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35 Fabulous TWA Hairstyles

Going natural can mean doing the big chop for many women. After clipping off the chemically straightened hair, most naturals are left with short curls to work with. In the natural hair community, this stage is usually referred to as a teeny weeny afro or TWA. It is a short, cropped cut that can range from just above scalp length to several inches. There is a wide range of what is considered a TWA. Wherever your hair falls in the spectrum, there are ways to style your TWA to make it look stylish, healthy, and unique to your personal style choices. Just because your natural curls are short doesn’t mean that you can’t style your hair in several different ways. Whether you are working with a just 2 inches of hair or several, there are choices when it comes to styling your natural TWA.

1Defined Curls With Part

Short curls makes creating definition much easier as you don’t have an overload of hair to deal with. Define your short strands and add a part for an extra polished, and styled look that compliments your face.

2Side Part

When you are dealing with short curls, no matter the texture, styles are limited. With a part, you add dimension to your curls, helping them to look more polished instead of a pile of curls. An added bonus is that a part is easy enough for anyone to do.

3Side Cut Details

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean the style options are limited. Jazz up your TWA with side cuts that are original and detailed for an added dose of personality.

4Frosty Hair Color

When your natural hair is short, it’s a bit easier to keep up with the care that is required when it comes to dying your curls. Go wild and show your personality with a frosty blueish white color that is super original.

5Blonde Curls

Who says that natural hair can’t be blonde? Going blonde can cause damage to your curls but is much more manageable and possible with short hair. Use your TWA time to explore different colors.

6Go Super Short

There is no limit on how short your TWA can be. It can be scary to do the big chop and kiss your chemically straightened hair goodbye but trying a super short, tight cut like this one might be just the thing.

7Full, Thick Twist Out

Short curls can look sparse if they are fluffed up. Try out a chunky twist out to make the curls look full, thick, and beautiful. Add a part to separate.

8Tapered TWA

There is something super edgy and sleek about a woman that can rock short hair with shaved sides. Get a professional barber to shave the back and sides of your TWA to create this super cute tapered look.

9Barber Designs

Speaking of barbers, let your barber try out his skills on your super short TWA. Most barbers have a wealth of styles and designs that they have mastered and can do on you to elevate your style like these swirls.

10Wash And Go TWA

One of the easiest and best styles for a TWA is a wash and go. It is super easy, the curls look fresh every time, and it’s simple to maintain.

11Go Mid TWA

Lupita is the queen of short natural hair and perfect style. Instead of going completely to the scalp short, try an inch longer than that to add some dimension.

12White Tapered Fro

What’s better than a wild color? A wild color on a super cute, defined tapered TWA. The curls make the color pop that much more.

13Throw On A Headband

Even with defined curls and side parts, having short natural hair can seem boring. Throw on a colorful headband that goes with your outfit to dress up your natural TWA.

14Try A Natural Color

Just because you have a TWA and want to dye it doesn’t mean you have to jump out the window with hair color. You can choose something more simple like this warm auburn.

15Half Up Mini Buns

Space buns have been a trend since the 70’s, though under a different name. While full on space buns is not realistic for a TWA, these half up mini buns with braided details are amazing.

16Simple Mini Buns

These mini buns are simple, easy, and straight to the point. You can do a half up half down look depending on the length of your hair to make the style seem fuller.

17Add An Accessory

Sometimes you don’t want to go through the process of styling your TWA but still want it to look cute. Instead of doing a time consuming style, do two simple twists and add an accessory like a flower.

18Use A Curl Sponge

Barber shops use curl sponges to enhance and define the natural curls of their clients after a cut. You can use a curl sponge to define the curls of your TWA.

19TWA Mohawk

Mohawks seem like such an outdated style that is suitable for a different hair group than natural curls. But, with a small afro, you can do almost any style and look good. Have your barber shave the sides of your head and define the curls you have.

20Braided Faux Hawk

Issa Rae is another one of the Hollywood celebs that knows how to switch up her TWA often and always look good. Take a page out of her style book with this braided faux hawk.

