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Cute Summer Hairstyles for the Beach

Ready for the beach?! We always are, and we’re going to go ahead and assume you’re right there with us. The beach never gets old during the summertime. It’s where we’re able to spend time outdoors, soaking up the sun, spending time with our favorite people – what’s NOT to love?! Anyways, while the beach is all fun and games we all want to feel like we’re still able to rock cute summer hairstyles. Need some hairstyle inspo for the beach? We’ve got you covered with some super easy summer hairstyles that are perfect to wear to the beach this year.

1Wavy Ponytail with a Scarf

Few things say beach ready quite like beachy waves and a ponytail. So why not just combine the two?! Keep your beach hairstyle cute and easy with a high ponytail that lets your natural textures shine. Complete the look with a colorful ribbon.

2Loose Waves Meet Loose Braid

Want to wear your hair down to the beach? Rock your favorite beachy waves with a twist – in the form of a braid. Style your hair with a large, dutch French braid starting at the top of your head, wherever your part begins, and bringing it down the ends of the hair.

3Beachy Dutch Braids

Pigtail French braids for the win! We love the beachy twist to the classic hairstyle. Styling hair with a center part, stopping the braids are the nape of the neck. Use some of the hair in the ponytails to wrap around the hair tie to complete the look. This will keep your hair out of your face at the beach with ease.

4Waves Clipped Chicly

Let your hair flow in the beach wind and leave it down! We know you don’t always want to wear your hair up, but you still want it out of the way. In that case, try something like this! It doesn’t get much easier than simply clipping the sides of your hair back with oversized hair clips. Make sure they coordinate with your beach attire!

5Braided Beach Ponytail

Keep it relaxed and effortless with your braids for the beach this summer. Don’t worry about making your braids perfect here, the oversized look just adds to the style and relaxed feel. Bring both braids into one middle ponytail secured low. Instead of just leaving the hair tie, add a fun scarf or ribbon!

6Clip Your Braids

Another way to rock clips with style this summer season to the beach. Again, let your beachy texture do its thing and really be the focal point while pinning back a few of those pesky pieces of hair. This time pin them back by styling a section into a braid and securing with an oversized hair clip.

7Delicate Headpiece Waves

Hair accessories are a must have in our opinion. They make it so easy to transform your most simple hairstyles. Like this, the hair is very simple with easy waves but the look is elevated with a delicate headpiece placed over the hair like a dainty crown.

8Asymmetric Braid

We’re sure you’ve seen French braids and other style braids a plenty when it comes to beachy hairstyles. This is a unique twist to the look though because of how the placement of the braid is asymmetrical. Pulling the French braid off to one side keeps it simple but adds that fun twist.

9Fishtail Pigtail

There’s something about pigtails that we never get tired of. They’re just so cute! Instead of keeping it simple with your simple braided pigtails use a fishtail braiding technique. The fishtail technique gives the classic style a different aesthetic and keeps the hair secure in the braid.

10Tucked with a Scarf

This may be the easiest beach hairstyle to DIY on the list – really…it doesn’t get much easier. All you have to do is tie a scarf around your head like a headband, secure at the nape of the neck and that’s it! Use the scarf to hold back the hair closest to your face while you’re at the beach, it also adds some fun print to your beach look.

11Accessorized Braid

Didn’t we say accessories have the ability to completely change the look of even the most simple of hair styles? We weren’t kidding! That’s why we love accessories in hair for beach hairstyles. You want a look that’s easy so you don’t have to fuss with it, but is also really cute. This is the perfect example of fusing the two together.

12Half Up Wavy Bun

A lot of us will tie our hair back into a half up hairstyle when we just want to get some of our hair out of our face. But when you’re heading to the beach you probably want to hone in on the relaxed vibe the beach offers us. That’s why we love this half up style, it’s loose and relaxed making it perfection!

13Scrunched for Summer

Scrunchies are trendy again (we know…we couldn’t believe it at first either!), the good news is scrunchies allow you to pull your hair back and prevent the dent hair ties often give. Get a fun color scrunchie and use it to loosely tie your hair back into a half up style for the beach.

14Beach Bun

Another half up style using a scrunchie but this time, it’s styled into a high bun! The high bun gives you a little extra perkiness to your hairstyle which is a fun contrast to beachy waves. Using a scrunchie for this look will keep it easy on your hair and tends to prevent your hair from getting super knotty.

