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25 Cute Side Hairstyles

Side hairstyles were a big hit in the 80’s and 90’s. Although they are still popular today, back then you had women rocking neon hair scrunchies, oversized bows, and crazy colored hair extensions. Today the style is a lot more sleek and chic, inspired by the runways and the magazines. We love to see these older styles reappearing and mixed with today’s fashion. Celebrities like Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, and Black Lively have been rocking some side hairstyles that we absolutely love. Side swept hairstyles can be worn in a formal environment or worn with your favorite ripped jeans, a loose fitting shirt, and your favorite booties to give it a dressed down look. Add things like curls or waves to add texture to your hair or embellishments to give it a bit of sparkle. We have put together a list of 25 Cute Side Hairstyles, side braid hairstyles and even shaved sides hairstyles for long hair and short hair. We hope you’ll give one of them try.

1Side Swept blonde style with curls

Rita Ora is looking stunning in this side-swept style with soft curls. This is perfect for a glam look like the one pictured here on the red carpet. She is known for her great style and of course her amazing voice. Being widely popular overseas she definitely brings a new sense of fashion to the american scene. We love how she paired this with a bold lip.

2Retro side swept curls

Kim Kardashian is known for her chocolate locs. She has these long side swept curls that really bring out her pretty face. We love how she paired this with a nude lip.

3Side Braid Hairstyles: Messy side braid

We love this messy side braid. If you’re a girl that likes to add a rustic touch make this perfect style imperfect by slightly pulling the braid apart to create fly aways. Also jazz this look up with pops of color on your lip and bold brows.

4Curly side ponytail with crown braid

Here we have this gorgeous low curly side ponytail. This look is completed with a slim crown braid. We love how this look is paired with with cute dainty chandelier earrings. Sometimes it is best to keep things super simple. We love extravagant pieces but your true beauty shines through when you keep things minimal.

5Rihanna side french braid

We love this vibrant red that Rihanna is rocking. She has this crown braided style that transitions into a jumbo side braid. The mix of the blue hues and deep red really compliments each other.

6Faux braided undercut

Not ready to completely go for the undercut? Try this faux side braided undercut. This is sure to make a statement wherever you go. What’s the best thing about hair? That’s right options. Everyone is not ready to let go of their locs so this faux braided style is the perfect alternative no matter what age. Add soft waves to the ends of the hair to give it texture.

7French braid

This style is perfect for the college girl. It is a simple side french braid that is a low side ponytail with a romance curl.

8Volumized side ponytail

We love this side swept ponytail with a deep side part that Beyonce is wearing. The dark and light brown against this scarlet colored dress flows perfectly. Adding these stunning diamond earrings really jazzed up the look. beyonce can put together such a simple look and look absolutely stunning this goes to show that it is all about how you present yourself. “Wear the clothes don’t let the clothes wear you”.

9Shaved side hairstyles: Sleek undercut with side swept bang

Rihanna looks super sexy in this sleek undercut style. This look edgy look totally reflects her bad girl personality. The side swept bang adds a touch of softness to the overall look. Rihanna is definitely the queen of undercuts this is one of our favorite styles on her.

10Under cut edgy bun

Cassie was known for her infamous undercut and it’s one of our favorite shaved sides hairstyles. When love this rockstar look that she put together with a clean under cut and a midi bun. Dress it up with super dark shades and your favorite leather jacket.

11Side bangs hairstyles: Taper cut with side swept bang

Rihanna is infamous for rocking her short cuts. Here she has the sides of her hair tapered and the focal point is her full side swept bang. This style is edgy but can be made chic by adding curls. This style is edgy with a touch of sexy. If you want to bring out your alter ego look to Rihanna for inspiration.

12Bumped Taper cut

Monica is known for her fierce cuts. This cut is tapered on one side and straight with a side swept bang. This cut is sexy and perfect for anyone.

13Side bun hairstyles: Elegant side bun

Lala is always walking in style and grace. We are loving this girly glam look with a low side bun that is completed with a curved side part and swooped 50s inspired bang. If you are looking for a style to wear for a special occasion then give this a try it is the perfect style.

14Curly Side bun

America’s sweetheart Taylor swift sure knows how to pull it together for a fresh glam look. Here she is wearing a low curly side bun. This look has a side part which helps to frame her face.

15Jumbo side halo braid

We are totally loving this braided up do. This style is a jumbo side halo braid that is placed into a bun. For women with natural hair this is a great protective style.

16Flat twist with a ballerina side bun

Yes twist are still in. We love these flat twist that are then pinned into a side bun. This style is easy and requires little to no maintenance. This is perfect for the girl on the go. Flat twist are a great alternative to braids they cause way less stress to the hair where as braids tend to pull at the hair.

17Spicy curly bun with split side bangs

Change up your look and add deep orange and red tones to warm up your skin and give you a natural glow. These tones are great in the winter because it helps hide that uneven skin tone that some of us deal with. This curly side bun is playful yet elegant with split side bangs.

18Side ponytail hairstyles: Sleek low ponytail

This style is simple and chic. This is a sleek low side ponytail with a defined side part. This style is so simple but is also sleek and makes a huge statement. pair with bold brows and a pop of color on the lips. Want to jazz up this style? Add a pop of color to your ends.

19Side swept bang ponytail

We are use to seeing ms Washington in shorter hair styles. This particular day she decided to wear a sleek low ponytail completed with a side swept bang. Bangs have the power to change up a whole look and trust us they’re never going out of style.

20High side ponytail

Going for a more retro look? Try this modern high fashion side ponytail. We love the bright eyes and bold lips. It really gives this a pop art vibe. This would be a great style for photo shoots.

21Side braided Mohawk

For women with naturally curly hair go back to the 90s with this side braided style. It is fun and perfect for spring and summer. Add things like flowers to spice up your look. Be different and use fresh flowers to give it a bohemian vibe.

22Natural hair curly side ponytail

A simple but one of the classics long hairstyles for black women and for curly haired girls – A low side curly ponytail. This look is simple and quick. It doesn’t require you to use heat to manipulate your hair so it is perfect to length retention. Use a method called the LOC method to maintain moisture in your hair. You apply a leave-in, oil, and a heavy cream base product which leaves your hair soft and moisturized for days.

23Ponytail Mohawk

This faux mohawk is perfect for those with long hair. This consist of two micro braids on each side. Instead of wearing your ponytail to the back pull it to the side for fun.

24Braided Mohawk

Turn your  boring single braids into this fierce Mohawk braids . Simply twist and pin the top to your desire. Then pin each side back to get the Mohawk look.

25Natural hair side puff

Turn your regular puff into this funky side puff. It is a great change from the normal everyday hair. To spice it up lay down your baby hair.



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