21TWA Bangs

Adding a curly bang with your TWA is a perfect way to add some volume to make hair appear fuller even if it’s not.

22Finger Curled TWA

Depending on your hair texture, creating curls with just a wash and go for your TWA can be a bit more difficult. Encourage your curls by twirling your strands, with a bit of product, around your finger.

23Tapered Loose Curls

For some ladies, the TWA stage is not their favorite. The short strands can be difficult to get used to. Stretching out the tightly wound coils to create looser curls can help through the short curl phase.

24Braid Out On TWA

It’s true the when you have a TWA, your strands are super short. However, you can still do a braid out to define coils of thick natural hair.

25Finger Coil Out

Finger coils can be used as a setting style that is taken out to create defined curls. Create coils with your fingers on wet curls. After the coils have completely dried, gently take the coils out for a defined, curly TWA.

26Red Dyed Ends

Dying your entire TWA a loud color like red, grey, or blonde is a commitment. Dip your ends in a bright color to change up your style without the commitment to a full head of color.

27Side Braid With Curls

It seems so simple but it is so stylish. Add a small, cute braid along the side of your TWA, positioned where a part would be to create separation and depth to your style.

28Finger Coiled TWA

Finger curls are incredibly flattering and pair well with just about any hair texture or color. The coils look like mini dreadlocks without the commitment. They can last for several days which mean there’s no need to re-coil.

29Twist Out With TWA

Twist outs are a natural girl’s go to style when setting her hair at night. It’s a dependable setting style that will usually look great when you take the twists out.

30Add Some Height

High tops were the style in the late 80’s and 90’s but style from the decade is definitely making a comeback. Channel the 90’s with a high top TWA tapered cut. You can choose to define your curls or go for a more undefined afro texture.

31Slick Side Part

Natural hair texture can range from medium curls to tightly coiled kinks. Wherever your curls fall on the spectrum, creating a sleek TWA style is possible. Part your hair on the side and use a product that creates a strong, lasting hold like a gel designed for natural hair. Sleek your hair to the side like this to change up your look.

32Masculine Inspired TWA

Women’s style and fashion has often times been inspired by men and their style industry. This is not limited to clothes. Haircuts and styles that are inspired by men are popular for good reason. This style looks beautiful on a woman as well as a man. Perfect blend of masculine and feminine.

33Wild Tapered TWA

The best part of styling natural hair is that it can look great even when the curls are not perfectly defined. This tapered cut features undefined, beautiful curls. The more undefined they are, the fuller the style looks. The color is absolutely beautiful and unique as well.

34Soft Super Cropped Cut

These soft curls look beautiful. Although they aren’t very defined, the curls fit perfectly with this length of hair. You can add a part to spice up the style and define the curls just a bit while maintaining the naturally soft look.

35Coils On Super Short TWA

Coils can work on longer TWA’s as well as super short TWA’s. The coils will help define the short strands and create neat, defined curls.

36Full Curls TWA

If you want a color that shouts “fire, then look no further than this old ref! This red curly style is striking!

37Short TWA Baby Hair

This round fro is super cute. Sometimes all you need to do is add a little baby hair at the forehead to spice up your twa look a little.

38Gradual Undercut TWA

A beautiful gradual undercut with a faded transition from the sides to longer curls on top.

39Stylish Fro TWA

This TWA is to die for! The curls are defined and carefully styled with added baby hair at the sides.

40TWA Blonde Ombre

We love this bouncy twa with touches if honey color at the ends.

41TWA With Designs

For a more sophisticated TWA, add some designs at the sides!

42Curly Mohawk TWA

This honey brown curls cut in a mohawk look stylish with stripes of hair running from the back to the front and frames the face beautifully.

43Long Pixie Curls

This style features defined tight curls that are short at the back and longer at the front, falling naturally on the forehead. You can use strawllers to achieve this look.

44Pink Ombre TWA

We love the dark roots with pink-magenta ombre fro! Add right colors if you want to spice up your twa!



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