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Hair for Prom: 25 Stunning Short Prom Hairstyles

It is no secret that prom is one of the most special days in a young woman’s life. This is the day where you pamper yourself and are one step closer to adulthood. On this day, you go out get your nails done and pick out a stunning hairstyle. Picking out a hairstyle can be hard. You really want a style that will show off your beautiful facial features and dress. If you have short hair this will work for your advantage because you can show off these features with no problem. Many girls feel like they’re limited with short hair but that is not true. There are many fun and elegant styles that will look amazing on short hair. To help you on your special day a tad bit easier we have put together a list of 25 of our favorite prom hairstyles for short hair. We hope you find a style that fits you for your big day.

1Taylor Swift short curly style

Taylor Swift is not only America’s sweetheart but she is the epitome of elegance. We love this short and curly style that she is wearing that has a side-swept bang. We love the soft eye makeup paired with a red lipstick.

2Marilyn Monroe inspired hair

We are so loving this Marilyn Monroe inspired hair-do. The curls are lush and the part is deep to create a volumized curled bang. Pair with very natural eyes and a bold and classic red lip to tie the look together.

3Rose inspired crown

What a beautiful hair for prom! Inspired by flowers? Give this rose inspired crown a try. The hair is twisted and pinned in the shape of  roses. The hair is then intertwined into a circular shape creating the crown. Have a fun Diy moment and create your own rose embellishments using polymer clay and bobby pins.

4Curly tie back

We love this simple tie back style. This is completed with large barrel curls which you can get by using jumbo razors. Spray with a light holding spray for the perfect hold.

5 Crown braid updo

Jumbo crown braids are very popular updo hairstyles for prom! These are elegant and perfect for prom night. This style is imperfect and is perfect for the girl who is going for a country/rustic look. Pair with dainty headbands and dainty headpieces.

6Short and slicked back

Already rocking a short cut? Be simple and rock this super simple slicked back look. Start on freshly washed hair and style while wet. Allow to dry in desired style to get soft and bouncy hair. Instead of using  wet gel go for a wax type gel or edge control to avoid build up and flaking which doesn’t look to great in pictures.

7 Short and wavy bob

We are so loving this short and wavy bob. The deep side part creates a faux full bang. The brown and blonde look beautiful and natural together. Bobs are great for the girl who wants to wear big chunky pieces such as statement necklaces.

8 Textured side part cut

Are you more of the natural girl? Sometimes prom is not all about being bright and bold. We love this chocolate brown neck length cut with hints of orange and red. The minimal amount of makeup really allows the natural beauty to show.

9 Flipped low bun

Taylor swift looks gorgeous in the low bun. We love how the flipped bang adds a touch of elegance to the look while the rose pink lipstick adds a hint of fun.

10 Simple blonde cut

Christina looks gorgeous in this chin length blonde cut. This is not just your typical blonde, this blonde has yellow undertones which really warms up the skin and gives a nice golden glow. For girls with paler skin tones go for this color and also add a touch of bronzer to warm up the skin.

11 Low side bun with swooped bang

Lala Anthony always looks stunning when she steps on a red carpet. So it was no surprise how stunning this low side bun with a side swept bang is. This style is sleek and neat but also, soft so avoid using products that will give the hair too much crunch. Pair with your favorite statement earrings.

12 Top bun with full bang

Kelly Rowland looks fabulous in this very natural style. She is rocking a top fan like bun with a very full Chinese bang. If you have a more oval shaped face this style is perfect for you. Pair this with a red lipstick or a nude lipstick and dark eyes to go for a Japanese-inspired look.

13Simple twisted bun

We love how simple this bun is. Simply part your hair on the desired side. The take and fat twist your hair as close to the curve of your hair as possible. Then secure in a mid-bun. Add hair jewels to spice up the look.

14 Top bun with bow

Love prom hairstyles updos? Want to be the center of attention? Then try this top ballerina bun with a huge bow. You will definitely look like a model off of the runway and turn heads for sure. Want to totally set this look off? Add some color blocking to this look by making the bow a fun bold color.

15 Edgy volumised style

One of our favorite short hairstyles for prom. Add a bit of edge to your glam look by adding a simple pompadour to your look. Slick the sides of your hair back to show off your gorgeous earrings and cheek bones. Secure you pompadour with a jeweled hair clip instead of plain bobby pins to add a bit of flair.

16 Miley Cyrus tapered cut

We love this super high tapered cut that Miley is rocking. She has really been experimenting with her hair and this has to be one of our favorite styles. Add a touch of color to this platinum style to stand out from others because this is such a popular color choice.

17 Pink cut

Go bold with this shocking pink hair cut. This style is just a simple bowl cut but this color cranks it up a whole notch. If you are into street fashion then you may consider pairing this with a vintage style dress to complete the look.

18 Twisted side style

Turn your boring bob into this fun natural curled style. Take your favorite gel and scrunch your freshly washed and damp hair. Allow to dry and add a jumbo twist and pin back. A tip is to add oil to your hair the night before to avoid any grease spotting on your attire.

19Elegant prom updo hairstyles: Audrey Hepburn Inspired

Going for a more inspired look? Try Heidi Klum’s Audrey Hepburn inspired updo. Pair with your best pearls and a classic black and white dress.

20 Rihanna’s curly A-line bob

Rihanna is the queen of short cuts. We love this softer look that she went for with this super curly A-lined bob. To jazz this up add a pop of color to your ends.

21 Braided ballerina bun

Here we have a different take on the simple ballerina bun. Add a braid around the bun and give this simple style a whole new twist. Style with minimal makeup and drop style earrings. Add jewels with adhesive backs to your bun to make this look sparkle.

22 Short and natural

We love when women embrace their natural hair. Totally leave out the weave for prom. Style your TWA in a wash and go and throw on your best statement jewelry and totally make a statement. Add coconut oil or argan oil to avoid frizz as you dance your night away.

23 Curly tapered cut

How stunning is this tapered cut? Women have really been rocking the shortcuts lately and we’re loving it. The curls and red lip really dress up this entire look. Add a design to the nape area if you’re really feeling spontaneous.

24Sleek feathered style

We love this sleek style that Meagan Good is rocking. One side is slicked down behind the ear with a few fly-aways and the other side is feathered creating a bang type look. We love how the black and brown contrast but totally work together. To compliment, this look pair with a smokey eye and a nude lip color like fresh-brew from MAC.

25 Jumbo top bun

One go to style for all hair is a jumbo bun. If you have shorter hair then simply add your favorite extensions and style accordingly. Add a flower crown to complete this look. Fuller hairstyles always look best with more bold and arched eyebrows.



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