French Braid Tutorial

How To Do A French Braid

Not just a cute hairstyle for little girls, french braids are a great way for anyone to keep their hair up and out of the way. To french braid your hair, divide the chosen section into three equal sized strands, then begin braiding as you would a normal three strand braid: take the section from the right and cross it over to the middle of the braid, then pick up the left piece and cross it over the middle of the braid. Once you’ve completed one full stitch, cross the right section over to the middle again, but this time pick up and add some loose hair to the braid. Do the same with the left section, and repeat this process until you run out of hair. The size of the pieces of hair you use will determine how thick your braid is. Using thinner pieces will create an intricate braid that takes a little longer, while larger pieces make for an easier, chunky looking style. Check out our favorite french braided styles!

1Classic French Braid

The french braid is a classic hairstyle that you’ll need at least shoulder length hair to pull off. Begin braiding at the top of the head, and add even sections of hair into the braid to complete the timeless look. For new braiders, it can be hard to work at the back of your head, and you might need some practice before pulling this off on your own.

2Chunky French Braid Pony

Pick up a wide section of hair at your hairline starting from around the temples, and being the french braiding technique, adding large sections of hair as you go. Once you’ve reached the back of the head, pick up any loose hair left below the braid, and tie everything into a ponytail. For a nice final touch, wrap the base of your ponytail with a loose piece of hair to conceal the elastic.

3Bob With Side French Braids

We tend to think of braids as a style meant for longer hair, but they’re a perfect addition to bob length styles, and especially good for keeping face framing hair securely in place. To get this look, part your bob to one side, and braid a fairly thick french braid down each side, pinning behind the ears.

4French Boxer Braids

These twin french braids are tightly executed, and are all over social media right now. To make your braids pop when viewed from any angle, position them closer to your ears than the centre of your head.

5Diagonal French Braid

This style puts a twist on the classic french braid, beginning around the left temple and ending on the right side of the head. Use the exact same technique as a classic french braid, but gently angle the braid from one side to the other.

6Messy Side Bun Updo

Begin your french braid at one side of the head, and wrap down and back up around as you continue braiding, creating a wreath shape. Once you’ve reached the back of your head on the opposite side from where you started, secure hair with an elastic, then pin hair in your favorite messy bun.

7Loose Chunky French Braid

This version of the classic french braid pulls hair loosely backwards, beginning the braid at the back of the head rather than on top. For women with long, thick hair, the end result oozes casual romance.

8Skinny French Braid Updo

An example of a more intricate french braid, this skinny french braid is created by beginning with smaller sections of hair, and picking up equally small sections as you braid.

9Double French Braids

This double braided style is one of the trendiest ways for women to wear their long hair, and is a great way to show off highlights or layered color styles. Be sure to keep hair taut when braiding near the nape of the neck to avoid bubbling or loose, uneven looking braids.

10Half Up French Braid

If you don’t feel like braiding your whole head, this style is a quick option that will keep hair out of your face, and looks prettier than a basic half-up ponytail.


11French Braided Updo For Short Hair

Once you’ve got a handle on french braiding, this elegant updo makes for an incredibly easy way to dress up shorter hair. Simply divide hair in half, creating a french braid on each side of the head, and pin any trailing hair to the back of your head.

12Loose French Braid

The classic french braid’s carefree sister, you can get this look by loosely adding pieces to your french braid instead of pulling them taut. Don’t be afraid to let a few loose tendrils escape from the braid, and finish with a deliberately messy technique, wrapping a few loose pieces around your braid.

13Easy French Braid Undercut

French braids are a great way to frame your undercut style while adding a feminine touch to a haircut that can be more challenging to dress up.

14French Pigtails

Half french braid and half cute pigtails, this style is the perfect mix between a childhood favorite and trendy look that’ll have you taking selfies all day.

15Backwards French Braid

This interesting twist on the french braided style probably isn’t one you’ve seen around much, because it’s pretty hard to pull off on your own. If you have a friend who loves braiding or are a certified hair wizard yourself, it’s a great way to let the back of your head get some of the attention, and makes a great addition to high bun styles.

16Easy French Braided Bangs

Want to keep hair out of your eyes without pulling it back completely? This skinny french braid frames the face, and only requires a slight modification from the classic french braid technique. Because this braid will fall across your forehead, you’ll only be picking up a section of hair when crossing over the highest piece as you braid.

17Cascading French Braid

Pick up a piece of hair from the crown of your head and begin braiding in the simple three strand braid technique. Once you’ve braided two or three stitches, pick up loose hair for one stitch of the braid. Continue this pattern of alternating a three-strand braid with the french technique of adding hair into the braid until you’re near the end, then secure ends together with an elastic.

18Simple Side Braid

This braid adds to your ponytail without stealing the show. French braid a section of whatever size you’d like, then gather hair into a ponytail and your look is complete.

19Triple French Braid High Pony

These three french braids put a new spin on the high ponytail style. Not only is this one of the easiest french braid looks to do on your own hair, but it works for every occasion from special events to outdoor adventures.

20French Braid Mohawk

A tight french braid like this on each side of the head helps to create a mohawk silhouette, especially when paired with teased hair running down the middle of the head.

21Half Up Pastel Style

French braids are the perfect accompaniment to a trendy double bun style, and they show off this dreamy palette of pastel shades like no other style can.

22Flower Embellished French Braid

This chunky french braid is whimsically accessorized with little flowers, making it the perfect style for your casual wedding in the park or any day you want to add a touch of spring to your hair.

23Faux Undercut French Braid

By pulling the hair tight to one side of the head, this easy-to-do side french braid creates a faux undercut silhouette. Perfect for ladies who love the edgy style but won’t commit to taking a set of clippers to their cherished long hair.

24French Faux Hawk

To get this faux hawk updo, you’ll need to create a french braid down the middle of your head with lots of volume. Use a texturizing spray and tease hair to pump it up before you create your french braid, or use clip-in extensions for an even higher dramatic look. Once your french braid is finished, make a three-strand braid on the left and right side of the head, then wrap them towards the back to hold the whole style together, and pin in place.

25Braids and Bows

This sophisticated take on the previous style features a more subtle french braid down the middle of the head, and looks more bridal than editorial. Embellishing with a bow or other accessory is an optional way to tie the look together with your outfit or tailor it towards a specific event.

26French Fishtail Combination

Once you feel like you’ve mastered the french braiding technique, you can have fun mixing it up with other types of braids. This look begins with a classic, thick french braid down the side of the head. Once you’ve reached the ear, gather the remainder of the hair together with the ends of your french braid and switch to the fishtail braiding technique until you reach the ends.



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