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Chin Length Hairstyles

Short hair, don’t care! Have you noticed women everywhere are chopping length off of their hair? So have we! Short hair has made a major comeback and we have to say, we love that this is trending. Short hair typically means less fuss and in 2020…we can all use some of that in our lives. Chin length hair has become a trending length. Thinking of chopping some of your hair? Chin length might be the perfect length to do so. Scroll through some stunning chin length hairstyles we’ve found to get some inspiration before you make the big chop.

1Chopped Chin Length Bangs

Isn’t this chin length bob gorgeous? Between the choppy, blunt ends and bangs it’s the perfect hairstyle if you want something effortlessly chic. It’s a haircut that can work with your natural hair texture quite easily, too.

2Curled at the Chin

Even though chin length hair is on the shorter side, it doesn’t mean you can’t style it in curls, waves, etc. This chin length cut, thanks to a few strategically placed layers, gets a pretty twist with big bouncy curls.

3Blunt Chin Bob

This is a chic hairstyle if we’ve ever seen one. One way to give chin length hair this edgy chic aesthetic is with a blunt cut. If you notice the hair is one length, encompassing the true bob haircut look.

4Chin Length Waves

We love that celebs experiment with different hair lengths and styles, giving us major hair inspiration. Beachy waves added to chin length hair = major style moment!

5Effortlessly Chic Chin Length

If chin length hair intimidates you for styling purposes, we hope to relieve some of that for you. This is a great example of how little styling is needed to make chin length hair look really great. Effortlessly swept to the side, embracing natural hair texture is a winning mash up.

6Choppy Chin Length Pixie

How cute is this hair style?! We can’t get enough of this look. Chin length hair can be achieved in so many different ways, believe it or not. Add layers, bangs, etc. to make your chin length style unique to you.

7Three’s Company

We know short hair can often feel limiting when it comes to styling it in different ways to keep your look fresh and fun. The good news? Even with chin length hair you can have fun with styling! Add accessories like these clips for a cute, stylish effect.

8Clipped in Style

Another way to style chin length hair to change it up? Large hair clips and claws! This particular hair clip style is giving us major 90’s throwback aesthetic, which is something that’s a major trend right now. Pull some of your hair back away from your face easily with this style.

9Lauren Conrad Inspired

Formerly known as LC from ‘The Hills,’ Lauren Conrad has been a hair icon to women for years. While she was always known for her long locks, she recently made a chop to chin length hair and as you can see – she’s killing this look.

10Curly Braid

Like we said, chin length hair can be cut into so many different ways to make the look stand out from the rest. Here, chin length hair got a rounded effect to really embrace her natural curls. Making this a great cut for our curly haired ladies out there.

11Edgy Chin Length

Is there any hair style Demi can’t wear? We haven’t seen one yet. Aside from the fact that she’s a beautiful individual, she’s an icon in the sense that she’s constantly evolving her look. Her dark black hair gets an edgy twist with the chin length bob cut.

12Cameron Diaz Hair

Cameron has been wearing her hair chin length for quite some time, and it’s no surprise – look how great the length looks on her. The addition of layers and side swept bangs add some dimension and shape to the hair that flatters her face shape beautifully.

13Double Twist + Clip

We wanted to keep the hairstyles coming for you! This is such a cute, unique way to style hair. The best part? In our opinion, that is has to be how simple the hairstyle is to achieve. Simply twist two sections of hair back and clip with a fun hair accessory.

14Easy to Style

Looking for a haircut that requires little styling? Here you go! This particular cut, with minimal layering, makes it a cut that’s easy to ‘wash and go.’ If this is a goal of yours for your hair, talk to your hairstylist to best determine the cut that will work for your hair texture.

15Chin Length and Choppy

We love an edgy hair moment. Don’t you? This is a blond haircut that packs major style and edge. Parted deep to the side, it gives this exaggerated side swept element to the look that further emphasizes edginess.

16Full Bangs + Chin Length

Calling all Swiftys! Well, in all honesty whether you’re a Taylor Swift fan or not – there’s no denying the fact that she knows how to wear chin length hair. The full bang addition really highlights the face creating this face framing element.

17Messy Bun Style

Messy buns aren’t just for long hair! This is proof of that. While you won’t likely be able to fit all of your hair into a bun, due to shorter length, you can get the same look with a half up interpretation. This is a great way to pull your hair back when you just want some of it out of your face.

18Headband Chic

Headbands have made a comeback and we have to say…we’ve been waiting for this day. There’s just something about a headband, no matter the length of your hair. That being said, headbands also happen to look incredibly stylish when added to chin length hair.

19The Kylie Bob

It’s no secret Kylie Jenner is a style and beauty icon. Everything she touches, wears and does seems to turn into a mega trend overnight. That’s why we had to include her chin length look. She’s notorious for changing up her hairstyles from day to day, often with the use of wigs.

20Layered Chin Length Bob

Layers can be added to just about any hair length and transform the hairstyle. The thing many women (and men!) enjoy about layers is the way they add volume and texture to hair. If a traditional bob isn’t for you, add layers to chin length hair.

21Middle Part Ease

Doesn’t this look have 90’s vibes? We’re here for it! Like we said a few slides back, 90’s are back. This is that classic chin length cut that was so popular years ago and because trends resurface, it feels new again.

22Pearlized Aesthetic

You’ve probably gathered by now that hair accessories are something to embrace when you have chin length hair. They make it really simple to style hair to make it look and feel different from day to day. Even a simple pearl embellished pin can elevate the look.

23Lavender Lob

This cut is what chin length dreams are made of! The layers add just enough volume to give body and dimension. Aside from the cut itself, we have to take a moment to appreciate the lavender hair color. How gorgeous?! We love the tinted effect applied to platinum blonde.

24Pulled Back Twist

We’re back with another hairstyle for you to try out with chin length hair. We told you there are options! This is giving half up hairstyles a whole new meaning, if you ask us. Pulling back two sections and securing them into effortless buns like this = yes please!

25Shaggy Lob

You’ve probably noticed a resurgence of the shag haircut this year. It’s a trend we’ve discussed in previous posts, and one we’ll likely talk about in future because it’s EVERYWHERE. And you guessed it, it’s even here in chin length haircuts.

26Sharp Edged Lob

Now this is a true blue chin length hairstyle. Don’t you agree? It’s blunt, edgy and EXACTLY at the chin in length. This is for the woman who wants a bob haircut that rests right at the chin. Easy to style, more fun to wear!

27Exaggerated Bangs

We don’t have to tell you adding bangs to hair is a way to instantly transform the look. Bangs, much like any other hairstyle, come in various styles and lengths. Here they opted for exaggerated bangs by making them a bit shorter than you typically see.

28Slicked to the Side

Need an easy way to style chin length hair? All you need to do is curl your hair and pull back one side, as shown here. Use a simple bobby pin for a minimal look, or add a hair accessory with some embellishing if you’re heading to a special event.

29Sleek Chin Length Hair

30Slicked Back

31Swept Over

32Tousled Curls

33Vintage Aesthetic



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