Toddler Boy Haircuts


30 Toddler Boy Haircuts

Choosing a haircut for any kid can be tough, and when it comes to little boys’ haircuts, being easy to style and care for is pretty high on the list of must-haves. Whether you’re planning on giving your toddler a suave, shorter haircut or you’re just looking for ways to keep his natural waves more manageable, our list of 30 adorable toddler boy haircuts will help you decide which look is just right for your little man.

1Spiked Faux Hawk

This subtle faux hawk haircut is easy to play up with a little bit of product, but it won’t be a pain to deal with on days when you don’t have much time to style your toddler’s hair.

2Side Combed Undercut

If you want your toddler to look more trendy than the grown up men in his life, try this hip, disconnected undercut with longer hair on top that’s combed over to the side.

3Basic Buzz Cut

Does your little guy hate sitting still to have his hair combed or styled? Make life easier for everyone by going for a simple yet stylish buzz cut. You’ll both be appreciative of this haircut in the hot summer months, especially if you’re toddler is extra active.

4Mohawk Fade

This edgy little haircut is perfect for toddlers with big attitudes and better wardrobes than their parents. With cleanly faded sides and a nicely defined hairline, he’ll be the coolest looking kid at the playground.

5Dapper Comb Over

Your little guy will look like a dapper businessman in training with this parted and styled comb over haircut.

6Mini Mohawk With Curls

A tapered cut with curls creates a mini mohawk shape that’s a breeze to style.

7Layered Waves

Love the wavy texture of your toddler’s hair, but don’t like the upkeep that comes with letting it grow long? This in between mid-length haircut uses layers to keep his wavy locks looking stylish and manageable.

8Easy Crew Cut

Keep things simple and classic with an easy tapered crew cut that works on any just about toddler or little boy.

9Curls With Shape-Up And Razor Line

A shape-up around the hairline and faded temples help keep this curly haircut looking crisp and clean, while the razor line detail is sure to make your toddler feel special.

10Mid Length Curls With Fringe

If you want a longer haircut for your toddler to show off his curls and waves, try adding a face framing fringe to keep hair out of his eyes.

11Hipster Taper Cut

With longer hair on top that tapers at the back and sides, this haircut has a cute, hipster vibe that works especially well for toddlers with straight hair.

12Classic Mohawk

Unlike the faux hawk styles that aren’t shaved right down at the sides, this toddler haircut looks more like a classic mohawk. It’s cute with just a touch of edge, and surprisingly easy to style.

13Hard Part Comb Over

Adding a hard part to your toddler’s comb over haircut is an adorable way to add some grown-up flair to his style without making too much styling work for you.

14Classic Cute Undercut

This undercut perfectly balances easy upkeep with modern trend, making it a haircut that both you and your toddler will be all smiles about!

15Tapered Curly Cut

Keep curls tamed and controlled with slight tapering at the sides and back of the neck that prevent knots and matting, while framing around the face keeps them out of his eyes all day long.

16Easy Mohawk

If you’re worried about the styling involved with giving your toddler a mohawk haircut, go for something shorter like this easy style, and he’ll look cute with no product or styling time required!

17Mini Businessman

Even without the button-down shirt and tie, this tapered, side-parted style has miniature businessman written all over it.

18Faded Hard Part Haircut

For the toddler boy with the swagger and attitude of a guy ten times his age, this faded haircut with a hard part is a must-have haircut.

19Side Swoop

If your toddler has very straight hair that tends to stick up, play into the hair’s natural texture by directing it to one side instead of fighting with it to lie flat.

20Ivy League

This ivy league haircut looks just as dapper on a toddler as it does on grown men, and is mercifully easy to style.

21French Crop

A longer fringe cut in an angle across the forehead makes this french crop haircut the perfect combination of fun and easy to style.

22Pompadour Undercut

This pompadour uses soft styling techniques that help to make it modern looking and easy to style.

23Taper Cut With Quiff

This taper cut with quiff styling is a little bit messy and a whole lot of fun.

24Textured Fringe

For toddlers with very straight hair, a haircut with a textured fringe can help you grow his hair longer without it being bothersome or falling in his eyes.

25Slicked Back Undercut Style

Whether it’s tied in a ponytail or slicked back with product, this pulled back look is the perfect accompaniment to your toddler’s undercut on days when his outfit demands an equally stylish hairstyle.

26Textured Mini Quiff

Turn a simple taper cut into a textured quiff haircut by letting hair grow a little longer on top, then styling with a light touch of product.

27Natural Curls With Skin Fade & Razor Line

Keep natural curls looking clean and crisp with an expert skin fade around the back and sides, and a razor line for added definition.

28Textured Taper Cut

The basic taper cut gets an upgrade with some choppy texture in longer pieces of hair, and an angled fringe that will have your little man looking like he’s ready for his close-up.

29Undercut With Top Knot

If your toddler has been sporting an undercut style already, you don’t need to let the top grow too long before it’ll be ready to wear in a trendy top knot style.

30Wispy Fringe

This simple toddler haircut features lengthwise cuts into the longer pieces of hair on top to create a wispy fringe without losing length.

31Hipster Beany

If you like to add hipster vibes to your little boy’s look, a stylish beany like this one can definitely do the job!

32Messy Comb Over Shaved Cut

Another take on the comb over undercut, only this look is a little messy on top and it gets all the coolness from that cute undercut on the sides.

33Textured Undercut

Undercut hairstyles are so and cool and they really make for a perfectly stylish effortless hairstyle. The hair on top is kept long or medium length while the sides are shaved lightly and gradually into an undercut.

34Taper Fade Cut

A clean and cool taper fade cut with square edges and high curls at the top.

35Clean Cool Cut

A super cute and stylish short cut for your little boy. We love the bouncy style at the up front, and the razor side cut which looks super cool!

36Undercut Ponytail

This is a great low maintenance hairstyle for toddlers with natural blakc hair! An undercut with the natural hair pulled up into a high ponytail.

37 Braided Undercut

This style features a very unique undercut with special designs at the sides and vback of the herad while the upper side has two braiuded cornrows pulles together into a small bun.

38Clean and Neat Toddler Cut

Looking for something clean and cute for your little boy? This modern style is elegant for a Saturday stroll!

39Edgy Side Cut

Another clean modern cut with an edgy vibe created by the side razor cut and subtle square edges framing the face.

40Short Mohawk fade

How cool is this short mohawk bold fade?? This haircut is very easy to style and maintain. Simply use a hair sponge fir the curls and keep the sides shaved.



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