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Two Braids Hairstyles

Ahhh the braided hairstyles! Don’t you just LOVE them?! So do we. There’s something about braided hairstyles that feel fun and trendy no matter the season, trends, etc. While they’ve always been a staple in the hair trend world, braids have become even more popular in the past year. We’ve seen braids of all different styles, textures, designs, etc. That’s why we’ve decided to round out some of our favorite two braids hairstyles. If you’re a braid kinda gal we think you’re going to fall in love with some of these hairstyles, get ready to save them to your phone to DIY!

1Boho Braids

Two braids turned boho chic! Keep it simple and effortless by sectioning hair down the middle and braiding the hair starting at the base of the neck. To get the effortless, boho vibe pull the braid out a bit after you’ve secured it to get the oversized shape.

2Braids Wrapped into Half Bun

Pull your hair back in a half up hairstyle, with braided added to the mix. We love how braids have a way of transforming a look like this. The simple half up bun is stunning alone, but styling braids to bring into the bun really take it to the next level.

3Braids to Braided Buns

French pigtail braids have been a classic hairstyle for years. Now, they’ve gotten an update! Braiding the hair in an oversized dutch style really changes the feel of pigtail braids. That, in addition to, wrapping the ends of the braids into buns at the base of the neck. This is SUCH a chic look.

4Big Dutch Braids to Pony

Similar to the previous two braided style, yet different. Styling oversized dutch braids with a center part has quite a few options! This time instead of tying the ends into braids, they brought both of the braids into the center with a ponytail to complete the look.

5Braids to Bubbles

How cute is this hairstyle?! Start by creating a center part and sectioning the hair to each side. Braid each side into a French braid until reaching the nape of the neck. Secure the braid with a hair tie and then using a part of the hair to wrap around the hair tie. Go down the ponytail a bit and repeat, then repeat one more time to get the bubble effect.

6Different Size Braids

Typically when we think of braiding hair we often automatically think of styling hair in braids that are symmetrical. This hairstyle shows us how you can play with different scales can really elevate your hairstyle. Here they’ve pulled the hair back into a chic chignon, but what changes the style is two braids in different sizes added to the side of the hair.

7Double Stacked Braids

Our jaws dropped when we found this two braided hairstyle. We’ve shown you a few pigtail French braid styles but this is a completely different take on the style. Double stacked braids is the new double braid. The way you create this look is by leaving a small piece of hair out of the dutch braid when styling, after you’ve secured that braid you then braid the small section you left out and secure that over the first braid.

8Two Styles into One

Two French braids styled into pigtail buns?! Yes, please! This is such a cute and unique way to style hair to keep it half up and half down. Create a centered part but braid the hair so it goes it a slight diagonal – as shown. Spray the rest of the hair with texturizing spray to give more texture to the hair that’s left down.

9Various Style Braids

Who says you have to choose one braid method in a hairstyle?! We sure didn’t! Instead of sticking to just one way of braiding hair combine them for a completely unique take on French braids. Here, they’ve combined the classic dutch style French braid at the top of the braids and worked into fishtail ends.

10Edgy Triangle Braids

Add an edgy vibe to your perky party ponytail by styling braids onto the side of the head. Start with creating the sections for the braids. To get the edgy feel here, it’s all about the sharp lines at the parts and the triangular shaped braids. Stop the braids right around the area of the head where you plan to place your ponytail.

11Embellished Pigtail Braids

Give your French braids some added personality with embellishments. There are a ton of fun accessories available in retailers right now. Finding the accessories that can be clamped into braids is going to be your best option here. We suggest finding some in colors that will pop next to your hair color.

12Fishtail Braids with a Ribbon

Two braids wrapped to the back of the head is a different way to pull just some of your hair away from your face. Instead of the classic braid, style the pieces in a fishtail braid for the edgy twist. Once you’ve braided each side, secure it in the middle with a fun ribbon! The ribbon adds a completed touch to the look.

13Loosely Styled Braids

Two braided hairstyles don’t always have to mean two French braids with a center part. We adore this take on styling two braids into one hair style. One braid starting at the part of the hair and being brought into the low ponytail braid – such a fun look! Don’t worry about the braids being perfect – it gives a relaxed, effortless vibe.

14Glamorous Double Braids

We couldn’t resist a glamorous take on a two braided hairstyle. Simple French braids with a center part are given a glam update when glitter and embellishments are added. Complete the braids by securing them at the nape of the neck and wrapping hair around the hair tie.