15Headpiece with Waves

Complete it with a simple touch! This boho style headpiece is everything when placed over loose beach waves. The key to styling this type of headpiece is to make sure your part lines up with the center line of the accessory – this creates more flow with the overall style.

16Beach Style Hair Bun

Function meets fashion with this beach hairstyle. Pull your hair back into a super simple, classic low bun hairstyle but instead of just leaving as is tie a fun scarf around the base of the bun. It really adds a whole different aesthetic to a simple hair bun, don’t you think?

17Double Bun Style

Bun hairstyles are go-to options for the beach because of their simplicity. Want to change it up a bit? Style your hair into TWO buns instead of just one. Don’t worry about making a very defined center part, as you can see the loosely styled part and buns make this feel like the ideal beach hairstyle.

18Low Ponytail Scrunched

Another very easy beach hairstyle to DIY. All you need is your hair (got it!) and a fun scrunchie. The colorful or funky printed scrunchie makes the low ponytail feel like something much more detailed than it is. Win for style points! Leave some pieces out around your face to frame it.

19Messy Masterpiece

Beach hairstyles are often best when they’re not perfect – this is a prime example. It’s a fairly messy look but that is what really makes it the ideal beach hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to loosely style braids and buns into your hair for the beach.

20Low Ponytail Chic

Get a little perky touch added to your low ponytail by added volume at the crown of your head. You can achieve this by teasing the root of your hair and then pulling the hair back into the low ponytail. Use a piece of hair to wrap around the hair tie. Add some teasing and texturizing spray to the ponytail hair to get that great undone texture.

21Loose High Bun

We told you it’s all about the messy looks! This beachy look is with a high bun, placed pretty high on the head. If you’re not really a low pony kinda gal you will likely prefer this option. Once again, don’t worry about making the bun perfect and leave some pieces out around the ear area.

22Beach Waves with a Perk

Start this look by creating beachy waves into your hair. Whether you have natural texture or you need to use a curling iron or wand to create it. Spritz the hair all over with hairspray and texturizing product to get a good hold. Once you’ve done all that, secure the hair back into a half up ponytail – make sure to place higher up to get that perky look.

23Beachy Pigtail Buns

Beachy buns are winning! We adore these buns because they just scream beach vibes. Loosely secure your hair with a middle part into two buns. Pull out some of the hairs in the bun and around your face to really get the beach feel into the look.

24Curly Bun with a Touch

If you have a lot of shorter hair layers this is a great beach hairstyle to try for yourself. The low bun is loosely styled but what makes it great for shorter layers is the bobby pin element. Use bobby pins for function and fashion by placing them where you need them – but in a way that looks more styled.

25Ringlet Styled Bun

Elevate your go-to beachy bun with a touch UNDER that you didn’t expect. Yep, we’re talking about adding styles under the bun. These metal rings have become a popular hair accessory and they’re perfect to add some edge to a beachy look like this.

26Scarf Styled Braid

Scarves are great because of how they’re able to add color and pattern to otherwise very simple hairstyles. This is a great example of that! Wrap a scarf over your head like a headband and then use it to weave into the braid. We love this!

27Sunny Scarf Style

Another way to use a scarf when you’re heading to the beach. This style is great if you need to protect your hair from the weather or other elements that we’re exposed to at the beach because it keeps almost all of your hair under cover!

28Buns with a Headband

The scarf styling doesn’t stop! We love how versatile scarves are when it comes to using them in your hair. Another very easy way to use a scarf for the beach – anyone can DIY this look. Just throw your hair up into a messy bun and tie a scarf around like a headband.

29Knotted with a Print

Hello gorgeous! We’ve seen many ways of styling scarves in hair but this is a new way we’re completely in love with. Wrapping a scarf through hair like this keeps it extremely secure and allows the colors/prints to just peek through hair without taking over.

30Mini Braid

This is a hairstyle women of any hair length can rock to the beach this summer season. Braiding just one side of your hair and tucking it back under the rest is easy but OH so cute. It’s great to keep those front hairs out of your face even if you don’t have enough length to put your hair into a full ponytail.

31Single Style Braid

32Starfish Star

33Completed with Sunflowers

34Clipped Waves

35Classic French Braid for the Beach



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