crochet braids styles with human hair

35 Crochet Braid Styles with Human Hair

For those of you too young to remember the 1990s, crochet braids were the way to go. There was nothing like hitting the club with a full head of long, sexy tresses to compliment your baggy jeans and cropped shirt. The beauty of the look was that it could be done in about 1-1/2 hours and you’d be on your way. It’s now 2016, and women with natural hair have rediscovered the timeless look. We’ve compiled this list of great human hair crochet braid styles.

1Short Spiral Curl Crochet Braids

You can rock these short, stylish curls on campus, at the office or anywhere you want to look fabulous. Your hair will love the extra attention you attract while sporting this sassy do. It’s quick and easy to care for and compliments any facial shape. Once you find a stylist that can give you the “do” you desire, stick with them. The look will definitely make you the envy of all your friends.

2Shoulder-Length Crochet Braid Bob

This look is not for the faint of heart. There’s nothing like running your hands through these long, loose curls. Your scalp will dance with delight when you reward it with this hot style. Crochet braids have come a long way and you will be ahead of the game and looking fierce. Once again, your stylist is the key. Find one that has no fear and everyone will want their number. And yours.

3Long, Wavy Crochet Braids

Unleash your wild side with these long, wavy tresses. The loose waves give you numerous styling options, or you can just let them hang free. Run your fingers through your hair and you’re ready to go. Crochet braids have so many different looks. You can try them all until you find one that suits you.

4Shoulder-Length Loose Wave Crochet Braids

You can take these loose, sexy waves to the office, the club, the gym, or anywhere else you do your thing. This look frames your face and brings out your eyes. You will have everyone’s complete attention with this easy to maintain look.

5Extra Curly, Long Crochet Braids

Relive your youth with this crochet style with bouncy curls. The look is even better when you add a couple French braids and let the curly ends hang loose. It will be fantastic on women of all ages. Use a good moisturizer to prevent frizz and to keep your curls shining.

6Shoulder Length Kinky Twist Crochet Braids

Thick, kinky twists make this look a must have. It is smooth and wild at the same time. It is a great look for the office and compliments suits and jeans. You can easily style it by running your fingers through the loose twists.

7Chunky Spiral Curl Crochet Braids

This crochet look features large spiral curls surrounding the face. It is a cute and sassy look that can go from the office to the club. The loose curls need to be moisturized to maintain their spunk. Use a silk scarf and pillowcase at night.

8Chunky Loose Twist Crochet Braids

Large, loose chunky curls frame the face and draw attention to your eyes with this crochet style. It is an elegant look that needs nothing added to it. The large curls will look amazing when you rock a huge pair of colored hoop earrings with it.

9Wild, Spiral Curl Crochet Braids

Wild, spiral curls give this crochet look a spunky appeal. The should-length style looks good on anyone and you can add color or stick to the basics. Either way, you will look fabulous. Remember to seal your ends with coconut oil to keep the frizzies away.

10Extra Long, Loose Curl Crochet Braids

Long, honey blonde loose curls stand out in the crowd in this crochet look. It’s a sassy and sexy look for a daring soul. It looks good with a business suit in the office or with a t-shirt and jeans at a basketball game.

11Crochet Braid Twists with Color

These silky, crochet braid twists are super cute with a chunk of color. The burgundy stripe shows a spunky side your friends and family aren’t expecting. You can mix and match different color schemes to go with your outfit and your personality.

12Giant Afro Crochet Braids

This big, colored afro is amazing. It’s simple and fantastic at the same time. You can never go wrong with a classic afro. It looks good on all hair types and once you moisturize, you know your hair will remain soft and smooth.

13Long Crochet Braid Hair with Cornrows

The cornrows peeking out on the side give this crochet style added character. The long, loose tresses have a windblown and carefree look. Crochet braids can be worn many ways and you can experiment with different looks to tailor one just for yourself.

14Classic Updo with Crochet Braids

Pull these brown crochet braids in a chignon for an elegant look. This is a great look for a formal event or wedding. A couple of long curls frame the face and the bangs are sexy and classy. You can rock this at the office or out on the town.

15Funky Purple Crochet Braids

Deep purple curls give this funky look its style. This is a good look for anyone confident enough to try something a little different. Crochet braids give you the chance to try a variety of hair textures and colors to match your personality.

16Lots, of Brown Crochet Braid Hair

This style features a part in the middle with loose crochet braid hair hanging loose and wild. It’s a fun look that is easy to take care of. As long as you keep it moisturized, you can style it with your fingers. You can even just shake and go. Simple and easy to take care of.

17Large Crochet Twists

These large, crochet twists look great when piled high on the head in a bun. It adds volume to the look and is neat and simple. You can add hair cuffs or fancy hair pins to dress it up. They accentuate all facial types.

