Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Cute Natural Hairstyles For Short Haired Beauties

Wearing hair in its natural texture represents a journey for a lot of women, as transitioning from chemically altered or heat-straightened styles can be difficult. Whether you’re just starting out and have super short hair or you’ve chosen to keep your natural locks in a style that’s not so long, short natural hairstyles don’t have to be boring. With tons of different cutting and styling techniques available, kinky and curly hair comes with a wide range of options to suit any woman’s face shape or personal style. From ultra short buzzed looks to tapered curly styles that play with color and form, we’ve got you covered. No matter where you are on your hair journey, these cute short natural hairstyles will give you plenty of fresh inspiration.

1Tapered Curls With Edge Control

This short, tapered curly style makes use of laid down edges to create some shape and dimension around the face. Choosing the proper product for this style is key, as some edge control tends to flake or lose its hold throughout the day. If you plan on wearing this style two days in a row, wetting your edges to reactivate a strong hold product instead of piling more on top.

2Natural Half Up Style

This half up style is great for keeping hair partially secured without pulling your entire head into a tight bun or puff style. Wearing a style like this too often can cause problems with damaged edges, so you’ll want to rotate more tightly pulled looks like this through your repertoire of favorite styles.

3Tapered Mohawk Curls

Tapered curls around the back and sides of this natural hairstyle create a glamorous but feminine take on a mohawk style. With hair tighter at the sides and with more volume on top, this natural hairstyle can balance out faces with fuller cheeks.

4Crossed Twist Puff Style

Twisted bangs in a crossed pattern add a little extra detail to a puff style on days when you don’t have a ton of extra time to style your natural hair.

5Cute Bantu Knots

A protective style that works well with both relaxed or natural hair, bantu knots have a long history, and have enjoyed renewed popularity in modern style thanks to iconic women like Rihanna, and Mel B. An added bonus to this style is that after bantu knots are unraveled they can give your natural hair a new curly texture.

6Tapered Curls With Accessories

You can get these spiral textured curls in your short natural hair by using a twist out method, finished with accessories to make your short hairstyle feel chic and appropriate for a special occasion.

7Short Side Parted Curls

If you’re concerned a shorter natural hairstyle will look shapeless, utilizing a part can make a big difference in how you feel about your hair. Directing curls or having them cut with a part in mind helps to create looks that flatter and frame your face, and will look like a more deliberate hairstyle even on days when you don’t spend a lot of time getting your strands just right.

8Head Wrap High Puff Style

A head wrap might feel like something you pull out on an extra casual day, but they can help to tie together your look or give your natural hair a little extra help staying in place without using tons of product. If you’re wearing a head wrap or band at night, be sure to switch to something with a silky texture to keep hair from rubbing and frizzing.

9Blonde Tapered Curls

This curly tapered cut is great for slimming and elongating the face, and creates a professional vibe for women who are looking to switch up their look. A lighter honey blonde color throughout the top of this style blends into a medium brown shade around the back and sides, giving the look lots of depth and a natural feel.

10Curly Fade Natural Hairstyle for Short Hair

Very short faded hair at the sides of your face may feel like a big style leap, but you’ll be rewarded with a style that brightens up your face and makes you look and feel more confident. This look also features a slight drop fade around the back which you can leave in or out based on personal preference.

11Cute Super Short Tapered Afro

This perfectly shaped afro has a tapered shape that looks incredibly feminine.

12Cute Half Up Double Puffs

Put your natural hair up in double puff style that’s a shout-out to the best in ’90s hair fashion. This half-up version is perfect for ladies whose natural hair is too short to all be tied up together.

13Sculpted Tapered Curls

This short curly style has been expertly tapered to created a side-parted look with bangs that sweep across the forehead. Give this look a try if you’re trying to minimize a large forehead or avoid a curly cut that gives your head a perfectly round silhouette.

14Edged Up Fade Natural Hair

Who says freshly edged up styles are only for men? Ladies who wear their natural hair super short will find that fuzzy strands around the hairline can make your look feel messy and unkempt, while keeping your cropped style perfectly lined up makes you feel like a million dollars. Incorporate a razor line detail in the front for an added touch of edge in this super short natural style.

15Bantu Knot Out Natural Hairstyle for Short Hair

This is one beautiful example of the style you can achieve using a bantu knot out technique, which can create newly textured curls both on natural or straightened hair. To try this look, dampen your hair with water, then apply your favorite curl product to small sections before twisting and securing in a bantu knot. Once your knots are finished, you’ll need to let them dry completely either using a hair dryer or by wearing your bantu knot style for a day or two. Remove when knots are fully dried, and separate curls to your desired look, finishing with product.

16Two Tone Mohawk Short Hair

Unlike some shorter hairstyles that only pretend to be mohawks, this style is straight-up edge with its shaved sides and razor line details. The color pattern sticks to the theme of bold choices, opting for a two-tone look that’s honey blonde in the front half of the mohawk while the back is left natural black.

