mother of the bride hairstyles


Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

On your daughter’s big day, it can be tough to strike a balance between wanting to stand out in the crowd while avoiding looking like you’re trying to outshine the bride. Your mother of the bride hairstyle should be more special than your every day look while remaining tasteful and sophisticated. These twenty two looks are guaranteed to please you and the bride.

1Messy Pinned Updo

This style will work beautiful on any woman with medium length hair. While some updos can end up looking more fit for prom than a mother of the bride, this style is all mature class. Strike a balance between wild and sleek by pinning pieces back loosely, and allowing hair to come together messily at the back. Be sure to secure tightly so you can spend the evening laughing and dancing instead of re-pinning.

2Side Chignon

This is an easy way to make medium to long hair look special occasion ready. A variation on the ubiquitous chignon, positioning your hair behind one ear creates instant visual appeal, and is the perfect companion to a satin dress at a black tie wedding. If you’re into embellishment, try fastening a hair pin or antique brooch to your chignon.

3Half Up Curled Style

For mothers of the bride with long hair, it can be tricky to find a style that feels special yet subtle. If you can’t decide between up or down, there’s always room in the middle. By curling the hair all over but pulling it away from the face, you’re getting a bouncy look that won’t feel inappropriately showy.

4Classic High Bun

The ultimate in elegance for a black tie affair, this hairstyle will leave no one in doubt of your important role on this big day. This look is actually quite daring in that it puts all attention on your face, instead of creating distraction like some down dos. For utter perfection, execute this hairstyle with a smoky eye, neutral lip and equally sophisticated dress and jewelry choices.

5Braided Half Up Style

For an exceptionally youthful mother of the bride whose daughter is getting married in the forest, consider this relatively laid back look. It’s all about matching the theme and feel of the wedding, and an earthy affair means less pressure to be polished. If you’re looking for a way to make this style more special, go in for a fresh balayage that will make these soft waves look extra dimensional. This look is very popular among brides and bridesmaids, so make sure you won’t have any hair twins in the bridal party before deciding on this style.

6Curled Bob

If you want to give your bob a bouncy wedding look, try leaving it down and curling all over. The added volume can work wonders for mothers with thinning hair, and with nothing pinned or secured, it’s one of the most low maintenance looks. Once your curls are set, you won’t have to give your hair another thought all evening.

7Sleek French Twist

Looking like the calla lilies in your daughter’s bouquet, this is a timeless and sophisticated look. The simplicity of the french twist pairs well with more bold choices in terms of dress or accessories, and is an easy style to make work with a variety of hair types. Be sure to use smoothing product to keep your twist looking smooth until the last dance.

8Braided Flower Bun

The mother of the bride doesn’t have to abandon all sense of playfulness. This braided chignon is the perfect combination of whimsy and sophistication, suggesting a floral shape without being too obvious or over the top. Pair this bun with a flowing maxi dress for your daughter’s rustic afternoon wedding ceremony.

9Simple Curls With Fascinator

Let all the pomp and circumstance of a formal British affair be your statement piece at an English garden themed wedding. You’ll be perfectly in step with rose patterned china and raspberry crumpet hors d’oeuvres. You can wear a fascinator with any hairstyle as long as it’s simple and sophisticated. Because this is a bold accessory, be sure to keep your dress and jewelry on the quieter side, and check that your choice in headwear doesn’t clash with the bride’s veil.

10Chignon With Bouffant

This pumped up style combines perfectly in place hair with a touch of drama. Teasing and product are a requirement to make this look a reality, and it’s best reserved for the fanciest of ceremonies. If you want to add even more interest, this is another style that is nicely complemented with embellishing pieces, whether it’s a beaded headband or a jewel encrusted pin used to secure the chignon.

11Short Soft Waves

These soft, finger wave style curves are a simple hair choice that matches up with a variety of wedding venues and themes. You’ll be safe from the possibility of a hair disaster in any outdoor scenario — be it pictures or ceremony — where wind or rain could be a possibility. Have the freedom to drink that extra glass of champagne knowing you won’t be resetting a complicated do unless it belongs to someone else.

