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Quick Easy and Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair, don’t care? Lucky you! There are so many ways to style long hair and really have fun with it. While long hair is versatile because of it’s extended length, we don’t all want to spend a lot of time, or necessarily have the ability to create over the top styles every day. That’s why we’ve gathered some quick, simple hairstyles that look incredible but won’t take all morning long to recreate. Even if you’re not someone who’s great at doing hair you will find at least a few you can easily achieve.

1Messy Bun Turned Glam

Messy buns are a go-to for most long haired beauties. It’s easy to just toss your long locks up into a messy bun and because it’s meant to be messy, no need for perfection. Add a little extra style to your messy bun with hair accessories, like this.

2Silk Boho Bandana

Hair accessories are a great way to elevate any hairstyle, whether simple or extravagant. We adore this throwback aesthetic using a silk bandana. Tying it around your hair, leaving just a few pieces out to frame your face gives you this gorgeous boho vibe.

3Clipped Back

Hair clips…oh how they are so useful! You’ve probably used them in a few go-to ways to get your long hair out of your face. We thought this was a fun, unique way to use the clip. Pulling hair back into a ponytail and using the large clip as more of an accessory to hold the ponytail up.

4Braided in Silk

Notice a theme here? Simple, easy hairstyles are all about tossing in a hair accessory! This hairstyle got a major upgrade with a gorgeous printed scarf tied into the low ponytail braid. Use any scarf you have at home, printed or not it will look great.

5Long Pigtail Braids

We had to include this classic hairstyle. Low pigtail braids never get old – especially when you have long hair. It’s a simple, cute way to tie your long hair back and get it out of the way in a stylish way.

6Bubbled Up

Talk about an elevated take on the half up hair style, right? Half up hairstyles are another classic many of us lean on, which is why we really enjoyed this take on the style. Adding extra hair ties, spaced out, gives this ‘bubbled’ effect. Super easy to recreate!

7Throwback Butterfly Clips

Ahh butterfly clips, the 90’s staple has resurfaced and we’re pretty happy about it! This hairstyle is the epitome of quick and easy – simply pulling back two small sections of hair, one on each side, and using butterfly clips to hold it back.

8Clipped in Half

Butterfly clips not really your jam? This is another, similar, hairstyle to the previous but using different style clips. We wanted to show you how the same hairstyle can look different simply using different accessories.

9Low Pony Pearlized

Low ponytails are SO easy to achieve with long hair. We thought this take on the style was so chic and fun. Adding these pearl clips, one at the base and one mid-way down the ponytail, makes this anything but your typical low ponytail.

10Twisted Sides

Isn’t this hairstyle stunning? It looks incredibly chic but fortunately, it’s also REALLY easy to DIY. All you need to do is take two pieces of hair on each side of your part, gently twist them together to create this very loose twist and pin them back with a bobby pin.

11Wavy Glam

We love a glam hair moment! Don’t you? All you need to do to achieve a glam hairstyle with long hair is using rhinestone bobby pins like this. It really doesn’t get easier than this, ladies.

12Pigtail Buns

When styling long hair, finding simple ways to pull some of the hair back can really help functionally and style wise. This is such a fun way to do that. Pulling hair back in kind of a half up style, but sectioning them off into pigtail buns – this will be your new go-to look.

13Half Up Scarf

We’re back with hair scarves, you know we’re all about a hair accessory moment. Transform your easy half up hairstyle with a scarf tied around the base of the look. This is a fashionable way to add a pop of color or a print to your hair that plays off the rest of your outfit.

14Headband Chic

Of course we couldn’t leave out headbands from this list! Headbands, much like scarves, offer an opportunity to make your hair match your outfit. Whether your hair is curled like this, or straightened adding a headband is an easy style choice.

15Oversized Braids

This is one of the more complex hairstyles on our list, but it’s still fairly simple to recreate so we couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Pigtail French braids are a major hair win when you have long hair. Here they changed up the look by braiding the hair in this oversized manner and stopping it at the nape of the neck.

16Effortless Ponytail Braid

If you still need some time perfecting your French braiding skills, this braid style may be more your speed. Fortunately, this low ponytail braid look is really easy to do. The bonus of this hairstyle is that it doesn’t need to be perfect in fact, the less-than-perfect look is what makes this so great.

17Loose Updo Twist

This hairstyle may look over the top at first glance, but when you take a closer look you can see it’s actually quite simple. Loosely tying hair up like this doesn’t have to be ‘perfect.’ Just slide in bobby pins where needed and add a chic accessory to finish the look.

18Stylish Low Bun

Ok, we’re back with a low ponytail look and we have to say this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s another look that looks much more complex than it actually is. Add texture to your hair with a texturizing hair product and/or use a curling iron. Once you’ve done that, pull the hair back into a low ponytail, allowing some pieces to frame the face. Tie the ponytail up into a bun and use the ends to wrap around the base of the look.

19Easy Ponytail Tied

We hope you’re not done with low ponytail hairstyles because we have a few more to share with you, they’re just so stylish and easy! Again they added some texture to the hair at first. Once that was done, simply pulling hair back into the ponytail and completing the look with a tie.

20Half Messy Bun

Messy bun strikes again! This one is a bit different in that it’s a HALF up messy bun. If you want a way to change it up a bit without putting a lot more time and effort – this is the look for you.

21Oversized Scrunchie

You probably noticed scrunchies are having a moment this year. Furthermore, oversized scrunchies have become a trend. The good news? An oversized scrunchie, as you can see, can really amp up the style factor of a simple messy bun.

22Piecey Half Up

Half up hairstyles for the win! Seriously though, do simple hairstyles ever get old? We don’t think so. Half up ‘dos are that great in between look when you want to look put together and styled, without having to fuss too much.

23Scrunched Buns

We HAD to share this hairstyle with you – it’s too cute not to! Pigtails turned into buns is just an adorable look when you have long hair. It’s something different from your typical high bun, especially with these printed scrunchies added to the look.

24Mini Braid Pony

Hairstyles don’t have to be over the top and in your face in order to make a statement. This look is proof of that. A slicked back ponytail is great as is, but we have to say we’re in love with this mini braid styled in the mix to add just a touch of something fun.

25Printed Scrunchie

Scrunchies + low ponytail = winning combo! All you need to recreate this is a gorgeous scrunchie to play off of your outfit and you’re good to go.

26Chic Scarf Style

Here we have a low bun, but it’s not the ‘messy’ bun styles we’ve shown you throughout the list. Here they kept it a bit more streamlined, strategically tying the hair into a low bun. Of course, it’s not a secret that the scarf adds a little something extra. Play around with different ways to tie scarves to change it up.

27Side Braid

Feel like leaving your hair down? This is a great option to try out! To style this braid, section off a portion of your hair, get the other portions of your hair out of the way and get to braiding!

28Side Ponytail Style

Tired of the classic ponytail? Why not try a SIDE ponytail?! This isn’t a look for everyone but it may be your new go-to. Add a scrunchie for an extra flirty feel.

29Sleek High Pony

Sleek ponytails are everything! This look may appear complicated but it’s really just a sleek ponytail with a minor shift. The shift? Leaving a section at the front out from the ponytail to then tie it back on the side, as you see here.

30Slicked in a Headband

Headbands are back on the list – but with this look can you blame us? The change up with this hairstyle is that they created a defined center part to add a bit more drama to the overall hairstyle.

31Top Dutch Braids

32Triple Clipped

33Wrapped Ponytail

34Elevated Low Pony

35Heighted Ponytail Appeal



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