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Coachella Hair Ideas for Festival Season

Festival season will be here before we know it! Thanks to Instagram and other social media outlets we’re all up to date on which festivals are occurring, when. Are you planning to hit up Coachella or one of the other popular festivals this year? If so you’re probably starting to plan your outfits, hair and makeup looks for each day. Festivals are an opportunity to rock looks you wouldn’t always wear – which is what makes it so much fun! Because hair is an important part of any look we’ve rounded up some Coachella hair ideas for festival season. Start getting your hair inspo by scrolling through the list!

1The Undone Bun

Typically festivals take place when it’s HOT outside. We don’t have to tell you that. But there will likely be at least one day when you want your hair pulled back from your face and off your neck to avoid all the sweaty hair. This is such a cute way to combine function with style! Tie a cute bandana around your head to give a messy bun a completely look.

2Beachy Waves Go to the Festival

Let’s face it…we all love an opportunity to rock beachy waves. They’re timeless and chic no matter the occasion. Not to mention they fully match the free-spirited vibe of festivals! Double win. Give your beachy waves that added festival vibe by wrapping a few pieces in fabrics like this. Isn’t it SO cute?

3Designed in Pins

When you want to embrace the natural texture of your hair and leave most of it down to flow in the breeze outside – this is such a great idea. Use bobby pins to create a unique design AND pull some of your hair back. The key is to use pins in color that’s contrasting from your hair color.

4Buns Meet Braids Festival Style

We’re in love with this festival hairstyle! Half up pigtail buns are pretty adorable, but this look takes that style to a different level by adding braids that come down from the braids. Leave it as is or give the look that extra festival touch with flowers pinned under the buns – also helps to add contrast to the bun/braid area.

5Braided Crowns

Bring the flower crown look to live by braiding your hair into a crown shape! Braiding hair and then wrapping it around the head like this is absolutely gorgeous. Leave a few face framing pieces out for that effortless vibe. Give the look a festival twist with a touch of pink hair color added to your hair – this isn’t a must though!

6Bubble Pigtails

Festivals are such a great tie to embrace hairstyles that are completely out of your norm. Pigtails may not be a go-to hairstyle for you in your daily life but it’s an easy and super cute look for a festival! Not only does it look great but it keeps your hair out of the way when it’s hot out. Add more style to pigtails with this bubble detail added to the tails. So cute!

7Bright Color Waves

Ever wanted to color your hair in bright hues but didn’t really have an opportunity? Festival season is your opportunity! Thanks to temporary hair coloring products it’s easier than ever to color your hair in bold, bright colors that you may not want to have outside the festival. If you’re going to do it – might as well go all out like this, too!

8Dip Dyed Ends

If you want that pop of color but don’t necessarily want all of your hair brightly colored like the previous slide, just add it to the ends! Temporarily coloring the ends gives you an ombre look in a really fun color that you’ll have so much fun rocking at a festival.

9Geometric Braided Ponytail

Need a hairstyle that will keep your hair out of the way? This is a major option! Start by sectioning off your hair into this triangular shape, within that section into three smaller sections. Braid each section tightly, all the way to the ends of the hair. Once the braids are secure pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail. Use a section of hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail and voila! Festival ready.

10Embellished Side Braid with Waves

We don’t know about you but we love a good braided hairstyle, especially for festival hair looks. It feels so appropriate for the occasion and braids are just plain fun! Allow your hair to do its thing with gorgeous beachy waves, sectioning one side of the hair to style into a loose braid. Complete the look with gold ring embellishments place into the braid.

11Feathering Headpiece Style

Hello festival throwback vibes! This look is giving us 60-70’s vibes and we’re totally here for it. Keep your hair simple and let it embrace its natural texture. The look is elevated with feather extensions and a funky hairpiece added to the top. Add as many or as little feather extensions as you want here!

12Starlight Fishtail Braids

Wearing a hat to a festival is not only trendy, it’s also a great way to keep some of the sun off of your face. Style around your hat with pigtail fishtail braids like this. It’s the perfect balance and adds so much style to the look. Of course, you can definitely rock this hairstyle without a hat and it will look just as chic!

13Twisted Braid with Flowers

Looking for a festival hairstyle that’s pretty and soft? This is for you! Whatever texture your hair is naturally will work with this style. Simply twist back two sections of a hair, one from each side of the face, as you’re bringing them back twist them inward and secure at the center of the head. After it’s been secured braid the ponytail all the way to the ends. Give this the festival touch with flowers inserted into the hair.