15Half Up Pigtail Braids

We adore this free flowing two braided hairstyle. The braids aren’t perfect which makes them perfect for the look. Loosely braid hair starting at the forehead and bringing back towards the middle of the back of your head. Leave some pieces free at your face to frame and give the undone feel.

16Top Dutch Braids

For a more structured take on the previous look, this is a similar style but with braids that are styled much more tightly. Start at the front of your hair and French braid hair until you reach the back, once you reach that area stop French braiding and braid the hair into a ponytail section.

17Glam Side by Side Braids

Looking for a braided hairstyle that can be worn casual or formal? This is a great option to consider. Styling two braids side by side and securing them around the back of the head is a great compliment to long, loose waves. Wear this to a wedding you have to attend or for a fun night out with friends.

18Top Braids into High Pony

Braids leading into a high ponytail – what’s not to love about this?! Perfect for those days when your hair isn’t cooperating or if you haven’t washed in a couple of days. Style two braids on top of your head, secure them where the high ponytail will be and pull the rest of the hair back into a high ponytail. Add loose curls and texture to the ponytail hair for added style.

19Messy Bun with Braids

This look is the epitome of effortless, relaxed hair and we love it. When you want minimal effort in your hairstyle but also want to look cute – this is your go to look. Pull your hair back into a loose messy bun. Instead of leaving as is use a couple sections of the hair that’s left down to add braids.

20Headband Wrapped Braid

We really can’t get enough of a good French pigtail braid look. It’s a classic look for a reason! Give your French braids a relaxed feel by leaving some pieces out from the braids, not worrying about them being perfect and completing the look with a cute headband.

21Asymmetrical Pony Braid

We don’t know about you but we really love an asymmetrical take on two braided hairstyles. Ponytails are always a great option when you just want your hair pulled back. But for the times when you still want a little more style in your ponytail – style a couple of French braids to just one side of the ponytail. Bring the braids to the very ends so they come through the ponytail.

22Rope Pigtails

At first this hairstyle looks like your classic French braids but take a close look and you’ll see it’s rope braids! How fun is this? Bring in new and unique braiding techniques when styling your hair in classic braided styles to add just a touch of a modern twist.

23Looped Braids

Frame your head shape with two loosely styled braids that are secured at the back of your head. Finish the look by looping the ponytail hair and securing with a fun ribbon that you leave with long ends. The loop + ribbon really elevate the feel of the super easy hairstyle.

24Scrunchie Styled

This hairstyle gave us major 90’s throwback style and we adore it. Scrunchies, pigtails and French braids were major 90’s hair trends and they’ve all come together to create one adorable hairstyle. Add some softness to the hairstyle by giving the long hair curled ends.

25Different Directions

The great thing about braids is their ability to add great texture to a hairstyle. This hairstyle, without the braids has that gorgeous beachy texture we all know and love but when braids are mixed it in gets some additional edge to contrast the beachy feel. Fishtail braids are a great way to give depth to your hair.

26Straightly Styled Sides

Isn’t this hairstyle so edgy and fun? Add this edge easily to hair that’s straight and sleek by sectioning the hair on the side of the head and braiding two evenly sized braids. Stop the braids around the ear area with clear hair ties so they blend in.

27Strong Parted Style

This outfit is similar to the previous but the way the braids are sectioned off makes it different, and provides a whole different aesthetic. Start with a strong side part, then create a diagonal part so you’re left with two triangular shaped sections of hair to braid. Braid those sections all the way to the end and curl the rest of the hair.

28Mini Braids on Top

Short hair women! We found this two braided hairstyle for you. Another thing we love about braids is how versatile they are, regardless of your hair length you can rock braided hair. This is a great example of how our bob length ladies can style braids on top of their head with a center part for a cute touch of something to complement their length.

29Triangle Parted in Two

Notice how the shape of parts can really change the way braids look? This two braided hairstyle is similar to some we’ve shown you throughout this list but the triangular shaped parts is what elevates the style and makes it look different from the rest.

30Dutch French Braids into Bun

Keep it classic, chic and sleek with this hairstyle. Two braids that are brought into one single bun gives the feel of a much more complicated hairstyle. The good news? It’s not! Just section your hair, braid and secure the hair into a loose bun. Voila!

31Two Braids Wrapped Around

32Braids with Curls

33Two into One Boho Style

34Under Braids

35Braids Turned Upside Down



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