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Caramel Blonde Hair Color Ideas

One of 2020’s biggest hair color trends: caramel blonde! If you’re new to this hair color look, you’re in the right place. Not new to it? We still have you covered with 40 ways to incorporate the hair color trend. This may be one of our favorite hair color trends we’ve seen in a while. It’s a gorgeous warm hair color with blonde and brown tones mixed in (generally). Enough introduction, scroll through the list below to get inspired with different ways to incorporate caramel blonde to your hair.

1Subtle caramel light brown hair balayage

Now this is a caramel blonde moment. Mixing caramel blonde with shades of light brown creates this gorgeous dimension throughout the hair color. Ask for natural balayage to get a similar hair color.

2Blake Lively Inspired

Blake Lively has always had incredible hair, it’s definitely a signature of hers. We love this caramel blonde shade for a warm, soft twist to her typically bright blonde hair. Great color for the fall and winter!

3Lightened in Caramel

Hello gorgeous! This take on caramel blonde hair is pretty stunning. Adding lighter shades of caramel blonde around the face adds this beautiful lightness around the face for more dimension.

4Highlighted Caramel Hair

Caramel blonde hair can really be incorporated into hair any way you like, that’s what we love most about hair color in general. Here they opted for darker blonde tones in the back and increased the blonde hue at the ends and around the face.

5Caramel Blonde Highlights

This is definitely a caramel blonde statement! A brighter take on the hair color trend than some of the previous we’ve shown you, but equally as gorgeous. This is a true blonde hair color, with brighter blonde highlights mixed in.

6Face Framing Blonde

Face framing highlights elevated. You will notice a lot of caramel blonde hair looks tend to incorporate some brown touches, as seen here. Most of the hair is a darker brown color, with a caramel undertone, to match the caramel blonde highlights.

7Buttery Caramel Hair

We love all the creativity that shines through with this hair color trend. This interpretation has a really warm undertone that pulls a buttery-like feel to caramel blonde hair. Adding lighter touches gives depth to the hair.

8Caramel Balayage

Here is another beautiful caramel blonde balayage. Definitely a light blonde take, particularly around the face with the lightest pieces. Leaving the roots darker creates a pretty faded effect.

9Caramel Bronde

Have you heard of ‘bronde’ hair before? It’s the combination of blonde and brown hair! Clever, right? Caramel blonde is a great color to combine with brown hair because of the natural warmth of brown hair perfectly complements the caramel tones.

10Waved Caramel Blonde

Combine various tones of caramel blonde into one hair look to achieve hair color that’s full of dimension as beautiful as this. It’s a great way to add personality and customization to your hair color. As for bayalage and light blonde highlights mixed in.

11Warm Caramel light brown hair

We thought this was another really unique take on caramel blonde hair. This color has a warm, almost red undertone to it that still keeps the caramel feel. If want something with a reddish aesthetic this is perfect for you.

12Natural Ombre Caramel Blonde

Can’t go wrong with a great ombre hair color! This ombre look includes brown and caramel blonde – the perfect combination, if you ask us. Applying caramel blonde to the ends, starting around the eye line, adds this beautiful lightness to the look.

13Natural Caramel Blonde Hair

Such a stunning hair color! This take on caramel blonde hair keeps the color pretty consistent all over, but because the color is so pretty as is you can get away with it and be left with a natural looking blonde hair style.

14Ombre Dimension

Here’s another fun way to use caramel blonde hair in an ombre effect! This is a fairly dramatic take on ombre with the ends being very light blonde, compared to the brown hue at the roots.

15Caramel Ciara Hair

Ciara has been pulling off blonde hair for quite some time. There’s no denying she wear it well! The thing that really compliments her with the shade of blonde she chooses is the warm, caramel finish to the color.

16Framing Highlights

Ah, we really can’t get enough of all these unique highlight placements. Applying the lightest shade of caramel blonde around the face and subtly mixed in throughout the rest of the hair gives just enough of a blonde twist to the look.