14The Iconic Coachella Hair

We had to include this iconic Coachella hairstyle. You’ve probably seen countless girls on Instagram posting pictures with their hair styled very similar. The flower crown is a staple among the festival community. The great part about adding a flower crown is you can let your hair air dry or be in its natural texture – and still feel cute!

15Modern Cornrows

Braids are usually EVERYWHERE during festival season. We love this take on cornrows for the upcoming festivals. Leaving face framing pieces out from the braids adds a more relaxed feel to cornrows. Tying each braid in a hair tie color that compliments your outfit is the ultimate style touch.

16Half Bun Glitz

You really can’t go wrong with buns and braids for festival hair. Dutch braids look so amazing when they’re styled into twisted buns like this. While the hairstyle is a stunner as is, the addition of glitter applied to the center part really takes this to a different level and makes it perfection for a festival.

17Glitter in Your Braids

You didn’t think we were done with the glitter touched hairstyles, did you?! Glitter and fun embellishments are great ways to amp up your festival hairstyles. As you see here, cute dutch pigtail braids get a glam update with glitter!

18Pigtail Buns Go Glam

Why limit yourself to just one bun when you can have two?! Pigtail buns have become a classic festival hairstyle and we see why – it’s just SO cute and chic. Give your buns an effortless vibe by leaving pieces out from the buns to counterbalance the glitter applied at the top!

19Vocal Accessories

This is the perfect way for our short hair ladies to style their hair for the festivals. Well, ok, any hair length will look great with this. Keep it simple but say it loud with hair clips that have words or sayings on them. Express yourself with your hair.

20Bubble ‘Do Hair

The bubble hairstyle strikes again for the festival season. This time with a half-up twist. Pull your hair back just like you would to create a half up hair style. Instead of just leaving it, tie hair ties in even sections all the way down the ponytail. Pull the hair a bit to create the bubble effect and you’re set!

21Perky Ponies

There’s something about a perky pony that we all go crazy over. It’s cute, fun and trendy. Give your hair that perky pony vibe with pigtails. What really makes this different is half-up pigtails being styled here and leaving some pieces around the face out. Easy but so fun!

22Half Up Waves

The perky pigtails not really for you? Swap it out for a simple perky half up style. This is such an easy hairstyle to recreate, no matter the length or texture of your hair. Add some texturizing spray to your hair prior to styling it to really pull out the natural texture of your hair.

23Braided Headband

We’re in love with this festival hairstyle. At first it looks quite simple, like a beachy wave hairstyle. But when you take a closer look you realize there’s a braided headband mixed in. An unexpected way to add dimension to your beachy waves for the festivals.

24Printed Scarf Wrap

Using accessories is the perfect way to transform a simple hairstyle. Like this, for example, rock your favorite beachy wave hairstyle in a whole new way to adding a scarf to the top. This is where you can really have fun and choose a scarf with fun colors, prints or patterns to really highlight the look.

25Embellished Low Ponytail

Love a low ponytail? We do, too. What’s not to love about a low ponytail though? It’s one of the easiest hairstyles to style. Instead of leaving it as is, make your low ponytail festival ready with glitter applied to the base of the ponytail like they did here. Mix in different glitter colors for a colorful take.

26Boho Bun Beauty

Festival style has that boho vibe a lot of us are drawn too. Whether that’s your typical style or not, the easy breeze aesthetic is so fun to embrace. Give your effortless, boho bun a dainty update with a couple loosely styled braids mixed in. The braids are just enough of a touch to transform this look.

27Parted in Glitter

Hello glam braids! Isn’t this so fun?! Small, dutch braids are so fun for festival style to get a half up type of hairstyle. Make the simple, classic hairstyle feel a little more festival appropriate by packing on the glitter at the parts of the hairstyle. Make sure to use hair safe glitter.

28Pretty Pink Pieces

Embrace your inner pink loving woman by temporarily coloring your hair in a light pink hair color! This is such a fun hair color, we really can’t get enough. It looks so great with darker roots for that added contrast vibe. It’s so much fun, you can really do anything to your hair and it will look amazing.

29Braids Popped in Color

Pigtail French braids are one of our personal go-to hairstyles when it’s warm outside. It’s a stylish way to keep your hair out of the way. This look embraces that classic style but with a pop of color! Use hair extensions, ribbons or anything else to weave into braids to make them look completely different.

30Rainbow Bright

We couldn’t resist another brightly colored hairstyle for festival season. There’s just something about festivals that makes bright color hair feel right. The good news? If you can’t choose just one color you can rock ALL the colors – just like they’re showing us here. Add some fun braids or a bun to let the colors shine through.

31Sparkling Slicked Back

32Astrology Stylized

33Festival Flower Style

34Wire Wrapped Ponytail

35High Ponytail with Rings




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