12Cornrow Braided Updo

If your hair is usually in braids, consider having them braided into a special updo for the big day. This look is regal with an edge, thanks to its mohawk/bun shape, and would look perfect on an ultra trendy mother of the bride.

13Loose Updo

Simple, classic, and easy to execute on your own. Leave as many tendrils as you want to frame your face, and you won’t have to worry about wrecking your hair during the celebrations. This is a wonderful style for an outdoor wedding, but will also work for a more formal event. Remember that curling your hair before putting it up will help ensure that your look is breezy but never flat.

14Blonde Lob In Wild Curls

These sexy curls are for a mother of the bride who opts for current trends over classic looks. To avoid being a scene stealer, pair this hair with minimal jewelry and a basic dress, or a luxe suit with feminine tailoring.

15Sleek Wrapped Ponytail

A very simple yet sophisticated look. As women age they tend to shy away from ponytails, but this carefully crafted style is far from immature. This may look like a cinch to create, but you’ll need a combination of long layers and smoothing product to make sure no strand falls out of place, which is how this look can lose its cache.

16Vintage Curls

This is a classic look that you can pull off with a bob length or longer, but shorter hair tends to support, bigger curls that won’t get stretched out from their own weight. Wear curls on their own or pinned to one side with a feather, flower, or piece of jewelry. Perfectly paired with a glamorous strapless or off the shoulder gown for an old Hollywood style wedding held in a theatre or grand ballroom.

17Braid Wrapped Bun

Look like Athenian royalty in this bold updo. This thick braid wrapped bun makes a statement without going over the top. If you want to achieve this look with maximum volume, consider using a bun donut or hair piece to add more substance.

18Swept Back Short Hair

If your hair is shorter than a bob, you may be concerned about how to make it look special. Curling your entire head and then sweeping it back adds vintage, age appropriate flair that will feel fancier than your everyday style. Brand new highlights before the big day will also go a long way to making your short hair pop all night long.

19Updo With Bangs

Whether bangs are your usual look or you’re considering a haircut before the occasion, soft bangs add a nice touch to a loose or sleek updo. Bangs will bring out your eyes and make you look younger without having anyone accuse you of thinking you’re the bride’s age.

20The Big Blowout

Who says the mother of the bride can’t wear big, sexy hair? Channelling beauty that has aged gracefully without losing its spark, this hairstyle will look undeniable with a sleek, simple dress for a cocktail style reception with an open bar and crazy stories that will be told for years to come.

21Double Rolled Fishtail Braid

Classic Victorian style meets a modern woman in a fishtail braid, it’s a safe bet that no other guest will be arriving in this long haired look. Two rolled fishtail braids come together loosely to drape over one shoulder before being secured with an elastic and finished down to the ends with a tighter braid. This is an interesting way to make long hair look sophisticated without putting it in an updo, and brings attention to your face without hiding all of your hair in the process.

22Curled Ponytail

An easy way to pump up the volume and elegance of a ponytail is by building it out of cascading curls. If your hair is on the thin side, this is your answer to make it both fuller and fancier, while flawlessly executing this staple hairstyle.

23Voluminous Chignon Like Updo

Another super elegant Chignon updo. The hair is braided like in big sections at the upper back and tucked into an elegant do’ at the lower back side. The highlights add so much volume and glamour to this style! 

24Glamorous Updo with Side Bangs

This updo has lots of volumes awhile a little bit loose, with few loose bangs sections at the sides. If you’re looking for a classic and elegant look, this style is definitely for you!

25Elegant Half Updo

Angelina is rocking a very tasteful and stylish half up hairdo. A half-up style can look really amazing if you have long or medium thick hair. If you don’t want to have a full updo, then this could be a classic twist to your wedding look!



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