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Emo Hair: Top 50 Emo Hairstyles for Girls

If frumpy, boring styles are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “emo”, we’re about to introduce you to a brand new world of emo hairstyles. Emo might still be on the edge of fashion, but modern emo looks are being embraced by tons of edgy celebs, and feature bright colors, big bangs, and virtually every length of hair imaginable. Mixing bold makeup choices like dark lips and winged liner with pastel, neon, or platinum hair, these emo hairstyles can play up anyone’s natural complexion and unique sense of style. If you’ve been looking for something new and edgy to try, one of our 50 favorite emo hairstyles will definitely fit the bill.

1Bun with Bow

Who says emo is all grey and overcast? These modern styles are all about mixing what’s bright and girly with some darker edge, making this delicate bow a perfect accessory for vibrant purple hair and thick smoky lids.

2Silver Ombre Bob Emo Haircut

One of the most popular elements of emo hairstyles are these thick bangs that sweep across the forehead from a deep side part. The exaggerated look isn’t just for fun, but does a great job at minimizing a large forehead and framing your eyes. Mix the haircut together with this grey ombre color and you’ve got the perfect antique emo style.

3Rainbow Mohawk

Even though this mohawk is incredibly bold, it brings some surprising softness when worn with a feathery texture instead of being spiked up into place. Chunks of rainbow color and longer strands of hair in front of the ears are the finishing touches on this vibrant emo style.

4Side Bangs Bob

This subdued emo bob is all understated darkness, and is perfect for anyone who wants to put a touch of Victorian gothic feel in their modern hairstyle. If you’re looking for an emo inspired style that’s wearable in any situation, this dark little bob can pull off even the most sophisticated of situations with grace and edge.

5Piecey Blonde Layers

If you’re looking for an emo hairstyle that’s low-key and lacking in rainbow shades, this piecey blonde style has just the right amount of layers and volume: perfect for test driving your first emo look.

6Silver and Blue Layers

This style features more softness than some other emo haircuts, as layers blend nicely together without any harsh demarcation. The color palette is steely emo perfection, and looks incredible on women with both cool or warm complexions.

7Half Shaved Pony

If you’re an emo girl who likes to wear her hair up, a half shaved style like this gives you tons of room to show off your edge without needing to do much styling. Anyone with a pair of clippers can take care of undercut trims at home, making this the ultimate in low-maintenance emo styles.

8Pastel Waves

A perfect example of emo style mixing with the flirty and feminine, these pastel waves come with tons of energy and just the right amount of edge. Although you can wear this style any time of year, we especially love this pink and purple palette in the summer months.

9Aqua Pigtails

Aqua green has been a hugely popular shade in almost every hairstyle imaginable, and pairs especially well with an all black wardrobe. We love how these long pigtails leave a whole front layer of hair loose, being sure to utilize a thick emo bang even in an updo.

10Purple and Pink Pony

You don’t have to be an emo girl to appreciate a good ponytail. This super versatile updo takes you through whatever the day has to throw at you, but looks stylish and dramatic thanks to these thick bangs and curled volume.

11Tousled Pixie

This short emo style is perfect for girls who want something that’s simple but also edgy and androgynous. Depending on the texture of your hair, this can be a fairly low-maintenance look, but you’ll probably need some styling cream to keep these bangs looking perfectly texturized.

12Choppy Layered Color Scene Haircut

With its half-and-half color pattern and choppy, dramatic layers, this emo style is one of the most bold looks on our list. Although almost anything goes these days as far as color is concerned, this layering is definitely a commitment when it comes to your look, and doesn’t make for easy growing out when you’re ready to switch to something else.

13Long Bangs Pixie

Blonde pixie styles are everywhere right now, and it’s easy to give the look an emo spin without too much work. A deep side part helps to create this fun, flipped over look, and longer pieces of hair in front of the ears create an edgy emo silhouette. If you’re just looking to try an emo style for a few months, this haircut can easily be converted into a more conventional pixie down the road.

14Ombre Dreads

A burnt orange ombre helps turn these dreads from basic to emo, and the color is a bold choice that contrasts beautifully with bright makeup choices like these pink lips.

15Long Silver Ombre

Planted firmly on the gothic side of emo style, this ultra long hair features an incredible mixture of dark brown roots and wispy silver ombre. These bangs aren’t quite as heavy as some of the other styles on our list, but this balances nicely against the super long hair.

