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How To Pineapple Your Hair | Pineapple Hairstyles

Wondering how to keep your curls intact while sleeping? Most women with curly hair dread waking up in the morning to flattened curls that are riddled with frizz and lifeless. Yes, cotton fabrics and most synthetics your bed sheets are made with are culprits of this situation, right alongside your crazy sleep time moves.

One of the most recommended and praised workarounds for this situation is the pineapple method. The name stands for gathering your hair in a ponytail on the very top of your head and let your curls sit there, making your head resemble, yes, a pineapple!

1When To Use The Pineapple Method

You can use the pineapple method just as part of your nighttime routine. It works wonders to preserve braid outs, twists outs and wash and gos.

Pineapple method can also be the foundation of your daily low manipulation hairstyle, as it prevents friction and keeps you from touching your hair more than necessary. Pineapple hairstyles can be styled up or down, from just running errands to cocktail parties, by incorporating pins, styling products, and moisture.

2Pineapple Method For Wrapping Your Hair At Night

First, the tools: your pineapple needs good quality scrunchies or ouchless bands and a silk scarf.

Turn your head downwards so that your curls rest upside down. Using both hands, gently gather your hair, trying to stretch the areas or your hair that might be shorter, like the nape. Once you’ve managed to hold your hair in one hand use the scrunchie or ouchless band to secure your hair.

Don’t overdo it with the elastics band, for most, a single wrap or two at most will do. It’s important to avoid a high amount of tension when using bands or using elastics that can cause breakage, as this will be sitting right in the mid-length section of your hair.

When all your hair is in place, wrap a silk scarf around the stretched part of your hair.

3Styling You Hair After Sleeping In Pineapple Method

The way you take down you pineapple is just as important as sleeping in a wrap. To avoid dreaded setbacks in the very busy and humor shaping morning hours, take these notes into consideration:

  • Keep you pineapple until it’s styling time: Don’t take down your hair from the pineapple before washing your face and body, make breakfast or any other morning activity, take it down when you are ready to style it and head out the door.
  • Dab a little bit oil on your fingers: Oiled fingers will minimize the risk of causing frizz when styling while adding shine to your hair.
  • Puff: Using your hands or an afro pick, gently separate curls that might have stuck together overnight to recuperate your hair’s volume.
  • Spritz: A simple mist of water or aloe vera juice will also help your curls bounce back to their regular style, but make sure you don’t over do it as it can cause shrinkage or rinse out your styling products.
  • Be ok with a little imperfection: After two or three days and depending of your hair health, curl pattern, weather, etc. you might struggle with a little flatness on one side or a bit of frizz. Relax, this it what makes your hair unique and enjoyable too!

4Pineapple Method For Hairstyling

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the pineapple method, you can add up extra steps to turn it into a incredible hairstyle!

  • Add a bit of leave-in conditioner or spritz your hair with water to make styling easier.
  • For stretched roots and laid edges, try using an elastic headband or a fabric rope to wrap your hair as closer to your skull as possible
  • At this point you can use your favorite product for edge control on your hairline and baby hair and brushing it gently. Then wrap it under a silk scarf for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Undo the wrap and fluff your hair to your desired volume and voilá!

5Best Pineapple Hairstyles

From office hours to date nights, pineapple hairstyles are a stylish and gorgeous trend that’s easy to do at home and can help you prolong the life of your curls for several days! Give these styles a try and bookmark your favorites for inspiration.

6Band And Bang Pineapple Hairstyle

Minimal tension and extra care. This style uses a long bandana or scarf to wrap around your pineapple. Instead of pulling all of your hair together, let out some hair on the front to work as a bang. Throw a bow on top for extra flair!

7Full Bang Pineapple With Red Hair

This style takes advantage of gorgeous red ombre hair to make the pineapple pop! Working from a good flexi rod out that can be two to three days old, this pineapple still holds definition with a good amount of volume.

8Full Orange Bang Pineapple Hairstyle

To achieve this look make sure to lightly dampen your hair length and apply a good edge control product. Keep your bang in place with bobby pins or a loose braid. Great style to revamp a wash and go.

