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Side Braid Hairstyles

Eager to style your hair in braids but not sure where to get started? Side braids are one of our (personal) favorite ways to style braids into hair. It adds an asymmetrical look to your hair that always looks so cute. Side braids are a HUGE trend right now and since we want to keep you up to date on the hair trends we’ve done some of the heavy lifting to find some of the best side braid hairstyles we could find online. We gathered them up into one list so you can start scrolling through for your side braid hairstyles.

1Completed with Baby’s Breath

Need a glam hairstyle? This side braid hairstyle is giving us ALL the glam! With two oversized braids leading into one another this is perfection. We love the fishtail style braid used here, but we have to admit we also really adore the delicate flowers tucked into the braid, too.

2Unbraided Braid

This side braid hairstyle is so chic because it’s barely a braid! This gives effortless style a whole new name. It’s so loosely braided you can barely tell there’s a braid at all – which is perfect if you’re not an expert braider or you just want something that’s very relaxed.

3Side Braid, Pinned

This is one of the most classic ways to style a side braid into hair. Pulling hair into a low ponytail placement and styling the hair into a braid. This example feels fresh and modern because of how they’ve used bobby pins as a fun accessory – placing them in a straight line above the braid.

4Corn Rows on the Side

Side braid hairstyles don’t always have to mean you’re just styling ONE braid. This is a great way to show us a side braid, using multiple corn row braids. Skinny braids, all of even size, look so great and add amazing edge to free flowing hair.

5Mazed Sides

How fun is this side braid hairstyle?! You saw the corn rows on the side in the previous slide, but this is taking skinny braids in a completely different direction – making them into a maze like shape. To recreate this you want to use a thin comb to create the sections into shapes and patterns.

6Skinny Side Braids

Ahh the side braid hairstyle, we really can’t get enough! These skinny dutch styled braids are so chic. Styling one right next to the other on the side of the head gives major edginess to the style. Use more space to create the braid closest to the ear, like they did here, but then make the other smaller so you don’t take up too much of your head with braids.

7Double Side Braids with a Sweep

Another way to rock two braids on the side of your head in style. This option is giving us some glamorous vibes, making it great for a night out or even a special occasion. Make sure you create strong parts to section off the hair. After you’ve styled the braids to your liking add big curls with volume to the rest of the hair.

8Large to Small Scaling

Side braid ponytail like you’ve never seen it before! This style is getting a modern twist with the fishtail braiding method used to braid the hair. Start at the top by styling the hair in an oversized braid and as you work towards the ends of the hair, get smaller in the scale size.

9Tucked Fishtail Braid

Adding just one braid to the side of your hair, while leaving the rest of your hair down is one of our favorite casual looks. Because while it’s casual it’s definitely not basic. Play with some contrast by using a fishtail braiding method and tucking the braid into the back of the hair. This makes the look flow with ease.

10Side Braid Ponytail Wrapped

Update your low ponytail braid with a style like this. They started by styling the hair in a twist at the base of the hair and securing into a low side ponytail. Before moving on, wrap the base around with hair and then styling the rest of the hair into a loose fishtail braid.

11Braids Popped with Color

Flowers + braids = we’re hooked! Give that pretty, feminine touch to your side braids by tucking colorful flowers into the hair. To keep the flowers in place we recommend using bobby pins. The flowers really add to the effortless chic vibe of this hairstyle.

12Hidden Mini Braids

We have to admit, we love a hidden braid – it’s an unexpected touch you don’t see right away that makes it so fun. This hairstyle is pretty glam with big curls and the twisted hair at the front. Adding two small side braids behind the twisted hair gives the look some structure among all the loose style.

13Looped Side Braid

You know we always strive to show you a range of style ideas – which is why we had to include this side braided hairstyle. It’s so unique in how it has this waterfall aesthetic. Traditionally with a waterfall style braid the bottom sides are left to hang but with this braid they looped the ends back into the braid – SO chic!

14Ponytail Loose Braid

Even if you don’t have very long hair you can easily use hair extensions to get a similar look. Selena Gomez kept it simple and cut with this side braid hairstyle. It’s one of our all time classics but the way the braid goes almost all the way to the ends makes the braid get smaller and adds a fun dimension.

