Cute homecoming hairstyles

Cute Homecoming Hair Ideas

Homecoming is an important time in any young girl’s life. It is a tremendous occasion that may follow only prom in terms of beauty, hair, and fashion. From selecting the perfect dress to finding the perfect date (or groups of dates–make it a girl’s night out!) to choosing the perfect hair and makeup, homecoming can be a stressful yet exciting experience. We are here to lessen some of the burden as we have selected 25 chic and cute homecoming hair styles and prom hairstyles that are sure to wow your friends and keep you looking fabulous all night long! Rock one of these ‘dos on the dance floor and make some memories!

1Cute Fishtail Detail

If you’re looking for a very modern style, this fishtail-accented straight ‘do may be just the thing! Begin with straight hair and fishtail braid a section in the back beginning at ear level. Next, take a section before each ear and twist to the back of your head, hiding beneath the fishtail and securing within its elastic.

2Rope Twist + Bun Homecoming Updos

Combine a thick, twisted rope braid with a low bun for a glamorous look that will stay out of your eyes all night and also look wonderful in photos! Because this style keeps your hair back, it’s perfect to pair with statement earrings.

3Rosette Hair-Band

If you’re looking for hairstyles for long hair for homecoming, then try this romantic Rosette hair band. Section the top layers of your hair into three sections. Braid each section in a simple two strand, then wrap the strand around itself in a bun and pin. Pull the braids loose for this stunning rosette effect; hairspray is needed to keep your stylish ‘do in place on the dance floor!

4Twisted Sock Bun

Also known as a ‘donut’ or ‘ballerina’ bun, sock buns are often worn high on the head. Instead, create a low bun at the base of your skull and leave out the front two sections of your hair. Secure bun and then wrap the loose sections around your bun, pinning underneath. Voila! Instant glam.

5Sleek and Voluminous Ponytail

This is a great style choice if you’re looking for elegant and easy homecoming and prom hairstyles for long hair. If you’re a fan of the ponytail, pull out all the stops on your ‘tail for homecoming with this chic style. Tease the crown of your head and gather hair, creating a mid ponytail. Curl your contained tresses and straighten your bangs, pinning beneath your ponytail to finish off this look.

6Plaited Crown and Ringlets

You can never go wrong with well executed curls for a formal event! Curl hair using a curling iron, then take a strand just behind your bangs and braid in your preferred style. Pin beneath another layer of your curls for a fashionable ‘hairband’ that will look great all night.

7Ultimate Ballerina Homecoming Bun Updo

For fans of the bun that would like a glamorous update, this style is for you! Create a ballerina bun as normal, leaving a section of hair loose. Twist around your bun after finished, concealing the elastic. Spice this look up even more with a ‘hair bow’ that matches your hair color: you can buy a pre-made one or create one using matching extensions. this looks is one of our favorite prom hairstyles for medium hair or long hair!

8Topsy Turvy Homecoming Updo

This look is just the right amount of wild and wonderful! Gather the majority of your hair atop your head and loop around itself, pinning in a messy, large bun. Pull bangs and side sections loose, then create tiny braids (we recommend a fishtail) and pin along your head to add texture.

9Flower Homecoming Updo

Spice up a sleek bun with a large flower or rosette pin. Select a pin in a matching or complementary shade to your dress for a classic look or go bold and choose a contrasting color! The larger the flowers, the sweeter the effect.

10Messy-Chic Bun Homecoming Hairstyle

If you’re looking for cute homecoming ideas, Messy buns are perfect for class, but you may want to dress your hair up a bit for a night as special as homecoming. Create your usual messy bun, but hairspray it and don’t tug as much loose as normal; instead, leave several pieces out of the bun to frame your face.

11Textured Braid Homecoming Hair

Re-create this look by making a loose, thick crown braid and combining with the length of your hair. Braid your length and secure with a matching elastic. Tease the end of your braid and tug strands loose, finishing off with a high-hold hairspray.

