Plus Size Hairstyles for Women


Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

What makes women great is that we are all unique and individual, there is not one mould that fits us all and hopefully, there never will be. No one should ever feel like they don’t fit the modern standards of beauty as there is immeasurable in everyone. Instead of us telling you the best hairstyles for plus size women or haircuts for round faces, we want to give you some inspiration to make you feel more confident than ever before. Take a look at these hairstyles for plus size women that will give you little style shake-up that is as fierce as you are. But really, when it comes down to it if you want a particular style and you love it, don’t let anyone tell you differently, no matter your shape or size.

1Highlighted A-Line Cut

An A-Line cut is a great choice for plus size women as the angular, diagonal line across the face, which is very flattering to rounder faces. The structure of the A-Line cut is given some softness with a light wave and a beautiful platinum shade with honey highlights.

2Long, Beachy Waves with Bangs

If your face is a rounded oval shape, you can add some width to balance out the jawline by giving some volume to the hair like with these beachy waves. The blunt bangs right across the eyebrows not only draws attention to the eyes, but also creates a horizontal line, which takes some of the roundness out of the face.

3Angled Bob with Purple Ombre

An angled bob is a great hairstyle for plus size women and it gives straight lines that can help to balance out any roundness in the face. Furthermore, the longer lengths at the front will help to slim the jawline and elongate the face. The purple ombre is a killer color choice too.

4Mid-Length Cut with Feathered Layers

The feathered layers of this mid-length cut have been blowdried towards the face, which serves to elongate the neck as well as slim a rounder face. The parted bangs are a great addition to this lovely haircut, drawing direct attention to the eyes.

5Ashy Shoulder-Length Bob with Waves

These big beautiful waves, which go out and in right at the cheekbone create a slimming effect on the face, whilst also being soft and chic. The ashy grey underlights peeking through the ash brown waves perfectly complement the model’s peachy skin and deep plum lip colour.

6Vintage Sock Bun Hairstyle with Headscarf

This sock bun hairstyle is absolutely stunning and the addition of the pretty, floral headscarf gives a real vintage feel. This is a great updo for round faces and it helps to elongate the face as it adds volume to the crown. Furthermore, the model’s red lip is just killer, drawing attention to her beautiful features. A winning look all around.

7Blorange Lob with Messy Waves

Blorange – a mix of pink and blonde – is the shade of the moment and it really shines against the dark roots of this lob. The shoulder-skimming length, messy waves and the high contrast of the two hair shades help draw in and slim the lower part of the face.

8Cool Pixie Cut with Ice Blonde Tips

This 90s-inspired pixie crop is so cool and contemporary and has great volume around the hairline, balancing out a rounder face and highlighting the cheekbones thanks to the gorgeous white blonde shade. Additionally, keeping the roots dark creates the illusion of volume in thinner hair.

9Side Swept Hollywood Waves

What can be said about this supremely elegant hairstyle? The side swept waves are so Hollywood glam, and the chocolate shade is rich and glossy. The big, bouncy waves, curl away from the face, which is great for wider faces, as it slims the jawline. The perfect hairstyle for plus size women both for everyday wear and for a special occasion.

10Shaggy Bob in a Statement Red Hues

Some of the best hairstyles are relaxed and playful, like this shaggy bob that is effortless and fun. The multiple bold red shades are electric and complement beautiful skin, whilst clashing expertly with the model’s teal glasses. The hair has such a wonderful texture and movement and the length is perfect.

11Layered Shaggy Cut with Bangs

An updated version of the classic cut of the 1970s, this layered shaggy cut has been styled with bangs that frame the face perfectly. The undercut at the temple and the mahogany highlights bring this style right up to the 21st century.

12Asymmetric Pixie Cut with Hair Bow

Some may tell you that short hair is not really suitable for plus size women. However, there are a number of short hairstyles for round faces that look stunning, just like this asymmetric pixie crop. Choose a hair color that complements your natural skin tone, as this model has with the plum tone, and the features of your face will be highlighted as opposed to the shape.

13Long, Sleek Centre-Parted Style

Long, sleek and straight locks are always a winning style as the long vertical lines will elongate the face and neck. The poker straight center parting is so sharp and the caramel ombre is to die for.

