Clip In Hair Extensions for Short Hair


Clip in Extensions for Short Hair Guide

If you have short hair, but sometimes wish you had long, luscious locks to flip about, then you probably have thought about clip in hair extensions. However, you may be thinking that it will be hard to blend long extensions into short hair, without it being obvious, or creating a weird mullet effect. Well, don’t be put off as it is relatively simple to blend in hair extension with short hair if you follow the right steps. Take a look at the video and follow the steps below in our clip in extensions for short hair guide.

Clip in hair extensions have numerous benefits, most notably that they are not permanent. You can put them in and take them out with ease whenever you need too. Furthermore, they can be used to add volume or length, without causing damage to the hair.

1Choosing The Right Color of Hair Extensions

When it comes to matching a color to your own hair, it is the middle and the tip of your natural hair that is important. The roots are often darker than the ends of your hair, and as the roots will be hidden when the extensions are clipped in, you should never match your extension to them. For a natural look make sure that the color of your extensions matches the tone of the end of your hair.

If you are shopping in person for your extensions, always check the color in natural light where possible to make sure you get the best match possible. Furthermore, some online retailers will send out samples of their extensions, usually for a small fee, so you can try before you commit.

TOP TIP: If you have a two-tone hair, such as an ombre of balayage style, mix and match two colors of hair extensions to get a multi-tonal effect.

2How to Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair

  1. Comb natural hair thoroughly to remove any tangles.
  2. Section the hair, so that only a small slice of the base layer at the back of the head is free.
  3. Back comb this section and twist up so it lies flat at the nape of the neck and pin into place. This will be where the first layer of hair extensions will be clipped in.
  4. Clip in a wide section of hair extension into the pinned section of hair. (Top Tip: If you have an ombre or balayage style, to get a good blend, start with a darker extension and layer dark and light alternatively.
  5. Release another layer of natural hair over the first layer of extensions. Tease the natural hair at the roots to give the clip in extension some extra grip.
  6. Continue to layer in the extensions with your natural hair. (Top Tip: If you prefer to have layers that frame your face, tri two extensions to give the desired effect and always clip these ones in just above the ear.
  7. When adding clip in extensions to short hair, you will need to take the extensions high up on the head, otherwise, the short hair will not blend properly, creating a disjointed effect.
  8. The smaller single clip or double clip extensions are used at the front of the hair and the longer 3 and 4 clip extensions go at the sides and the back where there is more natural hair to conceal them.
  9. Style the final layer of natural hair at the crown over the extensions so that they are concealed. To keep this natural hair in place all day, tease the roots with a comb and spray with a little hairspray.
  10. If you are wearing your extensions straight, run over your natural hair and the clip in extensions together. If you are wearing your hair wavy or curly, curl all of the hair together. This will help the extensions to blend into your natural hair seamlessly. Voila!

3Can Your Curl Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can curl hair extensions, but first, you must determine which kind of clip in hair extensions you have. If you have natural hair extensions, made from real human hair then you can curl and style them just as you would your normal hair. Just be sure to use a heat protection spray to prevent the extensions from becoming damaged. Use a flat or a curling iron and be sure to combine your curls with the extensions by twisting your natural hair with the extensions. This way you’ll get natural looking curls without revealing the extensions.

If you have synthetic hair extensions, they may not be suitable for heat styling. Additionally, cheaper versions of synthetic hair extensions may not hold a curl or style at all, which is something to consider when purchasing hair extensions. If you do have synthetic hair extensions, check the manufacturer’s information to see if they can be styled with heat without damage.

4Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

It is always advisable to choose in a high-quality human hair clip in extensions rather than synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair is usually cheaper but is it also shinier and doesn’t allow multi tonal color matching and also heat styling, and therefore can look unnatural.
Layering the hair extensions is very important to get the most natural appearance. As for the length is it important to remember that your natural hair needs to be at least 4-6 inches long as it needs to cover the clips.

5Short Hair Extensions Before and After

Take a look at some of the before and after pictures of clip in hair extensions in short hair to see what you can achieve in less than 10 minutes.

6Wavy Honey Blonde Balayage

Expertly applied hair extensions have transformed a super cute wavy lob into long gorgeous waves, even managing to blend in the honey blonde balayage. You would never even know that this was hair extensions, an effect that has been achieved by using two different colors of extensions and curling the natural and fake hair together.

7Thin and Wispy Transformation

This short, thin hair has had a complete makeover with the addition of some long bright blonde hair extensions, which have been blended in beautifully thanks to a color overhaul. Just stunning!

8Rich Chocolate Brunette Waves

A cute, chin-length bob with straight locks is almost unrecognizable with the addition of long brunette clip in hair extensions. Relaxed waves have helped to blend in the original hair to the hair extensions.

9Platinum Blonde Bob to Beachy Waves

The beautiful platinum blonde bob has been changed completely with the addition of some extensions, which have been given beachy waves. Both looks are stunning and with clip in hair extensions, she can flip between the two whenever she likes.

10Complete Overhaul of Short, Natural Hair

This short natural hair has been given a complete overhaul with some long glossy clip in hair extensions. The super short hair has been blended perfectly with the help of a side-parting and spot-on color match.

11Extensions to Add Thickness to Thin Hair

Clip in hair extensions in short hair don’t just have to be to create length. In this case, they have been used more to add thickness to thin hair and to give a little bit of extra length. With some extra length and thickness added, they have managed to achieve this stunning chocolate to honey ombre. Such an incredible transformation.

12Thin Bob to Old Hollywood Glamour Waves

This thin ad rather wispy bob is unrecognizable with the addition of some super long hair extensions. The color match of the clip in extensions is absolutely perfect helping the blend look completely natural. The soft waves are reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour, and the hair has a wonderful sheen. It is a real knockout transformation.

13Stunning Blonde Ombre Transition

Shorter ombre hair can still be transformed with clip in hair extensions. There is such a huge range in color for hair extensions these days, with even ombre and balayage options. So, if you have short two-tone hair, long and luscious locks are still an option for you.

14Extensions to Grow Out Pixie Cut

It can be really difficult to grow out a pixie cut, it just seems to take forever and be in ‘nowhere’ phase for so long. However, did you knot that you can use extensions to transform your pixie cut into a graduated bob. It just takes the strategic placement of some well-trimmed extensions through the front sections of the hair. Amazing!

15Poker Straight Glossy Locks

This shoulder-length bob has been transformed into a long, poker straight locks that Kim Kardashian would be proud of. Choosing the right shade is half the battle when getting a good blend between real and artificial hair. Get that nailed and your halfway there.



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