18Purple Crochet Braids

This purple crochet braid style is funky and has just enough pop. The wild, tousled look is creative and daring. Pair it with a choker and some huge hoop earrings for the final touch. Make sure you condition your look to prevent frizziness.

19Burgundy Twist Out

If you are going to go for color, you might as well go big. This twist out style features huge, chunky burgundy crochet braids. The look has no fear and is sure to grab the spotlight everywhere on your journey.

20Layered Curly Crochet Braids

If you like a lot of volume in your curls try this layered curly crochet braid look. Ideal for long and short hair and makes it appear like you have a lot of hair. It frames the face and sets off your eyes. You may want to get your eyebrows done to complete the look.

21Black and Burgundy Crochet Braids

More colors for mixing is what you’ll gain when you wear crochet braids. Try mixing a little burgundy with black for a devious look. It’s easy to add a few hints of color if you’re not quite sure if you want to go all the way burgundy. A vibrant and daring look for anyone interested in spicing things up.

22Dark Brown and Honey Blonde Crochet Braids

Dark brown and honey brown crochet braids set this look on fire. It’s sassy, it’s fun, and it is all you. Be daring and try adding a splash of color to accent your style. The long spiral curls add even more funk and style to this look.

23Crochet Braid Half Updo

Sometimes you just feel like going wild with your style. This half updo with large crochet braids is elegant and fun at the same time. It’s also a great way to hide new growth when you haven’t had a chance to get back to the salon just yet.

24Blonde Crochet Braids

Blonde is definitely the way to go for this look. Long spiral curls hang loose and wild around your shoulders for a sassy, “don’t mess with me” look. Try something different and surprise your friends and family.

25Crochet Bob with Twists

When you can’t decide if you want short or long hair, you can always get a bob. These crochet braids are styled in a cute bob with a few colored twists thrown into the mix. They frame the face nicely and you can put them up or leave them hanging loose around your neck and shoulders.

26Really Big Hair

Unleash your inner Diana Ross with this big hair crochet braid style. As long as you keep your crochet braids moisturized, you can let them go wild. This long, loose look is great in any color. You can even add a few pops of color here and there for an extra daring look.

27Gray Crochet Box Braids

Box braids never looked so good. The gray color is captivating and really sets this style apart from the rest. Pin some of these crochet braid twists up into a casual updo. You are sure to fall in love with the color and the style.

28Long Loose Curls Crochet Braids

Wow, who knew crochet braids could look like this? This look is simple and elegant and frames the face nicely. A lovely look that is timeless and elegant. The versatility of crochet braids mean you can have any look you desire.

29Two-Tone Crochet Braids

Your style options are never-ending when you wear crochet braids. Try mixing a funky color with your normal color to give a few highlights and add a dramatic flair. The small spiral curls give appear wild and free. Color choices are available in every color of the rainbow.

30Sexy Chocolate Crochet Braids

Sexy chocolate loose curls put this style over the top. The bangs add a mysterious look. Try crochet braids in new colors to completely change your look. Cold weather is coming so why not try out a warm, rich color for the upcoming season.
31. Dark Brown with a Dash of Honey Blonde Crochet Braids
Feeling bold? Add a dash of Honey Blonde to these curly locks and all heads will turn your way. The touch of color highlights these crochet braids in just the right spot. Make sure you moisturize and condition crochet braids daily. The ends can be sealed with coconut oil.

31Dark Brown with a Dash of Honey Blonde Crochet Braids

Feeling bold? Add a dash of Honey Blonde to these curly locks and all heads will turn your way. The touch of color highlights these crochet braids in just the right spot. Make sure you moisturize and condition crochet braids daily. The ends can be sealed with coconut oil.

32Mambo Crochet Twists

These stunning Mambo twists are simple and beautiful. Pull the twists back with pins or a fancy clip and you are good to go. Sometimes the simple styles are the best ones. Make sure your eyebrows are on point and a pair for chunky earrings to complete your look.

33Big, Curly Layers

Big, curly layers dominate this easy going tousled look. A great look for any facial structure. You can keep your curls from frizzing up by using silk scarves and pillowcases for bedtime. This is a look you will definitely want to keep up with.

34Short Twist Out

Is your hair in a transition stage? Try this super cute short twist out to give your hair a break. It will allow your hair to breathe after you wash it. This is a great look for anyone that is in the in-between stages with their hair.

35Crochet Braids with Side Cornrows

Combine side cornrows with crochet braids for a look different from any other. You don’t need to shave the side of your head to stand out. Completely change things up with a funky cornrow design along with your crochet braids. As you can see from these designs, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crochet braids. Try them out and see what you can create.



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