Short Blonde Hairstyles

25 Fun and Sexy Short Blonde Hairstyles

Could it be true that blondes have more fun? Well, you wouldn’t know unless you try it right? Not only has blonde been a huge trend but short cuts have been as well. Many people are taking the plunge and chopping off their hair. We think it’s totally awesome because hair will grow back. Be fun and spontaneous and step out of your comfort zone that you’ve been in for so long. It is a new year and it is time, that your hair got a major upgrade. Shorter cuts have the ability to make you look and feel younger and free. We wanted to inspire you to make that much-needed change. We have searched for the sexiest and fiercest cuts to bring out the new you. We hope you enjoy our fun list of 25 of our favorite Sexy short blonde hairstyles that will have you feeling refreshed and renewed.

1Layered boy cut with side part

Here we have a layered boy cut with an undefined deep side part. The deep side part creates a faux bang. Many women are afraid to go short but if you pair with the right accessories This look is soft and feminine and the makeup totally compliments it.

2Light neck length waves

Here we have a very popular cut. This is a neck length style that has super light  effortless waves. This is one style that you really do not have to think about. You wake up apply a light oil and tackle your day. At night just simply place your hair in 4 jumbo braids. Doing this with keep the natural wave pattern without flattening your hair.

3Short blonde layered pixie cut

Dress up your boring old pixie cut. Add layers to create more volume and shape. Pop on minimal eye makeup and add a bold lip color. This is perfect for women with longer faces or heart-shaped faces. Pixie cuts are framed around the perimeter of your face and help to sculpt and define.

4Sleek boy short blonde haircut

Want an easy style that requires little to no attention? With this boy cut just simply brush and go. To give it a pop add lavender to create a silver toned blonde color. If you want to give this a dressed up appearance then throw in curls or finger coils. Finger coils are great if you do not want to cause heat damage to the hair.

5Teased cut with side bang

Are you a girl that likes a lot of volume? Then give this modest cut a try. Simply tease the roots of your hair and add a light holding spray if  you desire. To avoid tangling tease yur hair with a wide tooth comb.

6Soft curl short blonde hairstyle

Get this glamorous look by slicking back the sides of your hair and add curls that fall away from your face. To do this you can use a wand curler or go completely heat free and use rollers which is called a roller set. Complete this look with a bold eye and peach-toned lip.

7Spiked tapered cut

This cut is on the edgy side of the spectrum. It is tapered along the sides and back and the middle and crown area are full and spiked. This style also has light layers. If you like being the topic of the conversation this will surely give people something to talk about.

8Dark root cut short blonde hair

Miley has really been coming into her own. She has a bold personality and the hair to match. She has a short pixie cut with darker roots. Her bold liner and bright red lip really bring out the rockstar in this look. Miley has been getting a lot of hate because of her evolving style. We honestly love it! Why be the same when you were born to standout?

9Short blonde bob

A simple and timeless cut is the bob cut. This cut is sleek and perfect for any environment including the workplace. This has a mix of yellow blondes and platinum blonde on the ends. Two tone colors are completely okay for the workplace as long as you know how to tone them down properly.  Always add a deep undertone to mute any color.

10Blonde low cut

Love platinum blonde hair styles? Model Eva Marcille is known for not only rocking short cuts but blonde short cuts. This blonde looks great against her deep skin tone. This cut makes her look young and fresh. We have seen her rock longer styles as well but we have to admit that her pixie cuts are our favorite.

11Ear length cut with fishtail braid

This cut is super fun and cute. It is not super sophisticated so it is great for any occasion.  The dainty fishtail braid adds a touch of boho chic to the look. Pair with minimal makeup and your favorite dainty jewelry.

12Golden blonde side-swept cut

For women with deeper skin tones go for a golden blonde color. This is a sexy side-swept cut with a tapered back. To add volume to the bang area add layers or add texture like waves or curls which will temporarily add volume if you do not want to make layers in your hair.

13Simple blunt short blonde haircut

This cut is simple yet makes a statement. The ends are bluntly cut giving it a slight angular shape. This is definitely a cut that you’ll see in the magazines and on the runway. It is completely okay to wear the bold and extravagant styles that you are drooling over in the magazine because let’s face it the world is seriously a walking Vogue magazine. If you’re into ombre blonde hair and want to make this cut a little more edgy then you can add a little earth toned colors at the tips of you hair.

14Neck length cut with curls

How gorgeous is this short blonde haircut? The curls add a feminine touch to this overall dark and chic look.  This side part creates a volumized and layered bang.

15Bowl cut with bangs

Here we have a sharp bowl cut with bangs. This short blonde hairstyle is perfect for women with round or heart-shaped faces because this cut falls right below the jaw line. If you have a more oval shaped face then consider cutting this style at more of an angle. Doing this will flatter your jawline and not make your chin look longer than it really is.

16Curly mohawk ash blonde hair

We are seriously loving the mohawk trend. This cut is tapered on the side creating the mohawk shape. The loose curls add shape and definition and totally make this hairstyle pop. For long lasting curls style on freshly washed hair and sit under the dryer in rollers for about 30-45 min. This allows heat to lock in the product and moisture.

17Blonde French roll hairstyle

This classic french roll style fits Christina’s bold personality. She is known for rocking bold classic red lipstick and bold eyeliner. This look gives us an old Hollywood vibe.

18Dark root tousled waves

Adrienne Bailon look stunning in this neck length wavy cut. We are used to seeing her in her long locs. This is an example of how a cut can change your whole image. She looks sophisticated and ready for business here.

19Blonde natural hair short fro

How gorgeous is this short fro? The blonde against the purple lipstick just really pops. To get the fluffy texture with your curls avoid using curling creams and gels. Simply mix water and olive oil to keep your hair fluffy and moisturized.

20Beyonce’s Blonde A-line bob

Beyonce is looked stunning when she rocked this dark root A-line bob. We are use to seeing Mrs.Carter in long blonde locs so it was nice to see her step out of her comfort zone.

21Effortless brown to blonde ombre

Earth-toned blonde ombre hair is one great way to add a little personality to your look without being too out there. We love this fringe cut style with the brown/auburn transition into a platinum blonde. This is a great red carpet look.

22Short spiral blonde curls

We love these simple spiral curls. To get this look put your freshly washed and damp hair in a roller set using half an inch rollers. Then sit under a dryer and style to frame your face.

23Simple bump style

This is a simple bump style. Achieve this by doing a blowout on freshly washed hair. To keep the hair from getting flat over time style with products made specifically for volume.

24Modern 50’s flip 

We are loving this chic neck-length cut. The fact that the hair is flipped definitely gives it a 50s vibe. This is minimal and perfect for the simple girl.

25Sweetheart short blonde hairstyle

This cut is simple and elegant. We love how this cut flows. It is easy to style and looks great on every face shape.

We hope you enjoyed this list of short blonde haircuts and hairstyles!



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