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Short Textured Haircuts

Thinking of chopping your hair? Going in to the salon for the big chop is something women everywhere have been doing recently. Short hair has officially become one of THE hair trends of the year. Adding gorgeous texture to short hair is a sure fire way to make your chopped look a little more unique and stylish. It’s all about texture, ladies! If you need some inspiration before you head to the salon for the chop, scroll through to check out some of these stunning short textured haircuts we adore.

1Asymmetric Pixie

If you’re up for a short cut that has some drama to it – look no further. This asymmetric pixie cut is drama, style and elegance all wrapped into one haircut. Layers added to the longer portion of the cut gives this some additional texture.

2Bob Meets Bangs

We love a bob haircut! It’s one of those classic haircuts in the short hair realm. Adding layers and BANGS gives this such a fun update and, of course, texture. This cut is a good base to style texture into hair, too.

3Beckham’s Textured Pixie

Victoria Beckham has always been a style icon. It’s no surprise she was able to make a pixie cut look incredible. This is a great cut to use as inspiration if you’re looking for a longer pixie cut style.

4Bouncy Short Textured Cut

This cut is perfect for the woman with naturally curly hair. Adding just a few layers adds texture and allows the curls to bounce and live in all their glory.

5Wavy Lob Hair

If you’re not familiar, the ‘lob’ cut is also known as a long bob. It’s the length that’s been quite popular because it’s short, but not TOO short. The waves added to this lob is such a gorgeous texture that really changes the aesthetic of the cut.

6Buzzed Edges

This haircut is a major statement moment. Leaving just the top long and buzzing the sides gives this a lot of edge. The top hair, that’s left long, is an opportunity to embrace the natural texture of your hair – or add some!

7Side Swept and Buzzed

Another cut that’s quite edgy, with just ONE side getting the ‘buzz cut’ and leaving the rest a bit longer. Layers cut into the longer length hair gives this some extra dimension and texture.

8Chopped Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts for the win – again! We loved this interpretation of the classic haircut. This one is a bit unique in all the layers that were cut into the hair. It really does a wonderful job of adding depth, layers and texture to a simple cut.

9Short Textured Haircut with Choppy Ends

Changing the way just the ends of hair are cut is a modern way to add texture to hair. Here, the lob is quite simple and classic until you notice the ends of the hair. At the ends they created this ‘choppy’ aesthetic.

10Textured Collarbone Length

Vanessa Hudgens has been known for her gorgeous hair for many years. This look doesn’t disappoint, either. It’s a collarbone length cut, packed with this great texture enhancing technique.

11Curly Texture Short Hair

We couldn’t leave out our curly haired ladies! We love haircuts that really embrace and emphasize naturally curly hair. This is one of those cuts. It’s short on the sides and allows the top to really bounce.

12Curtain Bang Bob

Even if you have naturally straight hair, you can still have short hair that has that textured vibe to it. This is a great example of that. Curtain bangs and long layers are what helps to accomplish just that.

13Cute and Choppy

Getting ‘the chop’ has new meaning with this haircut. It’s been chopped in length, obviously, and it has that super choppy texture applied. What makes this have the choppy look is layers and different cutting techniques. Great for naturally straight hair!

14Edgy and Asymmetric

We don’t know about you, but we love an asymmetric hair moment. This is such a stunning example of how to do asymmetric cuts the right way. It embraces the texture of her hair beautifully.

15Effortless Short Bangs

Short hair can be achieved in various lengths! What we mean is not all short hair has to be the same length in order for it to be considered short. This cut is on the longer side, but still fits into the textured short hair category.

16Fluffy Layers and Bangs

Give your bob cut a little something different with whispy bangs cut. We just adore the way these minimal bangs give more of a textured look to the cut overall.

17Super Short Pixie

Kaley sure knows how to rock a pixie cut, doesn’t she? This is gorgeous! Choppy, defined layers add so much edge and texture to the cut. We love the layers here.

18Layered Bob

Another layered haircut, this time with longer hair. If the pixie cut isn’t really for you, a bob may be more your speed. Side swept bangs and layers make this bob stand out and really highlight the face.

19Layered, Choppy Ends

It’s amazing with a few layers can do for a bob haircut. Well, layers and cutting the ends in this ‘choppy’ manner also helps. The cut is pretty classic and versatile, with just enough texture added in.

20The Rinna

One of the short hair icons of the world – Lisa Rinna. She’s rocked her signature haircut for YEARS at this point and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great cut! Layers cut into the short hair gives this great bounce and style.

21Long Bob, Textured

You really can’t go wrong with a lob length cut paired with layers. Traditionally the bob and lob cuts are all one length, but all rules are meant to be broken every once in a while. Especially when the result is this gorgeous.

22Long Front Pixie

Here we have another epic pixie haircut. What makes this one different is a few things. First, the hair around the face was left longer while the back of the hair was cut much shorter. Second, layers were cut into the hair for added texture.

23Long Layered Short Cut

A common misconception is that layers have to be short and plentiful in order to add dimension to hair. This picture is proof that simply isn’t the case. If you notice the layers are quite long, and there aren’t a lot of them cut into the hair.

24Edged Pixie

Notice pixie cuts are able to really ramp up the edgy vibes? This is another edgy look thanks to the pixie cut. Yes, the buzzed sides definitely add to that ‘edge.’ But it’s also the textured long hair on top that completes the look.

25Red Hot Chop

This cut is red hot literally AND figuratively. The textured cut would look great with any color hair. Combining a subtly layered bob with full, blunt bangs is a winning combination we love.

26Shoulder Length Bangs

We’ve shown you a lot of textured cuts so far, with a few more to go, but we couldn’t leave off this super sleek cut. The addition of curtain bangs gives this soft cut some additional depth.

27Blunt, Choppy Textured Cut

How about this cut for a textured cut?! Yes, it’s another pixie cut with layers but what really amps up the texture has to be these bangs. The bangs are a little different with the blunt, choppiness.

28Hudson Short Hair

There isn’t a haircut Jennifer Hudson doesn’t look great in, not that we’ve seen that is! But she sure does wear a short textured cut well. We really love that the ends were given this chopped finish and created these longer bangs.

29Voluminous Layers

Adding a bit of volume to bob cuts helps to make yours stand out from the classic cut. It also can give your hair a little extra bounce. What helps give hair that volume? You guessed it: layers.

30Straight Textured

By now you’ve noticed the theme of layers adding texture, volume and style to short haircuts. This is no different. Even naturally straight hair can get a transformation with subtle layers.

31Soft Waves Swept

32Straight Across Bangs

33Short, Straight, Styled

34Chin Length Volume

35Textured Wavy in a Lob



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