14Braided Bridal Style for Round Faces

An ideal bridal style for round faces, this beautiful look features a chunky milkmaid braid and curled tendrils that frame the face on one side. These wavey locks slice diagonally across the face creating angles that will balance out a rounder face. Stunning!

15Platinum Lob with Messy Waves

This long platinum lob with messy platinum waves is stunning. The hair has been given lots of body and texture, whilst remaining completely effortless. The side-part with bangs falling across the eye is not only sultry but also gives a rounder face some angles.

16Mid-Length Textured Cut

There is so much to love about this mid-length hairstyle – it is fresh and youthful, but it is still a little bit edgy thanks to the lovely texture. Additionally, there are a number of elements that make this a great plus size hairstyle. The straight lines, height in the crown, and messy side-parting have lengthened a round face, whilst not hiding her lovely features.

17Side-Parted Curls with Subtle Balayage

Round faces really suit side-parted styles as they help to narrow the face. Thinner hair can tend to accentuate a round face, so add some wave or curl to give some body, and a subtle balayage or highlights to create depth.

18Asymmetric Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

Long, angled bangs, like those in this edgy pixie crop, are the key to framing a round face. The extreme crop at the temple of one side adds some cool, rock chic vibes.

19Graduated Bob in Ash Grey Balayage

The graduated bob is a great style for round faces, particularly when it is straight and choppy like this one. The long straight lengths at the front create vertical lines to balance out any roundness and the extreme side-parting creates that great body at the crown. This ash grey balayage gives a great texture and the cool tones are perfect for winter.

20Long Braids with Top Knot

There is something so sassy and enviable about these Rapunzel braids, with the long, straight lengths perfectly complementing the model’s curves. then there is the polished top knot, which will elongate a round face as well as looking so modern.

21Long Wave with Face-Framing Layers

This hairstyle for plus size women is playful and low maintenance, making the most of the hair’s natural texture and wave. To achieve this look, allow the hair to dry naturally by 80% and then rough dry with a hairdryer with a blow dry cream.

22Low Ponytail with Big Curls

If you do have a round face, avoid scraping the hair tightly back into a ponytail. Instead, add a little bit of wave and texture and tie in a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck. Lovely!

23Choppy Bob with Blunt Bangs

If you have hair that is on the thin side, a choppy bob with minimal layering is a great choice. Instead of layering, use a hair slay or wax to add some texture through the ends to create some effortless body.

24Silver Pixie Cut with Quiffed Bangs

This pixie cut with bang styled into a quiff, up and away from the face is arguably one of the best short hairstyles for plus size women. Sweeping up the bangs, the face instantly appears longer and narrower. The silver color is fresh and youthful and really makes a beautiful blue eye pop.

25Vintage-Inspired Waves in Flame Red

Pale and fair skin tones will really suit the flame tones of these vintage-inspired waves. Big barrel waves, curled away from the face bring attention to beautiful features and help to focus on that stunning red lip.

26Straight Centre-Parted Bob with Blonde Ombre

The long, unlayered lengths of this bob that frame the face and curl in under the chin, along with lift at the roots, helps to create an elongated silhouette. Simple, but so effective.

27Big, Bouncy Curls with Pink Highlights

If you are lucky enough to have long, thick locks, big and bouncy curls will always look so chic and stylish. The natural honey blonde shade has been lifted with pastel pink and subtle magenta highlights, which creates an overall blush tone, which is stunning.

28Side-Parted Hairstyle With Curls

A side-parting really will help to balance out a round face, by creating lines in all of the right places. These big bouncy curls are light and airy and create volume below the chin which helps to narrow and elongate the face. The beachy blonde shade with caramel undertones is so chic too.

29Wavy Lob with Black and Blonde Balayage

Sometimes, a single, solid color can emphasize a round face, so it may be a good choice to experiment with a two-tone style like this amazing black and honey blonde balayage.

30Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Highlights

Instead of using bangs to frame the face, you can use highlights around the hairline, which will bring light to the features as well as slimming down a round face. A little bit of wave will always show off these highlights at their best.



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