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Fro Hawk Hairstyles For Women

Natural curls come with tons of styling options. And if you’re looking for a new way to wear your textured hair, frohawk hairstyles are the perfect blend of glamour and ease. Although they look intricate and gravity-defying, frohawk hairstyles are actually super easy to pull off. There are a few different ways to get the look depending on your hair’s length and texture and your personal style, but none are especially difficult to pull off. Keep reading to learn how to do a frohawk on natural hair, and to see some of our favorite frohawk styles and looks!

1How to do a Frohawk on Natural Hair

To get a basic frohawk style, divide your hair into sections. Women with longer hair can use fewer, while shorter locks generally require more. The first section will be at the nape of your neck, including hair from both sides of the head. Tie this section off with a band, then do the same with a horizontal section above it. Continue until all of your hair is tied in ponys or puffs down the centre of your head. Depending on your texture, you can now fluff or tease your hair to create a frohawk, or use perm rods or a twist out to create more defined curls.

To see how it’s done, check out this video featuring a frohawk with perm rod curls.

2Classic Frohawk

This classic frohawk style is easy to wear, and perfect for days when you want to try something fun with your natural hair. Frohawk styles like this are naturally slimming, and pulling hair up at the sides of the face helps to add focus to your eyes and sharpen cheekbones.

3Medium Curls Frohawk

Depending on how long your natural hair is, you can leave pieces loose at the front of your hairline and nape of your neck. This creates a softer looking frohawk and leaves you with a playful fringe.

4TWA Frohawk

If your natural hair is too short to tie up down the center of your head, you can create a frohawk style simply by braiding or twisting hair at the sides of your head. This is the perfect look for women who want to dress up their TWA for a special occasion or add some versatility to their look.

5Glamour Frohawk

This glamorous frohawk features perfectly fluffed hair that creates a bold, attention-grabbing shape. A few loose curls left in front of the ears help to add some softness to this look.

6Bantu Knots Frohawk

If you’ve got shorter pieces of hair that are difficult to tie up at the sides or you want to add some extra interest to your frohawk style, try putting up the sides of your hair in bantu knots.

7Fluffy Texture Frohawk

For a gorgeous frohawk that’s got tons of height and volume, this fluffy textured style is one of our favorites. Dress it up for a special night, or try this look on a regular day when you want to update your style.

8Twisted Back Frohawk

This frohawk style puts a literal twist on the classic, and is super easy for women with shorter natural hair. Instead of tying up the hair at the nape of your neck, just twist it and pin it up into place.

9Cornrows Frohawk

If you’ve got extra time and you’re looking to really make a statement with your frohawk, try a style with intricate cornrows at the side of your head. Although it takes longer to pull off, you won’t have to worry as much about flyaways or laying down edges.

10Crimped Texture Frohawk

You can get a cool crimped texture like this with a crimping iron, but braid outs can create a similar effect without the heat damage. Once you’ve got this texture, try tying up only the middle sections of your hair to create a half-up frohawk style that’s got lots of movement.

11Flat Twists Frohawk

Another gorgeous example of how you can get a frohawk style with shorter natural hair, this look features two-strand flat twists at the side of the head with a skinny cornrow in between.

12Perm Rods Frohawk

You can wear a frohawk a day or two after you’ve done a perm rod set, but creating the curls with your hair already tied up will ensure that your texture is ultra defined. Set your perm rods the day before, use a silk scarf to protect your hair while you sleep, and you’ll wake up to this perfectly coiffed frohawk.

13Frohawk Puffs

This genius puff style puts a new twist on the frohawk look. Leaving your hair in puffs or formed buns creates the same frohawk silhouette, but adds a unique edge to the look. Your parts will be more visible in this style, so you’ll want to make sure they’re even and straight.

14Side Braids Frohawk

Side braided frohawk styles aren’t just for women with shorter natural hair. In this look, medium length hair is framed by cornrows that wrap around the sides and back of the hair, while fluffy curls on top are teased into a soft frohawk shape.

15Half Up Natural Frohawk

This half-up frohawk style achieves the look without having to tie up all of your natural hair. Give this look a try if you want something soft and low-key to wear on a typical day at work.

16Defined Curls Frohawk

Another beautiful example of a frohawk style enhanced with perm rod curls. To make sure your curls are this defined, use a curl setting lotion before wrapping hair around rods, and protect your hair overnight while you sleep.

17Thick Fluffy Frohawk

To get a frohawk that’s thicker down the middle, you can divide each section of hair in half and tie it in two separate sections. This technique gives you a less formal frohawk and helps to conceal the parts in your hair.

18Shaved Sides Frohawk

If you love frohawk styles so much you want to wake up with one everyday, this shaved sides haircut will give you a semi-permanent frohawk look. Upkeep with this style is easy if you own a pair of clippers, but the growing out period can be difficult.

19Softly Tied Natural Frohawk

To get a low-key style with minimal effort, tie hair loosely into a frohawk shape piled higher on the head.

20Twisted Bangs Frohawk

Make your frohawk more bohemian by leaving a couple of loose twists around the bangs. This is an easy way to make your frohawk style stand out a little more, and only takes a few extra moments to perfect.

21Vertical Cornrows Frohawk

Switch things up by framing the sides of your frohawk with cornrows that run up and down instead of side to side.

22Fluffy Twist Frohawk Stle

A fluffy twist out gives this frohawk style tons of thick texture. Instead of being teased into a perfectly crested shape, this softer look leaves room to play with your hair, while loose pieces at the back create a fun retro shape.

23Braids and Bantu Knots Frohawk

Combining several of the techniques we’ve seen used in other styles on our list, this edgy frohawk finishes vertical cornrows with bantu knots, creating a unique blend of textures that separates this style from the pack.

24Blonde Curls Frohawk

If you’ve dyed your natural hair a lighter color like this intense honey blonde, the frohawk is a perfect style for showing off the contrast between dark roots and light ends. To lay down your edges with this kind of control and shine, use an edge control gel with natural oils.

25Hair Clip Natural Frohawk

Using a long hair accessory like this clip can give you a frohawk style without having to tie your hair with any elastics. Try this frohawk if you’ve got delicate hair that’s especially prone to breakage.

26Long Half Up Frohawk

Want to rock a frohawk style with long natural hair? This half up style makes it easy to try this edgy look while showing off your ultra long locks. Simply tie up the middle sections of hair as you would a regular frohawk, but leave hair loose at the back of your head.

27Short Flat Twist Frohawk

Flat twisted sides create an ultra glamorous frohawk that’s perfect for a special event or even your wedding day.

28Platinum Frohawk Style

For natural hair that’s past your shoulders when stretched, cornrows at the side of your head create a fun frohawk style that can last for several days. Combine with a bold platinum color, and you’ve got one of our favorite edgy looks of the year.

29High Volume Frohawk

Use perm rods or a twist out to get mile-high volume like this fancy frohawk.

30Kinky Texture Frohawk

4C hair is perfect for creating a sophisticated-looking frohawk style. This is a look that can easily transition between work and dinner or a party afterwards, making it a good option for long days when you won’t have time between day and evening events.

31Punky Pinned Frohawk Style

Whether or not your natural hair is dyed a crazy shade like this vibrant aqua blue, this pinned frohawk creates a punky shape that’s a call-back to the ’80s counterculture hairstyle.



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