9Full Swap Bang Pineapple Hairstyle

This hairstyle is accomplished on days long braid outs that have stretched most of your curls. Full-length hair has the capacity to lay down in this side bang style that you can keep under control with a wide headband.

10High Contrast Pineapple Puff

Tame back you full volume wash and go with a good pineapple puff. Loving the variation between roots and tips on this hairstyle that brings added depth to the hair.

11High Puff Pineapple Hairstyle

Rock inspiration for the curl nation! Choose a bandana of your favorite color and use it to keep your curls laid, match it with a high puff for a dramatic and fun look.

12Loose Pineapple With Bangs

Casual and romantic, this style is great for 3B or 3C hair types. The bangs and high puff give a bunch of movement while keeping your hair out of harm’s way.

13Casual Pineapple

The beauty is in the details. Curled up defined sides give this hairstyle a chic touch. Great for the workweek or a brunch/picnic Sunday.

14Loose Bun Wrapped Pineapple

The best of both worlds! Pineapple method is actually a great way to achieve the messy bun look on curly hair, just make sure to wrap it without crimping your ends to prevent breakage and damaging your curl pattern.

15Loose Curls Pineapple

Can you do a pineapple puff with wavy or light curly hair? You absolutely can! Work with a pineapple that’s sitting higher and toward your face to achieve this delicious cascading look.

16Mid Part Twist Pineapple

Add as many details as you like to your pineapple puff. Section and curl your hair and secure it with bobby pins to take a break from shorter bangs.

17Mohawk Pineapple

Suited for longer hair -think shoulder length hair- you can make you pineapple look like a mohawk by shaping it with your hand and a styling comb. Try to pull and set the front of your pineapple along the very top of your head and fluff your hair upwards, not sideways.

18Pineapple Hair With Headband

Our favorite part about this hairstyle is that it can be created just with a hair scarf, no need for bobby pins or extra elastic bands. Perfect for shorter hair, this style can be casual or elegant, depending on how tight and defined you decide to leave your curls.

19Pineapple Hairstyle With Baby Hairs

Laid edges and baby hair are a great pairing for a pineapple puff. Use a soft brush to apply your gels or creams and set it with a scarf for 15 to 20 minutes.

20Side Braids Pineapple

Inspired by African braid hairstyles, pineapple can be accessorized with braids for amazing results. In this case, the reverse Fulani style braids lets some hair fall around your face to highlight your features.

21Top And Forward Pineapple Hairstyle

A great one for looser curl patterns, do this style at home by letting your pineapple sit as forward as you can without letting go of the hair on your nape (even if a couple of curls come lose you can bring them in with a bobby pin)

22Turban Wrap Pineapple

A classic never dies! Simple and gorgeous, this turban wrap is achieved by simply layering a long scarf (enough to do two or three wraps) around your head and puffing the hair that sits on top. The thicker the fabric, the more balance and earthy it looks.

23Twist Out Pineapple Hairstyle

Well, not every pineapple puff has to sit exactly on top. This twist out stands out by bringing the hair a tad to the side creating a cascading effect that can look like a bang even if you actually don’t have one. Great for days old twist outs.

24Wedding Updo Pineapple Hairstyle

Can you see just how much this hairstyle would grace your eyes and neck? A perfect example of how elegant and stylish a pineapple updo can be. Complement your style with natural or synthetic flowers, golden threads or bobby pins to make you pineapple glow.

25Parts And Twists Pineapple Hairstyle

This pineapple hairstyle can last for a few days! Divide the front of your hair into eight rectangle hair parts and twist or braid them into the desired height of your puff.

26Side Swept Pineapple

This pineapple hairstyle features beautiful and big curls side swept to one side and fall around the face.

27Cute tight curls

Simple and comfy! These dark red tight curls are super cute and stylish!

28Twist Out Pineapple

This gorgeous twist out style is braided on the sides and the curls are pulled up and fall on one side of the face , creating a semi mohawk look.

29Super Loose Pineapple

This pineapple style is so stunning, and can be worn for a day at the office or a special event.



  1. I have always thought of a pineapple only as a nighttime hair solution but after scrolling through the many style ideas here I realize it would be a great alternative to doing to high slicked up puff which is always so rough on my hair coming back down. I am going to try that this week!


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