17High And Tight Fade

If you want to create an incredibly bold contrast against your feminine features, try this military-inspired high and tight style. With a high skin fade around the back and sides, you’ll love the styling freedom and natural face contouring that come with this look.

18Half Up Triple Braided Style

Use three simple braids to keep your natural curls away from your face on days when you’re short on styling time. It’s a simple look to keep in your back pocket

19Pulled Back Curls With Pouff

Pulling hair away from your face can make a big difference in opening up your features, and is an easy styling technique for most women to pull off. A pouff at the bangs helps to add some height to this style, creating the sneaky illusion that you’ve had an overnight growth spurt.

20Honey Blonde Drop Fade

If an ultra short style feels too plain for your natural hair, experimenting with color can help you feel more feminine.

21Cute Tapered Curls Pixie

A tapered technique gives you the natural curls version of a pixie style, complete with blonde highlights to help accentuate curls. Depending on your natural curl pattern, a two-strand twist out can help you achieve springier curls that help to really make this cut and color pop.

22Natural Short Deva Cut

A cutting technique for curly hair that’s revolutionized the way many natural women wear their locks, the Deva cut features expert cutting that works with instead of against your curl pattern. This shorter version creates an incredible, gravity-defying shape that keeps natural hair looking light and bouncy.

23Half Twist Style On Short Hair

If you’re trying to grow out your natural hair, styling can be a challenge in some awkward in between periods. This half twisted style is a good way to keep hair away from your face when it’s too short to tie up in puffs or a similar style.

24Pastel Pink Curls

Go crazy bold by transforming your short natural hair into a pastel pink masterpiece. Because you’ll need to chemically lighten your hair to achieve this pastel shade, we only recommend this look for natural haired ladies who are confident in the strength and health of their strands.

25Natural Coily Tapered Cut

If you’ve got a coily pattern in your hair, a tapered cut can help create shape and definition that leaves your short, natural hairstyles requiring less styling time. The part detail seen here is a nice added touch and can be placed at varying positions to best flatter your face shape.

26Knit Cap Nonsense

Looking for cute natural short hairstyles alternative to toying with your texture in the mornings? Throw on a slouchy knit cap (secure with pins if you want it really far back on your head) and your good to face the day with no heat! This is one of our favorite natural hairstyles for black women!

27Shaped Taper Short Natural Hairstyles

Take a note from Nupita: a fashionable, short taper with a styled top looks just as good as spending hours with a flat iron. Use the time you would have spent applying heat to your hair to apply a dashing red lip!

28Super Short Pixie

No matter your hair’s natural texture, a close-cropped pixie will always look cute. Keep un-tameable hair under control by getting your stylist to chop your locks so they fall high on your forehead and stay off your ears.

29Black Natural Hairstyles: Put a Bow on it

If you’re looking for short natural curly hairstyles, Nothing is cuter or sweeter than a hairbow! If your ‘do is too short to keep a bow pinned, opt for a headband with a bow attached or DIY one yourself. There’s no need to style with heat when you can accessorize!

30Peach Fuzz Natural Super Short Cut

Ready to take a daring plunge? Opt for a buzz cut: buzzed hair on women is becoming big and you’ll be able to move away from any previously damaged length. We love how Amber Rose pairs these golden big earings with her peach fuzz ‘do!

31Shaggy Undercut For Short Hair

Looking for funky hairstyles for natural hair? If you have straight (or straight-er) natural hair, opt to keep a bit of length and shear your sides. An undercut with a longer top layer looks incredibly glamorous; if you ever need help styling your strip, a bit of gel or hair spray can do the trick.

32Fancy Frohawk Short Black Hairstyles

The frohawk is a pretty chic look and you can create it with your natural texture: rock your curls! We love how the model has hers faded and dyed the front tips for even more of a ‘rockstar’ vibe.

33Pinned Side Top

If you want a style that looks effortlessly cool no matter your texture, pull the top layer of your hair back or to the side and secure with bobby pins or an elastic. You can braid it or leave it natural. This look can also be done with rag-curled or other non-heat curled hair.

34Crowning Achievement

Crown braids are undeniably fashionable: pair one (or 2) with your natural texture for a look that’s darling and dynamic. Take the front section of your hair and french braid along your head, pinning the end and tossing the layers of your hair around it for best results.

35Messy but Dressy

Messy, short layers don’t need any heat to be achieved: create them with a bit of gel or pomade in the mornings and you’re good to go. This style can be created on straight, curly, or wavy hair textures!

36All Wrapped Up African American Hairstyles

When in doubt, wrap your ‘do with a beautiful head scarf! Selecting a silk scarf with keep frizz away and you can even let your bangs (or the front half of your hair) peek free for a fun, easygoing look.

