Rihanna’s second entry on our list, this dark red style with coppery tones is perfect for spring and summer months when you’re looking for a slightly warmer shade.

16Medium Natural Auburn

Leave it to one of the world’s most famous redheads to make this medium shade of natural auburn look like rich, luxurious, and red carpet ready.

17Red Velvet Bob

The perfect shade of dark red hair for anyone with a cooler complexion on the medium to deep side, this shade brings an instant element of high fashion, especially when paired with a chic long bob that’s cut and styled to perfection.

18Natural Cherry Brown Curls

These cherry brown curls get a little extra enhancement with some lighter red highlights concentrated around the front of the face. If you’re planning on adding highlights to your curly hair at home, remember that less is usually more, as your voluminous hair reflects more light and shows off its color more readily than straight strands do.

19Fiery Red

A living embodiment of the term “fiery redhead”, Kristen Stewart’s flame-colored locks help to bring out warm tones in her cheeks and eyes, making for an ultra glamorous take on the edgy styles we’ve come to expect from Stewart.

20Subtle Auburn Balayage

Blink and you might miss the super subtle auburn balayage treatment on this dark brunette hair. Anyone feeling too shy or reserved to go for a bold or intense style should use this look as a comfortable jumping-off point into the world of dark red hair colors.

21Intense Magenta

If you’re looking to make a huge statement with your dark red hair, try this intense magenta full of purples and pinks. In the midst of major color trends that favor muted or pastel shades, going for something this bright and bold will mean this unique look is sure to stand out.


This rich mahogany style is fairly natural looking, but luxe enough to ensure you’ll be in love with your newly dark red tresses.

23Deepest Aubergine

One of the darkest styles on our list, this purplish black hair color is equal parts luxurious and mysterious. This deep shade of aubergine can make warm skin tones look overly yellow, and we’d only advise attempting this style if your skin has cool undertones.

24Auburn With Copper Highlights

Give your dark auburn hair a little boost of color with natural-looking copper highlights. This easy pick-me-up can warm up your style in time for spring or summer, while leaving you with a hairstyle that’s still decidedly dark red.

25Violet Red

A vibrant violet red gets toned down at the end with eggplant colored ombre, making this a unique two-toned style where two bold colors play off one another to somehow create a more natural look.

26Mahogany With Golden Copper Highlights

This cool mahogany shade is deep enough to be considered dark red, but light enough that even women with fair complexions can pull it off. Golden copper highlights are placed sparingly throughout the top layer, creating a more subtle effect than the trendier balayage and ombre styles.

27Peekaboo Highlights In Dark Red

By placing dark red highlights throughout the middle layer of hair, these long raven-colored locks get a peekaboo effect that can be played up or hidden depending on how you choose to style your hair.

28Warm Cherry Brown

Warm and with notes of cinnamon, this cherry brown hairstyle looks good enough to eat while still being sophisticated enough to wear in almost any professional setting.

29Red Black

So dark it looks like a solid black style from across the room, this color gets some subtle richness thanks to a cool shade of ultra deep red that’s been placed in highlights throughout. Perfect for the redheads who prefer subtle styles, this look will really come to life in the sunlight.

30Auburn With Blonde Ombre

If you love dark red mixed with other colors, try this gorgeous style where gradient color shifts from deep auburn roots to a warm copper in the mid lengths and finally light blonde at the ends.



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