16Slick Bob

Jessie J’s slicked down bob brings a dose of emo style to the red carpet, and shows the far-reaching effects of emo-inspired hairstyles.

17Pink Raspberry Bob

A few different shades of pink and purple bring fun girly color to another emo look. A twisted and pinned style keeps bangs out of the face, presenting a great option for your thick emo bangs on busy days when you don’t have time to style them perfectly into place.

18Fiery Ombre Hair

This bold color palette of oranges and reds can be tough to pull off, but these long ombre locks are bringing the perfect amount of fun and edge.

19Icy Lavender

Lavender hair has been trending hard for the past few seasons, making its way into everything from romantic wedding day braids to chic bob styles. For any emo girls with very fair skin, this super light hair color helps to play up your complexion without washing you out, and looks equally pretty on deeper skin tones.

20Tousled Platinum Style

This long platinum hair fits in with the emo crowd thanks to its pumped up volume and deep side part. If you’re looking for a transitional style that can be played up to fit a variety of wardrobe choices, this is the one for you.

21Rainbow Highlight Bangs

A shock of rainbow highlights help to accentuate the long bangs in this soft pixie style. Bucking away from the older trend of brightly colored hair set against a jet black base color, these natural roots help to add some softness to this emo style, and make for a much easier growing out period.

22Touch of Pink

Sometimes a little bit of color is all you need. Natural blondes or girls who have already dyed their hair light will love how easy it is to add a touch of pink to your hair with semi-permanent dye.

23Electric Violet Waves

Whether or not you’re coordinated enough to match this electric violet shade with your eyeshadow, it’s the perfect bold color to offset darker clothing and works with both fair and deep skin tones.

24Razored Blunt Cut

This mid-length blunt cut gets a touch of emo edge with some razored texture at the ends and a gorgeous neon blue hue. Give this look a try if you’re after an emo style that’s built on an ultra sophisticated haircut.

25Silver Ombre Pigtails

Looking for an emo hairstyle that screams “goth cheerleader”? With super long locks in black and silver pigtails, you won’t know whether to start waving your pom-poms or sit under the bleachers and sulk.

26Undercut Bob

This side shaved bob serves up maximum edge while still leaving you with some hair that’s long enough to add some pumped up volume or texture.

27Neon Orange Scene Hairstyle

Neon orange may be an intimidating shade, but this ultra vibrant color is the perfect way to make your long hair look emo-chic. Oranges always do well in fall, but this color is bright enough to work in any season.

28Chunky Oil Slick Style

Oil slick styles that mix purples, blues, and greens have been trendy in all sorts of different looks, and they come together beautifully in this long emo look.

29Short Bangs Bob

Not only will this bob with short bangs make you look like an emo vampire princess, but you’ll find your eyes and face look brighter and more open. This look comes with the added bonus of being an emo style that won’t get in the way of your picture-perfect eyebrows.

30Half Shaved Neon Style

Half shaved hairstyles are the perfect way to mix edgy texture with hair that’s long enough to dye in multiple colors.

31Platinum blonde fringe cut

This is snow white platinum blonde fringe cut. This cut has a choppy bang and long layers. The ends of the hair are slightly darker with neutral undertones. The ice white color makes it perfect for your dark red or black lipsticks and super black eyeliner.

32Long faux hawk with highlights

Here we have a dark faux hawk. The sides are pinned back for that Mohawk look while the front is shaped into a hump to create rocker style look. This hair has streaks of brown, blonde and purple. The all black clothing and leather jacket gives this an emo-rock look.

33Curly Mohawk

Continuing with the Mohawk style here is a super curly Mohawk. The big lush curls make this look super chic and the smokey eye makeup gives it the dark and vampy look. Use large hair rollers or pin curls to achieve these bouncy curls.

34Messy half up style

Don’t know what to do with your “bed hair”? Try this quick and easy half up and half down style. Add your favorite hair serum for added shine. Throw on a bold winged liner and a pale pink lip to make it look like you spent time getting ready.

35Puffy ponytail with Pompadour

Here we have a loose but structured ponytail. The roots are dark but transitions into a dirty platinum blonde color. The front is pinned into a small pompadour which makes this look perfect for any occasion. This style is easy to dress down with simple black studs like the ones pictured here or your favorite pair of diamond earrings.

