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We wanted to show some love to our professional women. As some of us are beginning to get back into the office after the past year (or more) at home, we thought now was the perfect time to give you some fresh hairstyle ideas that are great for work. Not only are these hairstyles fairly simple to achieve, but you’re going to look like the professional business woman you are and be able to go back to the office confident in your hair. Let’s get into it – start scrolling!

1Barrette Accessorized

We wanted to start the list off with something trendy and a little unexpected. Using hair clips and barrettes has become ‘the’ way to accessorize hair and fortunately…it’s a trend you can make work for the office. This combination shown is a great work look.

2Chic Chignon

How gorgeous is this hairstyle? The chignon is often thought of as a formal or special occasion hairstyle but when it’s styled in this way, where the hair is more loosely secured, it doesn’t feel overly formal. Instead, it makes for a great office hairstyle.

3Accessorized Bun

Don’t be afraid to add some stylish clips to your go-to hairstyles like a low bun. The bun itself is great for a professional setting, when adding these gold clips it gives the look a little more personality.

4Half Up Clip

Ahhh the half-up hairstyle – one of those go-to looks that really doesn’t ever get old. It’s a good one to lean on anytime you just need your hair pulled back a bit. Step up the half up hair with a chic clip, like this gold option, for a professional twist.

5Doubled Up

Headbands are another great hair accessory for work. They come in so many different colors, textures, and styles you can definitely find a few options that are work-appropriate. Here, they added a little more style to the hair by doubling up on thin headbands.

6Effortlessly Clipped

The hair claw clips – did you ever think these would be trendy again? Well they are and the good news is you can wear them to the office with pride. They add just enough style and complete even a very simple hairstyle like this.

7Middle Part Chicness

Want to keep your hair down for the office? Changing up the placement of the part and just doing a few styling tricks is all you need to create this chic look. The hair is straight with just the ends curled and the part is straight down the middle.

8Half Back Metal

You’re going to see some classic hairstyles on this list because we think hairstyles for work shouldn’t have to come with a lot of fuss – who has the time in the morning?! Just add a cut hairclip to the back of your hair in a half up style and voila.

9Easy Braid

Braids are always a fun and stylish hairstyle choice. Make it feel work ready by styling half up hair into a braid this way. Style the rest of your hair in an effortless wave, or your natural texture for super easy styling.

10Side Parted Pony

Another go to hairstyle – the ponytail! There are so many ways to style hair into a ponytail. Here they kept it simple and feminine with side swept bangs, a deep side part and the hair tied back into a low ponytail.

11Looped Ponytail

We thought this was a unique take on work ready hair – instead of styling hair into a simple low ponytail they left it ‘looped.’ Cute, right?! Use a small piece of the hair to tie around the base of the ponytail to hold the loop in place and ‘finish’ the look.

12Low Ponytail

The braid hairstyle options aren’t over – this is a classic look that may almost seem TOO easy but it’s perfect for the office. It keeps your hair out of your face and looks styled thanks to the braided element.

13Side Twists

Even adding subtle touches to simple hairstyles can make the world of a difference and make it look a little more streamlined for work. Here they twisted the hair closest to the face for a cute little transformation to a low ponytail. Boss babe style!

14Side Metal Clips

If you don’t already utilize hair accessories, you’re probably about ready to at this point in the list. Just pinning back one side of hair with little clips like this is all you need to do to elevate your work hairstyle.

15Parted Half Up

Another example of how the placement of a part can change up the entire look of an easy, everyday work hairstyle. Here it’s the half up hairstyle, the defined middle part and pieces left out in front make it feel less than your average work hairstyle.

16Easily Styled

We know mornings can be rough and more often than not you’re probably rushing out of the door in the morning. The good news? This is a SUPER simple hairstyle that takes almost no time at all. Just have a few handy hair pins and you’ll be all set.

17Pearl Clip

Didn’t we say hair accessories are the move? Not only do they make for easy hair styling, but they also help to add personality and style to your hair. Even when leaving your hair down, a pearl clip like this really changes the aesthetic.

18Perky Ponytail

The ponytail is back, this time with a little more of a perky take. To recreate this you want to start by creating the volume at the crown of the hair with volumizing product and a bit of teasing. Once you’ve done that, pull the hair back and secure it in place.

19Tiny Accessories

Even tiny accessories can make a big style impact! Remember when styling hair for work it’s not always about being over the top or super detailed. Little details add up and leave you with some of the best hairstyles.

20Sleek Low Bun

The sleek low bun is a hairstyle to lean on for any work setting. It’s minimal, elegant and easy. Add shine product(s) to your hair to get this added glossy finish that really elevates this simple hairstyle.

21Side Braid Ponytail

While we’ve shown you some really simple hairstyles, we know there may be times you want add a little more pizzazz to your work hair. For those days, try adding a braid to your go to hairstyle – in this case it was the low ponytail.

22Slicked Back Ponytail

The slicked back look strikes again, but in ponytail form this time around. We know it’s similar to the previous slicked back bun but we’re all about options around here. The metal base around the ponytail gives this a nice finish – don’t you think?

23Braid + Ponytail

You already know we think braids are a great addition to just about any hairstyle. Even a simple ponytail! If you have a lot of face framing layers this is a great way to keep your hair out of your face at work.

24Simple Ponytail Style

Ok, ok we know we’ve shown you a lot of ponytails but we couldn’t resist a few more. They’re just so easy and stylish – perfect for work. Pull your hair to the side for a different take on the low ponytail.

25Slicked Back Hair

Into the slicked back look but don’t want all your hair pulled back? This is a great alternative! Slick back the sides and top of hair for kind of a half up style that has some edge to it.

26Subtle Waves

27Twisted Curls

28Ponytail, Twist

29Voluminous Bun

30Stylish Pony



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