35 Stunning Sew In Hairstyles


35 Stunning Sew In Hairstyles

Sew in hairstyles offer up tons of variety for anyone looking to get drastically longer hair in a day or whose natural hair could use a protective rest. While wigs and other types of extensions offer similar results, sew in hairstyles allow more freedom of movement (ever tried working out in a wig?), and won’t damage your natural hair the way that glue in extensions can. If you opt for a sew-in hairstyle, your stylist will braid your natural hair in a specific pattern, depending on where you want to part your finished style. Once braids are installed, wefts of hair are sewn into them, creating a seamless style that can last for two or more months. If you’re determined to get a brand new head of hair ASAP, these stunning sew in hairstyles will provide you with more than enough inspiration.

1Mid Length Curls

If your sew in extensions are made from human hair, you can use a curling iron or hot rollers to add these soft curls to your mid length sew in hairstyle. For synthetic hair sew ins, avoid using heat unless you’ve tested it on hair prior to installation.

2Bodacious Waves And Curls

For a super voluminous look that won’t get boring, try using different textures of hair in your long sew in style. This look features natural wave hair in the inner layers, while a dramatic deep wave makes up the style’s outer portion.

3Straight Blunt Bob

Sew in hairstyles are a fun way to get crazy long or dramatically curly hair, but they can also help you achieve a sophisticated bob hairstyle. This silky straight blunt cut lands right at the collarbone to create a chic and manageable sew in hairstyle that’s great for professional workplaces.

4Kinky Straight Sew In

Meant to mimic natural kinky hair when it’s been straightened, this sew in style strikes the perfect balance between long extensions and obviously natural hair.

5Blonde Ombre Waves

With the popularity of both ombre and sew in hairstyles, there are tons of options out there for purchasing bundles that have already been dyed. But if you want precise control over the color of your sew in style, human hair extensions can be colored by you or your stylist after they’re installed.

6Blunt Style With Streak

This longer blunt style features a deep side part for maximum dramatic effect, while a blonde streak near the face adds extra interest and a warm pop of color.

7Honey Blonde Straight Sew In

This warm shade of honey blonde does an excellent job of highlighting golden tan skin tones, making it the perfect sew in style if you’re looking for a radiant glow.

8Body Wave With Bangs

Utilizing a specific braid pattern can allow for bangs with your sew in hairstyle, offering up a wide range of styles to suit specific face shapes. These long lash-grazing bangs are an especially good choice for women who are trying to conceal a larger forehead, or anyone with an oblong face.

9Body Wave With French Braids

These french braids help to pull thick body wave hair up and away from the face, allowing you to wear this long sew in hairstyle without the thick extensions obscuring your face.

10Dramatic A-Line Bob

An extremely steep angle brings all of the drama to this A-line sew in style, while a warm golden brown color helps to show off the hair’s texture and sheen.

11Dimensional Bronde Style

Hitting all the right notes between blonde and brown, this ultra long sew in hairstyle features one of the year’s biggest color trends.

12Midnight Blue Inverted Bob

A midnight blue shade makes this bob sultry and mysterious, while the deep side part and straight texture create a silhouette that lengthens the appearance of a round face.

13Layered Bob

Bouncy and fun, this layered bob is a low-key look that’s perfect for your first foray into sew in hairstyles.

14Long Big Curls

This ultra long sew in hairstyle shows off one of the many textures that wearing hair extensions can make available to you every day.

15Maroon Silky Straight Sew In

Upgrade your silky straight sew in hairstyle with a deep maroon color that’s perfect for fall or winter.

16Long Side Parted Curls

The deep side part in this long sew in style adds an air of vintage glamour that will still fit with your modern wardrobe and makeup choices. Wear it in a deep eggplant shade if you’re looking for a dark color that looks amazing against skin with olive or golden undertones.

17Long Straight Layers

If you’re after a classic long hairstyle that’s young and fun, this silky straight sew in will have you running your fingers through your hair all day. Flicked layers that frame the face in this sew in style help to draw the eye outward and prevent this long, straight hair from causing the face to look long and drawn.