17Gigi Hair Color

Another celebrity we can always go to for blonde hair inspiration. Gigi Hadid is a blonde icon, and it’s no surprise because she looks so great in the hair color. We absolutely love the way she’s wearing caramel blonde here.

18Gingerbread Caramel Hair

When we found this hair color we immediately thought it had gingerbread, caramel vibes to it and we fell in love. This is a gorgeous mixture of caramel blonde shades, thanks to the balayage hair color method.

19Golden Caramel

Blonde beauty! This is a more subtle take on the ombre trend, with the roots left brown but not as exaggerated as a few of the other ombre looks we’ve shown you previously.

20Long Caramel Hair

Long hair, don’t care! Ok, we’ll admit we think this caramel blonde hair color would look great on any hair length. If you want a blonde bombshell aesthetic, look no further.

21Gorgeous Caramel

We adore this effortlessly chic take on caramel blonde hair. Leaving the roots dark, giving a grown out effect, is what makes this hair color feel a bit more ‘undone’ in a way that’s really stylish.

22Highlighted Ends

Talk about hair goals! This all over caramel color gets a pop at the ends, thanks to a lighter blonde color applied to them. Another subtle way to adapt ombre hair technique.

23Faded Caramel Color

Anytime you color hair in a faded effect, as shown here, gives a really unique dimension to hair. That’s what so many women love about ombre and balayage. Caramel blonde happens to be a great color to use for this look.

24JLo Caramel

It’s no secret JLo is a hair icon. She seems to nail it with her hair color every single time. More often than not, in recent years, she’s stuck with a caramel blonde hair color. As you can see here, it works for her!

25Kim K Blonde

While Kim Kardashian is known for her dark hair, she’s gone to the blonde side a few times. This caramel blonde hue was one of our personal favorites. The warm blonde color compliments her tan complexion beautifully.

26Light Toned Caramel

Looking for a bright, blonde hair color? Here you go! This hair color mixed in some really light blonde highlights throughout to really lighten and brighten the hair.

27Dainty Highlights

We love how natural this hair color looks. Caramel blonde is such a soft, subtle color used in this way. Adding very dainty highlights gives just enough of a pop to give a little added dimension to the hair.

28Simple Blonde Touches

Instead of committing to an bright blonde hair color all over, adding just a few simple blonde touches around the face is a way to get the lightness. Here they kept the hair a darker caramel blonde all over and left some space for a few brighter pieces.

29Curled Caramel Hair

Talk about hair color with major dimension. Ombre updated, in our eyes! We thought this was such a pretty hair look. This hair color technique is kind of a combination between balayage and ombre.

30Dark Roots

Leaving just the roots dark is a way to get this grown out effect to caramel blonde hair. It’s a less obvious ombre hair transition that still provides some contrast between two hair colors.

31Bronzed Caramel light brown hair

If you want a hair color that leans darker, this is a really pretty option to give a try. With most of the hair colored warm brown, they added caramel blonde highlights strategically around the face and on the ends of hair.

32Naturally Caramel

Achieve a super natural hair color with this caramel blonde. The color is quite consistent throughout the entire hair, with just a few subtle touches of brighter blonde popped in randomly through the hair – which just helps with the natural aesthetic.

33Dark to Light in Caramel

Classic ombre hair done right, much thanks to the use of caramel blonde. Start with the darkest color at the roots, working the way down to the lightest shade of caramel blonde at the ends of hair. Even if you have short hair, this will look amazing.

34Pops of Blonde

At first glance this hair looks like it’s all colored the same color throughout, but when you look closer you notice the pops of bright caramel blonde. It’s just enough of the brighter blonde to make the hair color stand out.

35Shay Mitchell Caramel Blonde

This caramel blonde hair is giving us some edgy vibes, don’t you think?  Because of the darker colors left at the roots it’s anything but your classic blonde hair. Take it from Shay, it’s a gorgeous color choice.

36Soft Caramel Hair

37Solid Caramel Color

38Toffee Hued Caramel Blonde

39Caramel Warmth

40Warm Caramel Highlights




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