36Side Bang Emo Scene Haircut


If you like bangs then try this scene haircut. It has side swept bold bangs with a touch of girly pink hair band. You can also add natural honey highlights underneath the blonde to offer a slight pop of color. To achieve this super straight look, spray your hair with a strong hold hair spray.

37Modern mullet with undercut

Who knew mullets could be so chic? Everything about this style is absolutely amazing. We love the jet black with hints of blue and teal. This look is edgy and sexy and looks amazing with dark and vampy looks. The undercut really kicks this look up a notch to make it a definite head turner.

38Angled bob with purple highlight

Tired of the boring brown and blonde highlights? Try layering these purple highlights over chestnut brown hair. Brown is a very neutral base opposed to black which makes the color pop even more. If your head is more of an oval shape then this angled cut will frame it perfectly.

39Tapered high cut

Here is the feminine version of the typical masculine fade cut. The cut is perfect for women with heart-shaped faces. The middle section is rolled and tucked with the ends loose creating a messy look.

40Simple blonde locks

Sometimes going simple is best. Take these simple blonde locks for example just a little curl to the end. This look goes from a dark root to a platinum blonde into a yellow blonde. These colors mesh together very well creating a light ombre effect.

41Slightly wavy tousled neck length cut

Here we have a neck length cut with barely there wavy curls. This adds a little bit of texture so that the hair is not flat. The waves and bangs give the illusion of thicker fuller hair. Get these extra curly waves by lightly scrunching your hair with a light mousse. You can also tease the crown for added volume.

42Brunette wavy bob

Here we have a blunt cut shoulder length bob. This is a very warm brown with red undertones and one of our favorite cute hairstyles for girls. This also has some honey and golden highlights. This style is very relaxed but with the right dress and heels can be totally red carpet ready.

43Half cut

This style is a bit different and has a boy cut on one side and long on the other side. We are used to seeing the fully shaved side but the fact that it’s not fully shaved makes it more original. This is a great length because you still able to do a full ponytail or full bun. We love how well the bang transition from short to long is in a swept motion.

44Spiked pixie cut

How beautiful is this pixie cut? We love how it’s spiked and the bang really shapes her face. We all know that grey has been in and it looks so stunning against the purple tone makeup. This style would look great on anyone because it can be shaped to frame any face shape.

45Choppy bob

Are you bold enough to wear this? This is a choppy multi-color bob. The roots are blonde then go into black and finally a vibrant purple. This is not your normal look and you will be sure to turn heads with it. Try this look with your favorite combination of colors.

46Ash blonde tapered cut

Nothing looks better on pale skin than an ash blonde color. This is a tapered cut with a section left out to act as whatever you want. You can wear it as a bang or you can curl it, braid it, or experiment with a new pop of color every week. This is perfect for women with more heart-shaped faces.

47Spiked boy cut with dark roots

Spikes can be chic and flattering so add a pop to your boring boy cut with spikes. We love how this is paired with a red lip and soft makeup. It really helps along with the blonde hair and dark roots to bring out her blue eyes.

48Grey Ombre bob

It is no secret that grey is definitely in and we don’t believe it’s going anywhere anytime soon. We totally adore this grey bob. It has dark black roots and hints of brown that give off a purple hue when put against the grey. You can get these soft curls by using sponge rollers because they have a weaker hold. Can we talk about this amazing makeup? We love the purple lip which looks like MAC’s heroine and the copper eyes.

49Soft pastels Scene Haircuts

Emo does not always mean black. Many people who consider themselves emo wear pastel colors. One of the most popular choices is a pastel lilac color. We love how this scene hairstyle and color looks against a paler skin with a touch of bronze or pink. This color really brings out blue/grey eyes and makes an overall softer look. We also love how the intense eyeliner gives that “emo” look by adding a sexy touch of darkness to the look.

50Cotton candy scene haircuts

We love the mix of hot pink, baby pink, orange and yellow tones. This is a very popular “emo” style the thick circular bang and long layers. This is definitely the best choice if you love color and being girly but also want that grunge look. Despite the crazy colors, this scene hairstyle can actually be worn with a very versatile wardrobe, then give this color and cut a try!



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