18Purple Kinky Straight Style

This kinky straight sew in has just enough texture to keep hair from looking ultra shiny, offering up a nice contrast with the hair’s vibrant purple shade.

19Undercut Pixie

The perfect edgy cut for summer, this undercut pixie only requires sew in extensions on the top half of the head.

20Natural Kinky Weave

Naturally textured sew in extensions can be used to fill in and enhance your existing curly style, or to completely create one while your short or damaged hair stays protected.

21Rose Gold Curls

Don’t let the rose gold hair trend pass you by. Not only is this color super trendy, but it does an excellent job of bringing out warm golden tones in your skin and eyes.

22Mid Length Sombre Sew In

This natural looking sew in style is perfect for women who want to have flawless Saturday night hair and still look professional on Monday morning.

23Textured Blunt Bob

Textured ends help to keep this blunt sew in style looking light and airy, which is an essential element of any above-the-shoulder look.

24Long Deep Wave

The texture of this deep wave hair lends itself to more bohemian styling that glamorous deep or body wave styles. Give this sew in hairstyle a try before a beach vacation or music festival excursion where you want to look laid-back and effortlessly chic.

25Chic Short Bob

This chic sew in style hits just below the ears, creating a perky bob that’s especially fun to try if you’re getting bored of longer extensions. With a deep side part that slims the appearance of the face, this bob is perfect for women with round or heart-shaped faces.

26Ruby Red Water Wave

If you have tan skin with olive or caramel colored notes, you owe it to yourself to try out this deep shade of ruby red hair. If you don’t believe us, take a look back at all of the times Rihanna wore this color and looked like a radiant, glowing goddess.

27Deep Wave Lob

Love deep waves but don’t want a mile of hair trailing behind you everywhere you go? This lob length sew in style is a perfect in-between length, showing off hair’s texture while still looking bouncy and fun.

28Purple Color Melt

A perfect purple color melt in shades of mauve, violet, and amethyst makes for a super trendy sew in style that was made for women with warm, deep complexions.

29Curly Volume Sew In

Although it’s nice to wear a sew in style with perfectly straight strands, this protective style can also mimic a more natural curl pattern. To get this style, look for extensions that are labeled “Curly” or “Kinky Curly” hair.

30Straight Asymmetrical Style

This high drama, silky straight sew in is perfect for powerful women with an outgoing sense of style. Concealing one side of the face is an excellent slimming technique, meaning ladies with fuller cheeks will love how this silhouette frames their face.

31Long Pixie Sew In

Sew ins might be more common with longer looks, but this technique can also be used to create flirty pixies that work for the lifestyles of busy, professional women.

32Ultraviolet Asymmetrical Bob

Layered color in vibrant violet and deep sapphire help to elevate this sew in hairstyle from a sophisticated asymmetrical bob to a show-stopping sensation.

33Long Centre Parted Waves

Ridiculously long centre-parted waves give you a luxurious head of hair while you’re natural strands stay safely under wraps. If you’re looking for a sew in extensions that are girly to the max, this gorgeous style is for you.

34Feathered Curls Sew In

Feathered curls that flick away from the face bring some vintage charm to this sew in hairstyle without taking you all the way back to the ’70s. If you’ve got a long, slim face, this silhouette will bring some width and balance to your cheeks.

35Cool Pastel

Pastel colored hair is all the rage, and sew in hairstyles are the perfect way to get in on this trend without lightening or damaging your natural hair. This style keeps things cool with shades of blue and purple, a color palette that’s especially flattering against deep skin with golden or blue undertones.

36Elegant Lilac Bob

Another gorgeous purple pastel colored bob! To achieve this gorgeous ob style you’ll need to use human hair body wave weave.

37Side swept bob

We loe this deep side part bob sew in! So elegant and natural looking and is great for special occasion or just a day at the office.




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