best hooded hair dryers reviews

Best Hooded hair dryers

From conditioning to styling, hooded hair dryers are a convenient addition to anyone looking to level up their hair care game. Hooded dryers provide many benefits: when used properly, they minimize heat damage, as the temperature is applied evenly. For hair care, low heat set hooded dryers speed up deep conditioning times by creating steam and allowing the products to penetrate the hair shaft more easily.

Hooded dryers are a must have if you’re a fan of any type of heat hair setting: flexi rods, curlformers, hair wraps. Also convenient for drying hair extensions or speeding up drying time of long thick hair.

1Types Of Hooded Hair Dryers

There are usually two types of hooded dryers to choose from: A standalone unit with a solid plastic helmet, suited for more intensive professional use (i.e. hair salons) or a soft bonnet attachment, a usually cheaper and space saving option. Attachments are made from heat resisting materials with a hose that hooks up onto a standard handheld hair dryer.

While soft bonnet dryers offer convenience, quality of your results will often depend on the quality of your blow dryer, as some are not built to be turned on for long periods of time or are made to offer concentrated heat, preventing the right amount of heat and airflow to dry your hair. Standalone units, on the other hand, are specifically made to generate diffused heat and will help you from compatibility problems.

2Heat Settings For Hooded Hair Dryers

In order to take the most advantage of your hooded dryer unit and take the less heat damage, always use your dryer in the lowest heat setting possible. Low heat flows uniformly through your hair, avoids the concentration of heat in a single spot of your head. This is true especially if you use your hooded dryer unit to deep condition, as your goal is to create steam for a determined amount of time. A higher heat setting will dry up water moisture more quickly, bringing your conditioning efforts to failure.

3Accessories For Hooded Hair Dryers

There’s a couple of extra tools that can boost your hair drying routine and further protect you from heat damage: Physical heat shields can be used when hair styling since it requires a longer use period than conditioning and can cause discomfort in the skin around your hairline. A good alternative to this purchase is using an old scarf to cover around your ears and neck.

Hair towels are also a great addition for deep conditioning. Damp a hair towel with warm water and set it between your hair and your dryer for added moisture and steam.

4Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage

Hooded hair dryers apply indirect heat to your hair. It is without a doubt the less damaging of the heat options, but it’s not entirely risk-free. Invest in a heat protectant product to apply before heat styling. Heat protectants usually come in spray form, adding minimum weight to your hair and contain a series of ingredients, such as oils and specific proteins that seal up the hair cuticle and allow it to tolerate heat for longer periods of time.

5Hooded Hair Dryers Buying Tips

When shopping for a hooded hair dryer consider the following features:

  • Size: Solid of soft bonnet hair dryers should have room enough to fit your styling tools (flexi rods, rollers, etc.) and still have extra space to allow the air to flow correctly.
  • Space: Solid and standalone hair dryers require some space available for storage and use. Soft bonnet dryers can be folded and tucked away, which makes them a great option for traveling or storage space saving.
  • Safety: some soft bonnet hooded dryers come with an extra strap to secure the attachment to your chin, giving you some freedom to move around without it dislodging for your head.
  • Hose length: Usually overlooked, the length of the hose that attached to the blow dryer will buy you some freedom of movement while and reduce airflow blockage.

6Best Hooded Hair Dryers

We’ve round up a selection of the best rated hooded hair dryers to simplify your browsing. Affordable, easy to assemble and durable materials are are some of the features we looked up to narrow down our selection.

7Beaute Seoul Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment

We start off this list with the soft bonnet hair dryer attachment by Beaute Seoul . This hooded dryer is a great pick for anyone looking to multitask while conditioning or styling their hair. It provides a longer and wider hose for increased airflow. A non flexible adjustable cord sets the bonnet onto your head with and added chin strap to secure it. This bonnet will work perfectly for deep conditioning on a low heat setting, just make sure to put on a damp warm towel or a plastic cap / bag over your head to steam it.

We loved:

  • Storage bag included!


  • Only one color option
  • Fits too snuggly for long hair styling.

8Glow By Daye Premium Soft Hood Bonnet Dryer Attachment

Get ready to have a professional heat styling setting wherever you go. This Glow by Daye soft bonnet dryer attachment does deliver on the promise of a large bonnet to fit your hair setting needs. If you’re aiming for wider curls or drastically cutting hair dry times, this soft bonnet dryer is for you. The attachment comes with a stretch hose opening you can fit and secure to most standard hair dryers and materials can sustain up to medium heat setting. Customers rave about this bonnet for loc drying, even waist length. to make user your locs dry evenly, divide them into four sections and user plastic or paper clips.

We loved:

  • Size and longer hose.
  • Lightweight build.
  • Dislikes:
    Won’t fit smaller / travel size blow dryers.
  • Handwash only, so beware of hair coloring stains.

9Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood Dryer

Get pretty in pink with Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood dryer. This bonnet type hooded dryer has earned fame and hearts amongst the fans of roller sets and flexi rods. As a great hooded dryer should, this product distributes heat evenly which is a must for great hair styling. Flexi Rods can be a heatless option for curly hair but heat through a soft bonnet is a great time saver and will minimize the risk of taking the rods out too soon. A nonslip silicone attachment gives this product some extra points, as it’s very unlikely that the bonnet detaches from the blow dryer. time saving, portable and stylish this soft bonnet dryer is a great option for your basic hair care tool set.

We loved:

  • Color and pattern options.
  • The strap provides extra safety and feels comfortable.


  • Some overheating may happen along the neck if using or too long.

10Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-hat Dryer

A single piece solution for all your hair drying needs. The Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer is an adjustable height unit with 2000 watts of power with ionic technology. The product’s premise is to reduce frizz and drying times with a plug and go solution. As with every other standalone dryer, freedom of motion is limited, so better keep a book handy or your tv ready for your drying or conditioning set. These units sit a lot higher on the price range for hooded dryers so make sure you’re in a long-term commitment to your rollers and deep conditioning treatments.

We liked:

  • Quiet blow drying sound
  • Adjustable height and angles.
  • Adjustable heat settings.


  • Stains easily
  • Bigger roller sets can block airflow.

11D Salon Portable Professional Hair Dryer

Call in the pro! D Salon Portable Professional hair dryer has all the major components of the traditional hooded dryer and then some. With adjustable heat, airflow and timer, this unit offers the full experience of a salon hooded dryer. It’s made from high-quality materials and will resist heavy duty use, so a great addition to a family or household with two or more heads in need of styling! This dryer can take you from very low heat up to max (which we obviously recommend you don’t abuse!). You can assemble this dryer once and have it ready to move and go whenever you want.

We liked:

  • Full control of heat and fan settings.
  • Integrated timer.
  • Great pricing for a standalone unit.


  • Alarm sound is a bit loud.
  • Not really portable.

12Professional 1300w Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer

This unit has dual-looped stainless steel heating resistance with a multi-bladed fan that prevents overheating and offers minimum noise, so Netflix and setting can become the next best thing. Temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 75℃ and the timer up to 60 minutes. Hood space is adjustable. You can tilt the hood up or down. The front door is wide enough to allow a comfortable entry into the dryer.

We liked:

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Automatic turn off with the timer setting.


  • Wheels don’t lock so you have to sit very still.
  • It has a recommended pre-heat time of 30 minutes.


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