12Romantic Fishtail

There are few occasions that a fishtail braid isn’t welcome, but it’s a perfect look for homecoming! Do a side fishtail braid and leave strands loose, then curl with a curling wand to frame your face. Select a cute pin to cover your braid’s elastic if you want to spice up this look further.

13Volumized Waves

If you’re one of the shorter haired ladies, don’t worry: there’s a style perfect for your homecoming as well! Tease your layers and curl with a wide barrel curling iron, then spray with sea salt spray and scrunch to volumize. Finish with hairspray and you’re good to go!  If you’re looking for prom hairstyles for short hair, give this look a try!

14The Bridget Bardot

Bridget Bardot is one of Hollywood’s classic beauty icons: recreate her signature bouffant for homecoming to be the star of your school! Tease hair at the crown of your head and pin underneath your length; straighten bangs and sweep to the side. Finish this look off with a high-hold hairspray to keep your beehive strong.

15Funky Side Pony’

This style gives us 80s vibes in a good way! Create a side ponytail and leave out a section of hair behind your ear. Curl the ponytail and then take the extra hair and wrap around the elastic, securing beside your ear. Looking good!

16Old Hollywood Glam Hairstyle

Sideswept waves are always fashionable and always look stunning. Create them with a large barrel curling iron or set wet hair overnight in clips. Tease the roots of your hair lightly and finish with hairspray. This look is especially glam with bold red lips and cat eyes!

17Retro Cute Homecoming Hairstyle

This look reminds us of 50s and 60s darlings. Create by curling the length of your hair with a curling iron, then take your top section and part just to the side of your head. Pin at the back of your head and run your fingers through, creating volume. Add a rose pin over one ear for more glam!

18Half-Up, Teased Crown

Take the top section of your hair and tease wildly, bouffant style. Pin at the back of your head and add a cute accessory (like a bow) to create more appeal. Straighten and pin your bangs behind your ears and you’re good to go! Pair this look with dramatic cat eyes or nude makeup for a truly dramatic style.

19Dramatic Side-swept Volume

If you have very kinky or curly hair, create a deep, dramatic side part and sweep the majority of your length to one side. Secure with pins and hairspray, allowing your volume to shine through while also controlling your length. Finish by pinning the short side at the back of your head!

20Elaborate Headband

If you feel comfortable rocking your every day style (hello, loose waves!), amp up your look for homecoming with an elaborate and glamorous headband. The headband will keep hair out of your face (and makeup!) during the night while also pulling together your outfit and making you look prim and polished.

21Punker Plaits and Volume

If half up half down prom hairstyles is what you’re looking for, then try this unique style! This is a look that needs some mesh gloves to pull it all together! Braid the sides of your hair into two small braids (keep them tight!) and pin at the back of your head, letting the remainder of the braid fall. Curl the rest of your hair and pin your bangs back to create volume and keep strands out of your face!

22Detailed Low Ponytail

Create a low, side ponytail and leave a section (as well as your bangs) loose. Curl your ponytail and bangs, then take the loose section of your hair and wrap tightly around your elastic–you can tuck the end into the elastic when done. This style looks wonderful when paired with sweetheart necklines or one-shoulder dresses.

23Chic Volume Updo

Straighten the length of your hair and then tease the crown, combing the top layer off your hair to create a sleek finish. Gather at the back of your head with a wide tooth clip or simply pin with bobby pins–just make sure the top and front are sleek and stylish! Pair with statement earrings or necklace.

24Romantic Under Curl Updo

Use a thin headband almost the color of your hair around the width of your skull. Tuck strands of your bangs over the headband to conceal and take the length of your hair, pulling your ends through the headband to create a bun-like effect. Pull strands loose to frame your face and create texture!

25Zig-Zag Pinned Braids

Section your hair into at least three sections, then braid each using your preferred method: we recommend fishtail braids or french braids, but feel free to mix and match! After braiding, wrap the braids around the back of your head and pin into place. Finish with hairspray for a no-drama look!

We hope you’ve found the perfect hairstyles for homecoming in this great list of prom hairstyles and homecoming hair ideas!



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