15Effortless Dutch Braids

We’ve shown you a few side by side braids on the side of the head, what makes this one different is how it’s styled a bit looser than a lot of French braids AND the fact that there’s some hair left down around the ear area. We love how these braids go back in a diagonal line to create a triangular shape.

16Peek a Boo Side Braid

This is one of those side braided hairstyles that can transition from day to night with ease. It’s simple enough to wear to the office but special enough to wear for a formal night out. Perfection if you have short hair like the picture shows. Just adding that little peek a boo braid is style perfection if you ask us.

17Poofed Braids

Love voluminous hair?! So do we! Which is why we fell in love with this poofed up hairstyle. Adding major volume to the center section of the hair gives amazing depth to the hairstyle and really highlights the side braid. We suggest adding braids to both sides to balance out the middle section.

18Ringed Side Braid

Adding some rings to your side braided hair. Leave your hair loose in beachy waves, styling just one side of your hair into a cute braid that you bring all the way to the ends of the hair. Instead of just leaving it, complete the braided look with rings and other accessories. Such a great and easy finishing touch.

19Edgy Side Braids

Hello edgy braids! Tired of your go to high ponytail hairstyle? Change things up with some edgy braids styled onto the side of your head. What’s going to make these braids truly edgy is the sharp parts that give a diagonal line. Make sure you style the braids tight(as shown) to get that slicked back vibe.

20Chicly Clipped

Effortless style is fun when it’s also this chic! Braid your hair on the side, loosely, bringing it to the back of your head. Instead of securing the braid with a hair tie use an embellished clip (or two). This gives some extra style!

21Pretty Pony

Isn’t this side braided hairstyle so pretty?! We love how gorgeous this is. Instead of braiding the hair that’s long in the ponytail, braiding the hair at the base of the low ponytail adds a fun mix up to the traditional look. Add curls to the ends of the ponytail and pieces that frame the face to bring the look together.

22Braid Wrapped in Back

Side braids are going all the way back with this hairstyle. Instead of just stopping the side braid at the side of the head, bring it around to the back of the head until it almost reaches the other side. It adds so much dimension and style to a simple look. Pull out the sides of the braid to get this ballooned out look.

23Mini Braided Bun

Ahhh we LOVE this take on side braided hair. If you’re like us you live for a half up bun hairstyle. It’s easy but always a winning option. Give that go to hairstyle some edgy vibes by styling small corn rows on the side of the hair. The direction of the braids going bad gives some sharpness to the relaxed style.

24Braid Under Buns

Unexpected braid UNDER your bun. Love a loosely styled half up hairstyle? Add one braid on the side of your hair, using the hair that’s under the bun, to transform he look and make it feel a little more styled than it is. Keep the braid relaxed to match the effortless aesthetic.

25Skinny Braids Swooped

Another way to transform your half up hair styles using side braids! We love how many options there are to change the style. Parting your hair on the side you will then section the hair into three small sections starting close to the forehead. Braid the hair starting at the roots and working a little more than half way down. Then secure the braids back with hair from the other side to get the half up style.

26Sleekly Styled on the Side

We absolutely love how sleek this side braided hairstyle is. The hair would be very simple and modern without the braid, because it’s this gorgeously sleek straight texture. Adding a side braid with that sharp side part really elevates the look and adds to the sleekness.

27Small into Large Side Braids

Combining various size braids together into one look – you get something like this! How stunning is this side braid hairstyle? Start with a fishtail method braid on the top of the head and work that into a very loosely styled braid into the ponytail length. The different style braids make this look feel completely unique and full of dimension.

28Star Embellished Side

Give your side braid a little star power by clipping in star accessories! Effortlessly styling a braid starting at where your part begins and bringing it all the way to the ends – it’s an easy look to DIY. The way to get this braid to get this shape is by simply pinning it in place.

29Tightly Styled on the Side

We’ve shown you so many relaxed braided styles we wanted to be sure to give you some inspiration for the times when you want a little more structure in your braids. This look is great for getting the best of both worlds with a tightly styled braid to the very ends of the hair, balanced with beachy waves.

30Embellished Edgy Braid

Edgy braids – hello! This side braid is different from some of the previous examples we’ve shown you because of the small braid that’s added under the larger, with both working into a larger braid towards the ends. Of course it’s also the addition of ring accessories that adds to the edgy aesthetic!

31Pinned Braids

32Upside Down Swoop

33Weaving Side

34Wrapped Hair Braids

35Loose Front Side



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