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25 Beautiful Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Braids are both a practical way to keep hair secured, and an easy style to choose if you’re looking to add interest and romance to your typical everyday style. If you want something trendier and more mermaid chic than a traditional three strand braid, fishtail braids are an intricate looking style that’s easy to pull off, and versatile enough to be popular among brides, athletes, and almost everyone in between.

1Classic Fishtail

This is the classic, simple braid down the back shows attention to detail, and is a nice way to keep ultra long hair controlled while still showing it off.

2Fishtail Braid Chignon

This fishtail version of the sophisticated chignon is a whimsical take on a classic updo, and surprisingly simple to execute. Create two fishtail braids at the back of your head, and wrap them around each other to create the chignon. Make the braids and the bun as messy or as sleek as you want!

3Fishtail Pigtails

At the risk of mixing animal inspirations, these dutch fishtail braids put a new spin on a the classic pigtail, which can come across as a young girl’s hairstyle. Style with a smoky eye and a stacked heel to keep the look decidedly adult.

4Big Loose Fishtail

Beginning all the way at the top of the head, this big fishtail braid is for women with lots of hair to spare. This look capitalizes on the messy trend, meaning you don’t need to worry about stray hairs coming out of your braid. Versatile enough to wear to Sunday brunch, or for a wedding style that you or one of your bridesmaids can pull off in no time.

5Short Hair With Fishtail Bangs

This super skinny fishtail braid is the perfect way to dress up a haircut that’s too short to go into a traditional updo. This style is much more elevated than simply pinning bangs back, and will keep you looking young and fresh while onlookers are left to marvel at the perfect intricacy of this little braid.

6Rainbow Pastel Fishtail

You can wear a fishtail braid no matter your hair color, but they are an exceptional way to show off multi-tonal hair, whether it’s a blonde on brunette ombre, or this palette of cotton candy hues.

7Inverted French Fishtail Braid Bun

If you’re interested in getting a bit more complicated and technical with your fishtail braid, try this inverted french fishtail braid. Like a classic french braid, you’ll continue to add hair to the braid as you go, and just like an inverted french braid, wrap hair under the braid rather than over it. The end result is this lovely, thick fishtail french braid that appears to pop out from the rest of your hair, finished in a low, twisted bun. Consider this look for a wedding or special occasion.

8Half Up Fishtail

If you’re feeling romantic on a regular day, this is an easy way to let it show, especially if your schedule or the weather make wearing a flowy gown out of the question.

9Folded Fishtail Updo

This unique style is surprisingly easy to achieve. How to do a fishtail braid folded style?Braid your hair in a low, french fishtail all the way to your ends, then secure with an elastic and fold the braid up, tucking it into your hair where you began the braid. For best results, try this style if you have medium length hair. You’ll want enough length to fold the braid up, but not so much that it ends up sagging away from your head.

10Messy Peekaboo Fishtail

If you want to wear a fishtail braid without your look being all about the braid, and you’re obsessed with the messy-chic trend, try copying Ciara’s mussed up style. The top half of her hair is left loose with tons of disheveled volume, while the bottom is pulled into a messy fishtail braid. This style is absolutely one to try on your next night out if you’ve got extensions, or have been growing out your naturally thick hair.

11Lowkey Fishtail Headband

This is a quick and easy way to add a fishtail braid to an everyday look, and is a style that will work for anyone with bob length hair or longer. If you part your hair in the middle, make one of these braids on each side of your head, and join them together at the back, hidden underneath your hair. If you’re into side parts, this style looks just as nice with a single braid.

12High Pony Fishtail

If you don’t have time to wash or style your long hair, this is a quick and easy way to dress up an everyday high ponytail. It takes just as much time to pull off as a typical three-strand braid, but you’ll be feeling intentionally chic even if this is a last minute hairstyle choice.

13Bun With Fishtail Headband

If your low bun is feeling a bit stale, a fishtail headband is the perfect way to spice up this staple hairstyle. This inverted french fishtail makes the ideal headband: it won’t fall off or pinch your head, and you don’t have to worry about it matching your accessories. For extra fishtail style, you can try incorporating braided hair into the bun.

14Messy Varied Strand Fishtail

This low fishtail braid looks fairly simple, but is given some extra interest by varying the braiding technique. Instead of using a uniform strand thickness, this style switches it up throughout, and actually ends up in a three strand braid.

15Half Up French Fishtail Topknot

This style uses a little bit of fishtail for maximum effect. A french fishtail braid gets twisted into a mini topknot, while the majority of hair is left down in big curls.

16Fishtail Over Three Strand Braid

For extra texture in your side braided style, create a thick three strand braid but leave some hair loose and create a smaller fishtail to lie overtop.

17Inverted French Fishtail

A modern update on the classic, single french braid down the back of the head, this inverted style is created by wrapping hair underneath the braid, and the end result is a braid with more volume, especially if you decide to pull the strands apart once your braid is all finished.

18Pinned Back Bob With Fishtail

If you don’t subscribe to the policy that you need to grow your hair long for a special occasions like your wedding, this sweet fishtail braid is all the backup you need. Featuring all over curled hair, this bob is finished perfectly with a pinned back fishtail braid. It’s like wearing a garland of flowers that won’t be wilted by the end of the night.

19Sleek Fishtail Pony

A fun style for a night of partying, pull your hair back sleekly, leaving some volume at the crown, and fishtail braid the ponytail. The result is somewhere between perfectly polished princess and messy boho babe.

20Fishtail Topknot


For an easy way to upgrade your topknot style, braid hair into a fishtail before wrapping and securing your bun. Because it’ll be all twisted up, you can be pretty easy going about a less than perfect braid.

21French Braid Fishtail Pigtails

Mixing braid styles adds extra visual appeal to the very trendy inverted french braid pigtails. Execute your french braids in a three strand style until you’ve reached the nape of the neck, then switch to fishtail until you reach the ends. This is the perfect way to get in on this trend while making sure you’ll still stand out in a crowd.

22Double Braided Style

Another example of how to mix braided styles. This look isn’t hard to achieve, it just takes a little extra time. How to fishtail braid this style? Create three identical sized fishtail braids, then use the fishtails to form a classic three strand braid. Try this as a side braid draped over one shoulder, or in a high ponytail.

23Half Up Messy Double Fishtail

A more complicated half up style, this look sees two fishtail braids coming together at the back of the head. You can begin each braid separately and then combine the hair into one larger braid until you reach the ends. An easier option, especially if you’re on your own, is to braid each side separately all the way down, then messily separate with your fingers before intertwining the braids and securing at the bottom. Either way, the result is gorgeous.

24Big Romantic Fishtail

With volume to the max, this is a dramatic look that isn’t meant for just any other day. Curl hair all over to give lots of body, and don’t be afraid to utilize extensions to get the most out of this style.

25Embellished Side Fishtail Braid

This standard side fishtail packs an added visual punch thanks to green and blue ribbon woven throughout. You can use colors to coordinate with your outfit, or for a pop of color against a neutral wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to play with different fabrics — think lace or beaded satin — for extra special events.



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