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Summer Blonde Hair Colors

Summer is upon us and that means a few things. One, it means we finally get to get outside and enjoy some warm weather. Two, it means new trends in fashion and beauty. And three, it means it’s the perfect time to switch up your hair color. It’s no secret summer has long been known as the season to go blonde. Whether you’re a blonde now, or you’re thinking of making the plunge – before you head in to the salon take a peak through our list of summer blonde hair colors to get some inspiration you’re going to fall in love with.

1Champagne Blonde

We’re coming in HOT for the summer hair color inspiration for you with this champagne blonde look. Isn’t it gorgeous? The champagne blonde tone adds this light, freshness to blonde hair that’s perfect for the summer months.

2Bright Summer Blonde

If you take away one thing from this list, it should be that summer is the season of adding brightness to blonde hair. Makes sense, right? Warm, bright weather = warm, bright hair. This is a great way to add some bright blonde to hair, while still having some depth at the roots.

3Summer Blonde Balayage

Wow! We were stunned when we found this summer blond balayage hair. Balayage is a favorite highlighting technique of ours because it adds so much incredible dimension and color to hair.

4Summery Butter Blonde

This is the definition of bright, summer blonde hair if you ask us. This almost buttery like tone of blonde is a major statement that’s absolutely perfection for the warm weather months. We love that the ends are a touch darker and warmer for added depth.

5Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights continue to wow us, and we hope they do to you as well. Personally, we really like that they focused the brighter pieces around the face to really highlight and frame it subtly.

6Dirty Blonde Summer Tones

While we have a lot of bright blonde hair colors on this list, we didn’t forget about the other shades of blonde that are just as gorgeous for the summertime. This is more of a dirty blonde look and we have to say – it’s just as pretty!

7Bright Face Framing Blonde

You will notice a lot of highlights are being placed right around the face this year, as shown here. It’s a really beautiful way to accentuate the face and add some brightness. Here they applied that same bright blonde hue to the ends of hair to give more of a blended effect.

8Bright Blonde Hair

Another bright blonde moment that we couldn’t resist. Again, it has some added depth mixed into the hair so it doesn’t look flat – as is something that can happen with blonde hair. Notice the darker tone at the roots and some touches of warm blonde throughout.

9Highlighted in Bright Blonde

Do blonde highlights ever get old? There’s something so classic and nostalgic at the same time about them. The placement of the blonde highlights here gives this really effortless, natural appeal that’s great for easy summer hair.

10Dimensional Summer Blonde

As we’ve mentioned, adding dimension to blonde hair is key. This is what gives hair this movement aesthetic so beautifully. Here they mixed quite a few different shades together to achieve this kind of grown out blonde coloring.

11Summer Blonde Fading

Face framing highlights are back! Notice how the brightest blonde tone is right around eye level, and fades down into the lower portion of the hair? It really amplifies the blonde colors in the hair and brings more attention to her eyes.

12Blonde Depth

Adding depth to blonde hair doesn’t always mean utilizing strong contrasting shades together, as you’ve seen in some of the images. This is a really wonderful example of how depth is added to blonde in a more subtle manner.

13Glossy Bright Blonde Hair

Bright blonde, gorgeous waves, and a glossy finish? We’re sold! Ask your colorist to add a glossy finish to your blonde hair to get this added shine to your summer blonde hair. It makes such a big difference!

14Balayage Blonde Highlights

Summer blonde hair doesn’t always mean tons of bright blonde highlights all over the hair. Here they kept the bright blonde pieces minimal and subtle for a more lived in look that’s just as summery as the other hair colors we’ve shown you.

15Summer Styled Blonde

Obviously, bright blonde hair is a theme here – because it’s perfect for the summertime. Because there are so many ways to adapt the bright blonde aesthetic we didn’t want to short you on options! Isn’t this another beautiful color?

16Cool Balayage Tones

Balayage – isn’t it great? This balayage is a bit more dramatic in that the highlighted pieces are a bit more distinct, where some you’ve likely seen blend and are a bit thinner in the space. This gives more of a piecey balayage look.

17Light Summer Blonde Hair

How gorgeous is this color? It’s a light blonde tone that scream it’s ready for summertime. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice just a hair (pun intended) of the root area was colored in a darker shade for a little depth.

18Golden Toned Balayage

If this isn’t summer bombshell hair – what is?! Obviously the way the hair is styled is giving major bombshell vibes, but it’s also the color. Highlights, bright blonde tone, and some rooted elements are all mixed together for an epic look.

19Rooted in Blonde

One major trend that hasn’t been referenced a lot in the beauty world, but is very dominant, is the ‘rooted’ hair coloring method. This is, just as pictured, where the roots are colors (or left their natural color) to give hair a little more of a lived in twist.

20Mixing Shades of Blonde

If there was a prize for mixing shades of blonde, we’d definitely give this colorist a metal. You notice at least three very distinct shades of blonde in the hair. Because of the ombre technique used it allows each color to stand out, while being blended seamlessly together.

21Pieced Highlights for Summer

Piecey highlights got a bad rap for a while, but it’s a trend that’s begun to resurface and honestly…we’re here for it. It feels modern and fun again – like most trends end up doing! This is a great way to color hair if you want two different shades of blonde to stand out together.

22Rooty Blonde Blend

Another way to adapt the ‘rooted’ hair color trend is like this, where it’s a bit more ‘grown out.’ This is a great option to try if you want pieces near your face to be highlighted and emphasized a bit more dramatically.

23Sandy Blonde Balayage

This particular shade of blonde is often referred to as ‘sandy blonde.’ One look and you can see the reference, don’t you think? Regardless of the name, it’s the balayage and use of some bright and some muted tones that really does it for us.

24Soft Blonde Hair

We adore this soft blonde aesthetic. It’s such a pretty hair color that’s perfect for a woman who wants, well…a soft look. The shades aren’t overly dramatic or bold and blend together with ease.

25Strawberry Blonde Hair

Of course we couldn’t forget about the ever beloved strawberry blonde hair color! It’s another winning color choice for the summertime. Adding hints of strawberry blonde with bright blonde pieces is a way to add warmth to the hair.

26Bright + Warm Blonde

27Summer Ombre Hair

28Golden Summer Blonde

29Toasted Coconut Blonde

30Classic Summer Blonde



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