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Medium Length Bob Haircuts

Breaking news! The bob haircut is the hair trend of the year! Ok, that might not exactly be ‘breaking news’ but it’s news we wanted to make sure we passed along to you. We consider ourselves in the know with all things hair and beauty related, after all. The bob haircut has been around for many, many years. One of the ways it’s been transformed recently is with a longer length. Enter: the medium length bob haircut. You’ve probably seen some of your favorite celebrities and influencers rocking the trend. Thinking about trying it out yourself? Take a look at some stunning examples of the trend we know you will love.

1Selena’s Bob

Ah, Selena Gomez – does she ever disappoint with her hairstyles? Not that we’ve ever seen! Recently she’s been stepping out in a medium length bob (shown here). Cut in a classic bob style, she adds a 90’s throwback touch with a middle part and clips.

2Angled Medium Bob

Medium length bobs can be cut in a few different ways to make it unique to fit your personal style. Here, they opted for an angled shape. It gives this really gorgeous edgy twist to the lob. Don’t you think?

3Bob, Wrapped

While we’re sharing various medium length bob haircuts, we also wanted to give you a few styling ideas throughout the list. You know we can’t resist sharing style inspo! How adorable is this bandana addition to a medium length bob? We’re in love!

4Curtain Bang Wavy Bob

Curtain bangs are another hair trend that’s been sweeping (quite literally) the nation this year. They’re an updated way to cut bangs into a look. This style bang also happens to pair perfectly with a medium length bob.

5Short Bang Medium Bob

Of course, bangs come in all shapes and sizes! We couldn’t leave you with just one option. Here they opted for a soft, side swept bang cut added to medium length bob. The bangs add this really gorgeous face frame addition.

6Beachy Waved Bob

While bobs are often synonymous with straight, blunt cuts – we wanted to make sure you’re well versed in all the ways bobs can be transformed. This medium length bob is unique in the layered, choppy cut that was applied. Adding volume and wave to the look.

7Blunt Bangs and Bob

Here we have more of a classic interpretation of a bob haircut. As you can see, the main difference here is the longer length. A medium length bob is often referred to as a ‘lob,’ which you will see throughout the rest of these images.

8Sharp Ended Lob

Hello pretty! This lob cut is perfect for anyone who has naturally straight hair. A blunt cut like this tends to work wonders when hair is naturally straight and lays with ease.

9Highlighted Medium Length Bob

Medium length bobs often make for a great cut to add waves and curls to. If you’re someone who enjoys curling your hair similar to the picture, you’re going to love this particular haircut.

10Country Music’s Favorite Lob

The queen of country is also one of the queens of hair. Carrie Underwood has always had gorgeous hairstyles. A woman who had beloved long hair for many years, she’s switched it up in recent years for this lob cut.

11Uncommon James Aesthetic

Another celeb who’s made the medium length bob something many of us are considering adapting. Kristen Cavallari is famous for her beachy blonde waves, which happen to work seamlessly with a medium length bob.

12Choppy Ended Bob

Changing gears a bit here, we had to share this edgy lob cut. The choppy cut ends really transform the entire aesthetic of this bob cut, don’t you think? Between the choppy ends and curtain bangs, we’re sold on this look.

13Curly Medium Length Bob

Curly hair? Good news! You can still work with a medium length bob, in fact it will look incredible. This is such a gorgeous example of how naturally curly hair can look with this classic haircut.

14Bangs and a Lob

runway lob cut
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Even with a very simple haircut, the lob look has a way of looking pretty great. We love the simplicity of this cut. Bangs add a little extra face highlighting effect, but the straight ends make this classic cut feel fresh and trendy.

15Minimally Layered Lob

While most bob haircuts don’t have layers added to them, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few to yours. If your hair needs a bit of a boost to add some volume and body to it, minimal layers (as shown here) are the best way to do that.

16Jennifer Lawrence Styled

We  don’t know about you, but we love that so many celebs are making short hair trendy. Jennifer Lawrence knows how to wear a medium length bob with ease. If you look close, you can see that a few short face framing pieces were cut shorter.

17Inverted Medium Length Bob

Such a cute cut, right? This inverted take on a medium length bob is everything! If you’re not familiar, inverted cut refers to the fact that the back is slightly shorter than the front. This is a prime example of the look.

18The Rachel

We couldn’t make a list about medium length bobs without including ‘the Rachel.’ Jennifer Aniston became a literal hair icon on Friends because of this haircut. She made it popular in the 90’s, we have to give the queen credit.

19Glam Bob

Another hair queen in our eyes – Jlo! She’s not just a hair queen though, let’s be honest. She is, however, a master of pulling off a lob haircut. Her cut has a few added layers and exaggerated side swept bangs in true JLo fashion – she had to make her mark.

20Kandi Koated Bob

This Georgia Peach showing us an epic lob haircut. Seriously, we’re pretty sure if you looked up ‘lob’ in the dictionary it would have this picture. It should, anyways. Between the middle part and super straight hair, the blunt cut is emphasizes beautifully.

21Soft Curled Bob

So many hair icons on this list – it’s clear the ‘lob’ is the cut to try. Kerry Washington shows us a more voluminous medium bob cut. Adding some texture and curl gives this lob a softer, more feminine aesthetic.

22Layered Wavy Bob

Do you love beachy waves? The good news is you can embrace that look with a medium length bob quite easily. This cut emphasizes waves a bit with a few layers mixed in throughout the hair.

23Straight Edged

Simple and chic is how we would describe this lob cut. The cut is very simple, with one length cut all around the hair. It’s ideal if you like to wear your hair straight, or have naturally straight hair.

24Longer Front Bob

Here we have another example of the inverted lob cut. This one is a bit more subtle in the ‘inverted’ element, though. Just goes to show even a subtle difference in length between the front and back of hair can make an impact on the overall look.

25Razor Cut Medium Bob

Layers aren’t the only thing that can change the look of a medium length bob. The other way to change it up? The tools that are used to cut hair! Here, a razor was used at the ends to get this sharp, choppy finish.

26Side Bang Lob

Are you a side bang kind of woman? Side swept bangs make a great addition to medium length bob. The side swoop gives a blunt cut like this a little softness and frames the face.

27Subtle Bangs for a Lob

Much like everything else in the hair world, even side bangs can be cut in various ways to personalize your look. This haircut offers the side swept element, but in a much more subtle way than the previous image shows.

28Sleek and Stylish

Wow we love this bob haircut. It really is the epitome of a longer length bob cut. All the hair is cut in the same length, but if you look closely at the ends you can see there’s a little ‘choppy’ cut there that helps to lighten up the weight at the ends of hair.

29Gorgeous Lob

We can’t get enough of this lob. It’s just perfection! While the cut is quite similar to some others on this list, what makes this feel a bit extra special is the subtle ombre applied throughout the hair here.

30Softly Layered

We’re back with a layered lob. This time, the layers are SUPER subtle in fact, they’re barely noticeable. The thing about layers cut into hair is you don’t have to have a lot, or layers that are very prominent in order to add dimension to hair.

31Textured Lob

32Long Bob Layered

33Curled Under

34Voluminously Layered

35Wavy Layered Bob



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