Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Fishtail braids also known as the sister of french braids are one of the most popular styles right now. They can add so much personality to your style. Surprisingly there are so many styles that you can achieve with the base of the fishtail braid. Many might think this style is impossible to achieve, but lucky for you there are tons of videos and tutorials that will teach you how to make them no matter your skill level. The best part is once you have it you’ve got it for life. The fishtail braid can be worn as a casual look or glam look for a night out or walking the red carpet. No matter your hair type you are able to wear this style without a problem. We have put together a list of our favorite 21 fishtail braid hairstyles. We hope you enjoy!

1Blonde and brown ombre side braid

Here we have a dark-rooted blonde to brown fishtail braid. This braid is placed to the side for a laid back and fun type of look. This braid is messy and gets thicker towards the end of the braid.

2Locks with bangs

Next we have this runway look. This model has beach blonde locks that are parted down the middle with bangs. This is a bohemian styled look that is perfect for those hot summer days at the beach. Add textured beads and shells to your look to give it a bit of pop.

3Feathered red carpet fishtail

A fishtail braid on the red carpet? Yes, we love this messy but glam look. The feathered front gives this a very polished look while the messy fishtail adds a little personality to the look. I love the highlights which really compliments her skin tone and nude lip.

4Braided fishtail crown

Here we have an elegant crown braid. This hair is braided in a circle creating a victorian crown look. The look is finished with intentional fly a ways that give it more informal look. This hairstyle is perfect for wearing with an elegant dress ( pair it with your favorite diamond earrings), or a more casual look.

5Loose waves with a braided headband

Here we have loose waves with a dainty fishtail braided headband. This style is quick and easy and best of all beginner friendly. It is perfect for any face shape and would amazing in an array of colors. Try a more defined texture by braiding your hair into multiple braids.

6Boxed fishtail ponytail

Here we have a cute and simple boxed fishtail ponytail. This is a versatile style meaning you can wear it in a high ponytail, mid ponytail, or low ponytail. If you want a more sophisticated style put it in a sleek bun.

7Half up fishtail braid

We love this simple half up and half down style. It is very easy and perfect for a day out or for the workplace. The small braid adds a touch of detail. Add a cute headband or even attach a bow to the fishtail braid for an added touch.

8Jumbo fishtail braid with pompadour

Here we have a style for women with natural hair. Brush the front of your hair into a roll and tuck pompadour which doubles as a protective style. Then either with added hair or your own hair to create a shoulder length fishtail braid. This style is perfect for those special occasions.

9Twisted fishtail Mohawk

Janelle Monae is known for her rad classic outfits and her amazing hairstyles. Here she is rocking a long fishtail braided Mohawk. The front of the hair is curled and pinned forming a mushroom shape. Her famous red lip makes this look super chic. She is definitely the definition of a classic woman with an impeccable style.

10Kim Kardashian middle fishtail

Here is Kim Kardashian rocking a middle fishtail braid. We love this look on her because it shows a more casual side of her. The length is perfect and the very soft waves give just enough texture for the look. She paired this with a simple white blazer, a black form fitting dress, and dainty jewelry.

11Fishtail twisted Bee hive

Here we have this super fab bee hive inspired style. This look is completed by combining two fishtail braid and forming a semi-crown shape, and then pinning the rest to your desired height. Do this style with your own hair or try Marley braiding hair.

12Sleek side ponytail

Side ponytails were definitely not left in the 90’s. We are loving this sleek jet black side ponytail completed with a half-crown fishtail braid. The jet black hair allows you to experiment with different lip colors like the orange one pictured here.

13Midi sleek ponytail

We are totally digging this messy but sleek mid ponytail. The front of the hair is slightly raised. To achieve this look, part a section of your hair and slightly tease the hair to get your desired height. It is the perfect mix between edgy and chic. Pairing it with this open back embellished gown makes it the perfect look to rock the red carpet. Keep the makeup soft and simple to compliment the look.

14Large Ombre fishtail

This hair color reminds us of a tropical sunset. We love the ombre effect on this large fishtail braid. Go crazy and experiment with different color combinations. Try spray dye and do this hair style for special events like school spirit week.

15Red rebel

Feeling fiery? Dare to go red? Try this intense red fishtail braid that Rihanna was caught sporting. The bang has a wavy texture that grabs even more attention. If you have bright green eyes like RIRI definitely give this look a go. She paired this with a hot pink lip but you can opt for a nude look or even a pop of color like orange or yellow.

16Reversed fishtail

Here we have a different take on the usual fishtail braid. This fishtail braid is done so that it comes forward and forms a mushroom top bang. This style is simple yet has so much personality. We love how she kept her makeup simple and spiced up the look with chunky accessories. Alicia Keys is so effortless and she shows how you do not always have to overdo it on the red carpet.

17Pops of color

This is the ultimate boho-chic style. We love the array of colors against the natural chestnut-colored hair. Add things like flower head bands, hand picked flowers and handmade bows to add even more pop to the look. This is definitely for the girl who’s not afraid to express her creative side.

18French braid and fishtail braid combination

How cool is this two for one look? Can’t decide if you want the classic french braid or the fishtail braid? why not get both, we love how these two seamlessly combine together. The blonde hair compliments the crisp white and minimal tone. Make a statement without being over the top. This is perfect for high school and college girls. Add hair jewels to add a little sparkle without taking away from the minimal look.

19Zig Zag fishtail

Do you have great braiding skills ? Give this zig zag fishtail look a try. Not only is super cute and creative but it also will last for a couple of days so it is perfect for those who do not have time to struggle with their hair every morning. It can dressed up rhinestone headbands and printed elastic ties.

20The perfect grey locs

How beautiful are these natural locs. The gray is so vibrant and really tops off the who look. Achieve these if you have natural locs by using a semi-permanent color or get faux locs.

21Bubble fishtail braid

Here we have the bubble fishtail braid. This braid has a natural loosey look and is pretty easy to make once you know how to make a regular fishtail braid. This will look great on any type of hair and color.



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