Short Layered Haircuts

30 Short Layered Haircuts

Layers can be one of the most misunderstood elements of hairstyles, and choosing between short or long, choppy or wispy, leaves many women feeling confused. We tend to think of layers in terms of longer haircuts, but they’re usually more noticeable (and therefore more important) when it comes to shorter cuts like bobs and pixies. If you’ve been dreaming of a shorter style that’s lightweight with tons of movement and personality, one of these short layered haircuts just might be the inspiration for your newest look.

1Wispy Blonde Shag

Cut with three distinct layers, this blonde shag cut has wispy ends that are perfect for keeping things light during warmer months. If you’ve got ultra fine hair, try going for a style with less layering in the back, which can make your hair look limp instead of light.

2Softly Short Layered Bob

This bob has long pieces in the front, making it easy to manage around the face, while a series of layers towards the sides and the back eliminate bulk around the neck. This is a popular haircut among professional women thanks to its mix of sophisticated style and wearability.

3Piecey Pixie Bob

This pixie bob is the perfect mash up of the most popular short cuts, and a great way to wear your short hair with layers. Piecey bits at the sides give this style a fairy-like quality that reminds us of the short hair boom of the ’90s.

4Textured Round Bob

On first glance, this bob looks like it’s constructed from a blunt cut, but actually features textured layers at the sides that help to give it a rounded silhouette and vintage, mod vibe. This kind of rounded cut looks best on women with slim, angular faces, and anyone trying to downplay full cheeks should steer clear of this style.

5Long Pixie Shag

Kris Jenner’s signature pixie shag has lots of long pieces on top that get extra movement and bounce thanks to some undercutting at the sides. Haters love to criticize Kris for not switching up her look, but that doesn’t take away from the stylish versatility of this layered momager cut.

6Layered Bob With Straight Bangs

This style features an interesting contrast between the geometric line of the straight bang and the softness in the rest of the hair thanks to its textured layers. If you love straight bangs but think they look too harsh with a blunt cut all around, this layered style is the perfect middle ground.

7Wavy Short Layered Bob Haircut

A soft way to wear shorter hair, this style has layers and side swept bangs that create a manageable but sophisticated look.

8Chic Shag Short Layered Haircut

If you want to try a short, layered haircut, but are worried it might look dated, try this chic, French-inspired style. With soft movement in the ends, long bangs, and subtle highlighting to play up the texture, this is one of the most flattering and fashion forward ways to wear a shag.

9Shaggy Pixie

This tomboy style is what happens when you combine a low maintenance pixie with enough length and layering to add some feminine detail. If you’re looking to add a little more interest, try combining this style with an platinum or pastel hue that’s out of your comfort zone.

10Shag Bob With Centre Parted Bangs

Not only are these centre parted bangs easy to maintain and style, but they look good on just about anyone. The rest of Heidi Klum’s layered style is creating a fairly rounded shape, meaning it looks best on women with long, or oval faces.

11Short Angled Bob

One of the most popular bob shapes for low maintenance wear, this cut is as close as it gets to ‘wash and go’ for women with thick, straight hair.

12Tousled Shaggy Bob

This shaggy bob creates a youthful, carefree bed-head look for women with wavy hair. If you want to recreate this look, but your hair has less natural texture, avoid brushing or blow drying hair, and create loose curls by wrapping tendrils of hair around a slim curling iron.

13Long Bang Pixie Bob

Another example of the hybrid cut pixie bob, this version has some layering in the bangs that make them fun to play with, and allow you some freedom to experiment with the depth of your part.

14Retro Curly Short Layered Haircut

This retro inspired haircut features longer layers on top, so that larger curls can form, and keeps hair closely cropped at the sides and back. When styled, the silhouette created adds length to the face, making it a good choice for women trying to balance out rounded cheeks or a fuller face.

15Stacked Bob With Layered Color

The precision cut layers in the back of this bob not only help to keep the style light and bouncy in the back, but they show off the brunette color that’s been layered underneath. This type of color dynamic creates the illusion of depth, and helps to make hair look endlessly thick.

16Layered Boy Cut Pixie

One of the shortest haircuts on our list, this boy cut pixie has a few layered details to add feminine lightness, like longer pieces near the ears and wispy bangs. Although it may look like a wash-and-go style, even women with naturally straight hair usually require some product to get this effortless looking pixie.

17Inverted Bob With Layers

The wavy layers in this bob style make it the perfect way to add some romance to your short hair. If you’ve been thinking about exploring highlights and dimensional color, this is the cut for you.

18Long Pixie With Razored Layers

The long bang pieces make this haircut look like a bob in front, while the back is cut into choppy layers that have a razor finished look.

19Layered Lavender Pixie

With longer pieces on top layered over short curved bangs, and close cropped hair at the back, this lavender pixie is a step up from your typical short haircut, even if you don’t opt for the fairy-inspired color.

20Layered Waves Bob

If you love chin length bobs but want a look that’s softer than a blunt cut, these subtle layers add some movement to your style, and create a classic, weightless shape that can be dressed up and sophisticated or flirty and playful.

21Rounded Pixie Cut

This rounded pixie features layers to keep it from looking too much like a bowl cut, while undercutting at the back and sides gives the haircut lots of movement on top.

22Choppy 90s Shag

Since we’re seeing so many ’90s trends making comebacks, why not try out the choppy shag that helped propel Meg Ryan into ’90s superstardom? With straighter styling and less dramatic layering than Jennifer Aniston’s famous ’90s cut, we think this retro shag is a more wearable choice for today.

23Sophisticated Pixie

You don’t have to be growing out a buzz cut to wear a pixie this short, but precision cutting by an experienced stylist is a must, and layering is key to making a super short cut look feminine.

24Smooth Bob

With textured layers concentrated towards the back of the head, this bob has a smooth and seamless look that’s the opposite of choppy.

25Tousled Choppy Bob

Not only is this bob cut with choppy layers, but it’s also been styled to tousled, beachy perfection. Use a product like sea salt spray to give a grittier texture, especially if you’ve got healthy hair that’s naturally silky and straight.

26Shaved Undercut Bob

The most dramatic and edgy of undercuts involves shaving hair very close to the scalp, and is especially impressive when it’s combined with a playful feminine haircut. This asymmetrical bob has layers in the back to give it lots of bounce, and the undercut provides edgy detailing that actually helps to make styling easier.

27Short Layered Bob

With long pieces in front that sweep across the face and piecey layers at the sides, this short layered bob creates an ultra youthful look that also minimizes the weight of heavy hair.

28Sultry Layered Waves

With its centre part and lazy waves, this is a shorter version of one of the subtly layered lob that’s been the trendiest cut of the past several years, thanks to its versatility and wearability for different hair types and face shapes. This short version is equally wearable, although women with round faces might want to stick with the longer style.

29Short Wavy Shag

Instead of being styled straight or flicked out, this short wavy style puts a more youthful, modern twist on the shag style. Avoid very short layers on the sides unless you’re going for the ’80s rock star look.

30Layered Bob With Choppy Baby Bangs

As if the shaggy layers didn’t bring enough personality, this bob is topped off with short, choppy bangs that will make your eyes stand out and send tons of compliments your way. If you’re afraid to take the plunge with these drastic bangs, a rounded fringe that lands just above the brows is a more polished way to get the same face framing effect.

SO which one of these short layered haircuts is your favorite?



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