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Long and Short Hairstyles for Women Over 60

We’re calling out for our women over 60 here! We know that as we age, it can be difficult to find haircuts that suit your lifestyle and age. We wanted to make it a little easier for you though, so we did some research to find really wonderful haircut options. These include long and short hairstyles, so you have plenty of inspiration variety to choose from. The best part? They’re all perfect for women over 60 to rock with confidence.

1Asymmetric Bob

Add a little flirty spice to your haircut with an asymmetric bob. This is such a gorgeous haircut for women over 60! The asymmetric style gives it a fun and unique twist that really changes things up from the typical bob.

2Choppy Bob Cut

Love short hair but want something a little edgy? This is a great choice! The choppy ends and layers transform the entire aesthetic of the bob cut here. Adding bangs, even side swept bangs as shown here, can give a little extra face framing detail.

3Curled Lob and Bangs

If you don’t want super short or long hair, this lob cut is a great middle ground option. The ‘lob’ really just refers to a long bob hair length, where it rests just above the shoulders as shown. Add some bangs and easy curls for a fun twist.

4Blunt Bob

Another take on the bob cut! We love showing different variations to give you as much inspiration as possible. It’s a great example of how a bob cut can be transformed and adapted to suit so many different personal style aesthetics.

5Slicked Bag Style

We adore this short hairstyle for our women over 60. It’s simple, clean and sophisticated – all the things you are! Not to mention, it’s low maintenance styling by just slicking back and getting this incredible hairstyle.

6Classic Cut

This is a classic hairstyle you’ve probably seen many times, but sometimes classic is the way to go. It’s classic for a reason…right? This layered bob length is soft, pretty and easy to wear. All wins in our book.

7Lob Curls

If you have naturally curly hair – this is a great haircut to try out as a woman over 60. The layers are just enough to take some weight out, without messing with the shape of natural curls. If you want a good medium length, try this out.

8Feathered Layers

Another classic hairstyle we had to share for our mature women. The feathered out layers are always a major win. They look effortless, they’re pretty easy to style with a round brush, and feel really lightweight.

9Easy Lob Layers

We’re all about keeping it easy for hair in women over 60. Sound like something you want too? Here’s another great option for a medium length cut with easy to style layers that make you look great, without having a lot of fuss.

10Buzzed Bob

We love a woman who isn’t afraid to take chances with her hair. If that’s you, you’re probably already in love with this hairstyle. It’s an edgy look with some really fun style combinations – between the buzzed sides, choppy layers and longer length on top we’re hooked.

11Feathering Layered Lob

Feathered layers are a technique that can be applied to all types of haircuts and styles. If your hair is straight and you like something a little longer in length, this may be more your speed versus the feathered hairstyle we showed previously.

12Piece Bangs Cut

Calling all our straight hair ladies! Straight hair doesn’t have to be boring, even as you age. This is such a great example of a simple cut that really embraces naturally straight hair to look anything but boring.

13Modern Bob

We couldn’t resist this bob cut, even though we’ve included quite a few already. This is just such an epic take on the haircut trend. Parting the hair to the side adds a touch of softness to the hairstyle that pairs beautifully with the blunt ends.

14Kathie Lee Gifford Style

Kathie Lee has always had great hair, and has known how to style her hair well as she matures. This is such a great cut for women over 60 who enjoy longer hair. Bangs and curled layers soften the hairstyle to pair nicely with longer length.

15Lob + Side Swept Bangs

Another cut you really can’t go wrong with as a mature woman? A lob and side swept bangs. As you can see in the picture, it’s a classic cut that still feels fresh and modern in the right way. Not to mention – it’s low maintenance.

16Long, Easy Curls

Don’t be afraid of embracing longer hair as a woman over 60. Contrary to popular belief, you can certainly wear your hair longer and look incredible doing so. We thought this was a prime example of that. The hair is long, yet minimal in layering which makes it more wearable.

17Effortless Curls

We’re going to show you a handful of long hair examples for our mature ladies, because it’s a great choice! This is such a fun cut that’s a great option if you have naturally curly or wavy hair – the layers allow your natural hair texture to really bounce.

18Long Layered Hair

How about this for gorgeous long hair on a mature woman? We’re in love! Side swept bangs paired with long, layered hair is absolute perfection. This is a cut that can be adapted in to many different hair lengths!

19Red Carpet Hair

As we get older, minimalism is something of a benefit in regards to hair. The whole less is more saying really comes to fruition. Goldie is showing us how to look glam on the red carpet, without a lot of over the top hairstyling.

20Short and Simple

Love short hair? So do we! Fortunately, there are SO many ways you can rock short hair in a way that speaks to you and your personal style. This is a pretty example, with some bangs added to frame the face nicely.

21Spiked Style

Ok – WOW! We couldn’t resist sharing this hairstyle with you because it’s just that good. This isn’t a haircut for the faint of heart but if you’re an edgy woman this is an absolute must try cut for you. The spiked up hair gives major style and edge.

22Shoulder Length Locks

Notice with long hairstyles for women over 60 it really is about simple styling and cutting details. Once again, less is more here. Adding just a few strategically placed layers is all you need to add body and volume to shoulder length locks.

23Side Bang Layers

Bangs are one of the absolute best ways to add softness and frame the face with your hair. This is something that can be really important to achieving a flattering hairstyle, especially as a mature woman. These side swept bangs are so great with shoulder length hair, don’t you think?

24Side Part Bob

Similar to the way bangs can change the look of a haircut entirely, so can the placement of where you part your hair. Parting to the side, as shown in the picture, can provide a feminine softness to the look that’s a great juxtaposition for a blunt bob cut.

25Easy Bob Styling

Once again, bangs strike again! The bangs here are a bit shorter and more sparse compared to some of the previous images we’ve shown you. Just goes to show that bangs and hair in general is something that is completely customizable.

26Bob Spiked

27Edgy Spikes

28Naturally Curly

29Trendy Bob

30Youthful Twist



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