37Overgrown Pixie

If you’re tired of toying with your pixie, set your flat iron down and simply let it grow free! A messy, slightly-too-long pixie cut looks soft and feminine and works with multiple hair types. Add a bow or headband on “bad hair days” to keep your look tamed.

38Natural black hairstyles: Close-Cropped

Kinky cropped twists are modern and daring, perfect for the professional woman and the party girl alike. Dramatic brows are a great pair for this chic ‘do.

39Cute Natural Curly Hairstyles

Play around with different lengths to embrace your new natural approach. We love how the model pairs short sides with a slightly overgrown front and back, creating a flirt and appealing look. You can even rag curl the longer pieces for more drama or try out a new color (hint: Henna dye looks amazing and it can be washed away if you decide the color is not for you.)

40Wavy Delight

Wavy style and big curls are a great way to embrace your natural hair while still changing things up every now and then. You can rag curl your hair, pin curl your hair, do a ‘headband curl’–the possibilities are endless and a search engine is your friend! If you’d like to vamp up your no-heat curls, hair accessories are the way to go: a simple headband and some cute waves are a great natural look.

41Rag Curl Pixie

The model’s curly pixie is all thanks to the power of rag curls. You can recreate this look by tying pieces of your hair with thin strips of cloth into waves or curls. This method is great for changing up your every day look and can be done on growing pixies or slightly longer pixie cuts.

42Pin Curl Perfection

Pin curls will always be glamorous and appealing! All you need to recreate the model’s stunning style is a packet of bobby pins and some patience. Pin your curls after the shower or before bed, allowing them to settle into a ‘curl’ and then simply pull out the pins, brush out your hair, and tame with oil or hairspray.

43Side Swept Glory

Lengthy top pieces look even cuter when swept to the side, allowing you to show off your short-sheared sides. When paired with statement earrings or makeup, this look is killer and perfect for special events or just every day glam! This style looks great with straight, curly, or wavy textures.

44Contained with a Scarf

If you have curly or kinky hair naturally, contain it in the mornings with a head scarf, wrap, or headband. Pair fun and funky patterns with solid outfits for a pop of color; toy with different materials and styles to find what looks best on you. This is a great protective hairstyle! If you want to vamp up your curls before tying up your hair, try rag curls before securing with a scarf or substitute.

45Scarf Babe

Chunky knit toboggans and scarves look so cute and chic with shorter, natural hair and can help tame any messy fly-aways or odd cowlicks. Wear your scarf or toboggan low for a more modern look or high on your head to create a fun vibe. Play around with colors and patterns! If you’re going for the beanie, A cute pom-pom on top can take this look a step further.

46Bobby Pin Beauty

Bobby pins are truly a gift for short-haired gals: if your hair is misbehaving, throw in a few and you are good to go. We love how Rihanna pairs slicked back hair with bright big black pins in a fun shape: recreate this look or arrange yours in different patterns and shapes for a variety of looks.

47Tiny Top ‘Tail

Gather the top layer of your hair and pull back into a tiny ponytail for a nearly effortless, adorable new look! This style can be done with straight, wavy, or curly hair; it looks adorable with shorter lengths. Let a few pieces escape your ponytail for a messier, trendier style. Adding a few simple bobby pins to one side in a cute design (like a triangle) adds to this style’s appeal.

48Goddess of Glamour

Glamorous statement headbands can spice up your natural hair and help you tame any truly rambunctious strands. We love how the model selected a band that was a close color to her hair: it looks even more stylish! Play with different headbands and try cloth bands, metal bands, or others for a wide arrangement of styles.

49Braided, Banded

Headbands are cute, but braided bands around your head are even cuter! Make your crown braid a circlet braid by taking a strands from right in front of your ears and braiding to the back, securing both with an elastic and pinning in place. This look looks cute on a mixture of hair types.

50Slicked Back Strands

If your natural hair simply can’t be tamed or you are just looking for a quick and easy style, slicking your strands back or to the side looks stunning. Take a note from Kelly Rowland and keep your makeup simple for even more of a dramatic flare. You can add pins or even headbands to spice this ‘do up if you so desire.

51Pixie Waves

If you don’t know how to style your new pixie, worry not! We’ve found the perfect style for you! This pin curl wavy pixie is absolutely stunning and fierce!

52Cute TWA

We love this tiny fro style with high curls at the front. So chic!

53Finger Coils

Finger coils are a huge trend right now! They are cute and chic and super easy to create!

54Curly Perm

55Middle part natural hair buns

56Black Blonde Braided Fro

57Short and thin soft locs


58Light caramel natual curls with design

59Silver grey natural hair


60Round Afro Puff


61Natural double fro pigtails


62Natural side-braided curly hairstyle


63Red natural fro do’

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of cute natural hairstyles for short hair!




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